Final Fantasy 9: Birth of a Puppet

Story by McT, D21M1oY2o01/D22M12Y2o01

There wasn't... a why.

There weren't even words, just the images, images of people fleeing, houses burning, movement... and there was the order.


That's all they had told us.


I don't know when exactly it happened, or why, but at one point I realized that this was what was really happening around me. That those were my hands pointing at seemingly random places, unleashing the destructive magic. That I was walking inbetween others like me, destroying, without reason, without sense.

Some people were running, screaming... some were on the ground.. not moving.. small red pools forming around them.... some where trying to fend off the attackers who didn't even seem to notice them, desperate tears in their eyes.


I slowed down, hesitating.


What...? Why..?


What am I doing here..?

I stopped in my tracks, the unknown voice in my head, not my own voice, fading away, leaving me all to myself. Suddenly, I became frightened. Deeply frightened of what was happening, the picture around me getting clearer and more.. real. The screams of people echoing in my mind.

Who am I..?

What is happening...??

The same thoughts, confused and helpless, kept bouncing inside my head, until they overwhelmed me and I could do nothing but run... run away from this place, the pain... everything.

* * *

Before that?

Yes, there was a memory before that.


Warm, white, with a soft tint of blue, surrounding me, being a part of me.

Lights, wonderful and gentle, sparkling full of energy and life.

* * *

Runrunrun... that was all I could think of. The buildings and people, the noises and lights, the chaos, it all was long gone and replaced by soft green fields lit by a dim evening sky, the rustling of my steps brushing against the grass.

I stopped, partly from exhaustion, partly because my thoughts seemed to clear up, or rather, they had reached a point where they couldn't echo in my head over and over again anymore. I couldn't think, I didn't know what to think. So I just collapsed on the ground, soothing blackness caressing me to a rest.

* * *

I tried to reach out for one that seemed especially close. But while I did, my hand... just barely there, a shapeless part of the white whirl around me, started to manifest... traces of black mixing in... clustering around it... banishing the white, tearing it away from me.

'Wait! Where are you going..??' was my unspoken question... the light drifting further away.

* * *

I woke up.

It was night, and the only sound was the quiet, warm breeze playing with its surroundings.

No... there was something else.

I carefully lifted myself up to my hands and knees, in an awkward movement, and turned my head back to where I had been coming from. In the distance, just visible against the star-covered night sky, was a city, or a huge castle. In all its impressing beauty, the small yellow and orange explosions, almost silent from this far away, seemed to disturb the perfectness.

"No... no..", I mumbled unsurely while working myself up to my feet, not knowing why, only with the cruel feeling that this was going all wrong.

I only had done a few clumsy steps back into the direction of the huge architecture when I noticed two others lying on the ground unconsciously, a little away from where I was standing.

* * *

'Wait....' The blackness started to form around me, melt in, shape me... with a powerful force that made me cringe. The light vanished completely, but the blackness I felt around me now was.. touchable. Breakable... almost comforting...

* * *

I shook the figure that was lying on the ground, my hand put on its shoulder gently.

"Hey.... wake up.."

I kept trying until it opened its amber glowing eyes to look at me, as unsure and helpless as I felt myself.

"Where... who..?", they said, with a faint and scared voice.

I didn't say anything until the other one had sat up and looked around to make themselves a picture of what was going on. What should I have said? I was just as clueless as they were.

* * *

It broke open, something lifting me up heavily. The memory faded, all that was left was the feeling of weight, gravity, a body... and a voice...


* * *

We managed to wake up the third figure. Then, for a while, we did nothing but stand there, taking in our first real impressions of this world. The fresh air, the warmth, the peace.. the feeling of not being alone. And also.. the horribly unreal yet all too real memory of what had happened in that city, just a little away from where we were standing.

Wherever we had come from, whatever it was what we had been doing before we.. woke up.. We knew we had to do SOMEthing, and we would find a way to reach that aim. For now, we had to find out where to go, and what that aim was. We started walking, away from the castle, into an unknown future.

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