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There's not much to say other than... latest pics on top... stories and links at the bottom and... have fun. (sneaks away)

Final Fantasy © Square, all the pictures and stories here done by No.421 (McT)

MiniEiko MiniAmarant MiniQuina MiniFreya MiniSteiner MiniGarnet MiniVivi MiniZidane MiniMe |^^| ....
playfire.gif/playfire.jpg - Uncolored/colored version of YET another 421 picture.. I know I should draw more Vivis and such, but I have a problem getting him right..! |><|

wingtrnc.gif - NEITHER does 421 have a trance-mode OR will ever have wings. This was just a ballpoint pen doodle caused by curiousity and too pretty to keep to myself.

tinymage.gif - Lots of random scribbles, but among them are those tiny Mages that I tested some basic shapes on.. I like the one on the upper right. |^^|

dagscrib.gif - 421 has a dagger, too. Also, for those who wondered how I start on drawing Black Mages - it's as random as that, starting with the circles for head and chest.

corin1.gif - This was the first picture I ever drew of my own Burmecian char.

morheads.gif - Ohh, found a couple more scribbles of Zidane, Dagger and Steiner heads I drew. (Er, and a What's-Her-Name head. And a random person with nice hair.)

megakuja.gif - TranceKuja! I had a computer-colored version, but it looked bad.

varchar2.gif - More Various Chars. A Vice, Nymph, Hopper, Grenade, Mu (shudders) and my best pic of Black Waltz 2 so far, whee!

varchar1.gif - Various Chars. The Fang is bleh, but Kuja and Black Waltz 1 came out nice on this one. |^^| And the little hopping Abomination is okay.

zidblank.jpg - Unfinished, but hey - Zidane and Blank arm-wrestling in a candle-lit room. I decided to color it on the computer juuust enough so that, with a bit of luck, you won't even notice it's unfinished. |^^|

profl421.jpg - One of my profile-pics for SPiN chat. Yah.

burmecin.jpg - Quite a while ago I made up my own Burmecian char, and finally I managed to draw a decent scribble. Stupidly, I forgot what I named her. Oh, and there's also a veryquicklydrawn 421 drawing stuff into the ground, like I do so often.

greenie.gif - Greenbeeni, the Black Mage who is green, beeny and belongs to Fork-O.

rain421.jpg - Started out as a very messy scribble, but I really like how it looks now. |^^| The architecture's pretty questionable, but 421 finally doesn't look so skinny anymore. 'm not skinny.

just421.gif - No.421 just standing around, staring.

coralmom.gif - Amarant's a mommy now! (And I should have just done that lizard-tattoo)

ragtimer.gif - Ragtimer is a really interesting creature. |^^|

grinmage.gif - A White Mage and two Black Mages like in some old official conceptional art... so strange and different, yet comfortingly familiar and fun-looking.

Moogles - Three random moogles: fuzzymog.gif, sleepmog.gif and, my favorite (heh), kuponut.gif.

Gilga - I can't help it but like the design of that guy with the many names. |^^| And while I was at it, I scanned all my main steps from a scribble to the coloring, so you can look at the Pencilsketch, Basic Ink, Finished Ink, Plain CG Color, Cell-style CG Color, Plain Marker Color and Marker and Pencil.

redmage.jpg - Another scribble of the not-so-random-anymore Red Mage gal.

lil421run.gif - Kitiara got the idea of a "baby $21" and.. I had to try and draw that. |^^| Um.. luv me? Help me? |^^|

lil421hide.jpg - Hiding from the evil Mu now...

staff421.jpg - Remember my staff, the Iifa Branch? The looks are changed a little, and it's 3D now. (hugs the beloved staff) (done in Cinema 4D)

idlemagic.jpg - Using Black Magic for idle play-about? Hey, why not..?

type-a.gif - Type A's are keen! This is probably No.44.. heh..

spin.gif - Is this even FF-related..? A possible scene on SPiNChat, Kitiara and Race belong to themselves, and Kitiara DOES call me $21, it's not a typo. |^^|

hunter.jpg - Type E. Well... at least it's not No.421 again, eh? |^^| (Drawn in Painter)

trance421.jpg - Traaance. Pretty. (wayquickcolored in PicPub) No.421 in Trance? No way.

421ref.jpg - My personal No.421 reference picture. Er, no, none of my clothing really is transparent, though it'd be cool.

chocwalk.swf - Look, a walking Chocobo! Flash-animated, so I hope you have the Flash-Plugin.. and it has a bit of sound.

blackwaltz1.gif - Last and technically least: Black Waltz No.1.

blackwaltz2.gif - "THIS is Firaga." No, wait.. it's just Black Waltz No.2...

carbuncle.gif - Carbuncle, the sugar-sweet Eidolon.

waltz3.gif - Just a teeny-tiny silhouette of Black Waltz No.3... but I like it..!

blackwaltz3.gif - KWAHAHAHAHA..?

ziddysit.gif - Scribble, Zidane, sitting, sticking out his tongue. I like his face here. |^^|

eikofeathers.gif - Sketches of Eiko, a Chocobo, feathers and.. er.. 2-D, from the Gorillaz.

garnetbodysketch.gif - A quick sketch that doesn't look SO much like Garnet, but I liked how smooth it looks.

diff421b.gif - Different style 421 *again*. Colored rather sloppily in PicPub.

diffr421.gif - Nono, I haven't changed my looks, I just tried a different style on 421. (colored in Painter)

amarant.gif - While Amarant isn't my fav char, he's quite fun to draw. So.. here's a scribble..! (I know, I scribble too much.)

viviyawn.gif - Stretching Vivi! I start to understand how to draw him..! Rejoice? Heh. (colored in Painter)

freyas.gif - Some of my various Freya-scribbles that I liked.

blank-n-mages.gif - Some scribbles of Black Mages (getting.. closer..!) and a Blank. Oh, and a random gal that came out nice.

fo421ru.jpg - A full pic of Fohlen, 421 and Ruben, as they appear in my story. Colored in PicPub.

421-scribs.gif - Quickscribs of 421 and... Fohlen's pants.

mageview.jpg - Something... different. Heh. Painter-doodle I used to test out some of the tools (Oil, Watercolor, Airbrush).

eviltwin.jpg - It's Thorn-ie and Zorn-ie, it is. As featured in the FF9 artbook. Waah, creeps! (colored in Painter'n'PicPub)

barrier.jpg - Hey, 421's actually angry (in case you couldn't tell) and casting a SPELL..! (colored in Painter and PicPub)

psykomog.jpg - I couldn't resist... Psycho Moogle (the green one) belongs to himself. |^^| Drawn in Painter.

more421s.jpg - More.. me's. I tried to get the colors and details a little more right. Colored in Painter.

chaokali.jpg - It's Maliris, and she's a-a-angry! Kali: Her german name. Drawn from memory.. colored in Painter. I like Painter.

iifabran.jpg - Oh, look! I got my very own magic staff, the Iifa Branch..! (points at the SPiNchat.com Zidane, who made it) |^^|

ff9tests.gif - More scribble-tries of Garnet and some of the others. Man, man, man, to get them right is HARD!

gimmecat.jpg - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme that diamond back!! (colored in Picture Publisher)

ole-tofu.jpg - Quina's running off with something. It's probably not edible, but that won't stop him/her. (colored in Painter)

zidiscrb.gif - Some scribble-tries of Zidane, Garnet and Blank. And I like the cat (patpats it).

mrbarril.gif - Ignaz Barril and No.421 (that's me).

vivilook.jpg - Vivi found a strange drawing on the ground... (colored in Painter)

wayvarious.gif - This is pretty random scribbles, but the Zidane in the middle - I still like that one. |^^|

chocride.jpg - Zidane riding a Chocobo (I really need to figure out how to draw his face right).

piniwig-run.jpg - Piniwig fleeing from Alexandria, together with the Burmecian boy who he was supposed to kill (quickly colored).

piniwig.gif - Piniwig was actually my first own Black Mage character. |^^|

freyrain.jpg - Endless Rain in Burmecia. A pic of Freya that I drew in Painter before I noticed she actually only has four fingers.

Black Mage And now some stories, mainly forming around No.421 and other Black Mages.

Piniwig's story (Chapter 1) - A little more light-hearted than the story of No.421, I guess, as Piniwig doesn't think a lot.

Black Mage No.421 (Chapter 1) - My own little ongoing story.
Black Mage No.421 (Chapter 2) - Supposed To Go This Way

Disclaimer: I'm female. So why's No.421 a "he" in the story? Because I don't want to destroy that certain innocence of FF9 Black Mages. |- -|

The Last One of the Old Kind - Short, a bit sad, but this might be happening in Black Mage Village "Some time later"...

Birth of a Puppet (Chapter 1) - (nods) Another one of those looks into the mind of a newly-awakened Black Mage.

Black mage Oh, here's some FF7/8 pics (most of them are older and FULL of flaws, but maybe you'll still like them)...

ff7red13.gif - ff7seph.jpg - ff8squal.jpg - ff8zell.jpg - ff8rinoa.jpg - ff8boys.gif- sqalhead.gif

Black mage Some Links to other related places!

The ViviSection - Black Mage and Vivi fanart, stories, and other things Vivi, done by Slackbot!

Final Fantasy - Worlds Apart - A huge page about all the newer FF's, and I used to hang around the Art Forum there.

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