Weasel Fever
Story by Zepp

"He's staggering," Krudd whispered. "Do you think he's sick?"

"Nah, he's just hungry," Zepp answered. "See how puny he is? And the hungry ones are more dangerous anyways."

Zepp, Krudd and Tif were inside the Shack, watching a puny-looking green Weasel stagger around the Valley, looking for food.

"Hey Tif, hand me a little Weasel-buster. This guy's small, but he can still be danger," Zepp whispered.

Lighting the smallest Weasel-buster, Tif handed the boom-stick to Zepp.

"Here goes." Zepp tossed the boom-stick in to the Valley and slammed the door of the Shack closed.

The Weasel eagerly devoured the boom-stick. It made a satisfied growl until his instincts told him he did something VERY wrong...

The Shack rumbled as a very loud BOOM sounded from outside. Zepp grinned. "Got 'im. C'mon!"

The three Hoodians left the shack to examine the Weasel's remains. Parts were scattered all over the Valley. Krudd picked up an arm.

"No use in letting it waste," Krudd said, taking a large bite of the tender meat. "Want some, Tif?"

"Sure. You want some too, Zepp?" Tif asked.

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry. But you two go ahead," Zepp said.

"'Kay." Tif and Krudd proceeded to devour the rest.


Zepp and Krudd were wandering through the Hall of Records. Many of the Hoodians they passed gave Krudd some strange looks, but said nothing.

When Krudd and Zepp entered Zepp's room, Krudd said, "Hey, Zepp? Why was everybody staring at me?"

Zepp sat down on his bed and looked at his friend. Finally, he said, "I dunno." Zepp pulled some fruit from his food stash. Then he said, "Could be the fact that your skin is turning green."

""My skin is WHAT???" Krudd looked at his arms. Sure enough, they were bright green. His hands seemed sort of mutated, like they were turning into pincher-claws...

"I-I'm turning into a Weasel!!" Krudd cried.

"Yeah. So?" Zepp said.

"Zepp, I'm a hoop-head," Krudd said, as calmly as he could. "Hoop-heads aren't supposed to turn into Weasels!"

"ZEPP!!" Tif cried as he ran into Zepp's room. "Zepp, you gotta help me!"

"Hi, Tif. Say, do you know your skin is purple?" Zepp said. "A rather nice shade too."

"Oh, good, you see it too. I thought I was going crazy." Tif looked relieved for all of three seconds, then his eyes widened. "My skin is WHAT???"

Zepp rolled his eyes. "It's turning purple. Weren't you listening? You must be turning into a Weasel too."

"It must be from that Weasel we ate earlier. That's why it looked so sick. It must have had some sorta fever!" Krudd said.

"What are we supposed to do? What are we going to do?!" Tif cried hysterically.

"Calm down, both of you," Zepp said. "According to the theory of Zethra, multiplied by the mass and volume divided by pi, plus the dexterity of the circumference, you should be able to wait for slumber molecular reconstruction."

Silence form Krudd and Tif.

Finally, Krudd said, "And that means... what?"

Zepp shrugged. "Sleep it off."

"Okay, might as well try it. I dunno how easy it'll be to fall asleep." Tif murmured.

"You guys can stay here, if you like," Zepp said. "Just try to sleep. I gotta go get Hoborg. I'll be right back." After some thought, Zepp said, "If I'm wrong, and you turn into Weasels while I'm gone, try not to destroy too much of my room."

Krudd and Tif nodded silently.

Just before Krudd fell asleep, he heard Tif murmur to him, "Krudd...? I don't wanna be a Weasel."

"Neither do I," Krudd replied. "Neither do I." With that, they both fell asleep.

Someone shaking him awakened Krudd.

"Krudd, wake up! You're back to normal!" Zepp said.

Tif sat up. "Well, THAT was weird."

""Yeah," Krudd said. "I don't even want to SEE a Weasel, ever again. I don't think I'll eat them any more either."

Zepp nodded sympathetically.


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