Tra meets Doodles!
Story by Athena

I was sitting in the Radio Shack messing around with a little gizmo I had come across, when someone stepped through the entryway.

"Oh, I'm sorry - I didn't know you were in here." A short, friendly-looking hoop-head said. This wasn't Willie Trombone - his voice was gravelly and he didn't talk as well. This fellow had a smooth, nice tone to his voice.

"That's okay," I told him. "Is this your first day here?" I asked, having never seen him before.

"Well..........Kinda. Were you here a few weeks back?" he asked me.

"I was created a week ago," I answered.

"Heh." laughed the hoop-head. "You don't act like it!" he told me, smiling.

"Thanks," I said, looking down at the gizmo. I was abit embarrassed.

"Well, have you heard of the being who came into the Neverhood and was later turned INTO a Neverhoodian by Ottoborg and Hoborg?" The friendly little hoop-head asked me.

"Yes," I answered, looking back up at him. "Kinda. The older 'hoodians keep on talking about when it'll come ba-" I stopped, mouth open in realization.

"You're the one??" I asked, bewildered. I had no idea a special-transformed being would look so normal!

The hoop-head nodded.

"Cool!" I grinned. What a neat friend! "Do you have a name yet?" I asked.

"Willie calls me 'Doodles'." he shyly told me.

"Doodles....." I echoed. "I like that name!" I told him.

Doodles grinned.

"I was going to draw in here, but I can see you're busy...."

"No, no, it's okay," I said, clearing away some of my stuff. "I'm kinda messy anyway," I told him.

Doodles sat down beside me in front of the radio and began to draw on some of his klaypapers.

We worked on our projects in silence for a while, when Doodles looked up and asked: "Say, what's *your* name?"

"Tramen." I answered simply, sheepishly smiling abit.

"Heh. I like that name! Easy to remember." Doodles said. "How did you get it?" he asked, deciding to take a break from his drawings.

"I kinda named myself. It doesn't really mean anything." I told him. "Some Hoodians say it sounds alot like 'Trellmenn', which means something like 'tall guy'."

"Well, even if it *doesn't* mean anything, I still like it!" Doodles said, turning back to his drawings.

"I see you've met Doodles," a voice in the Radio Shack doorway said. I looked up to see Klenn, a many-stemmed friend of mine.

"Geeze, it's dark in here - you guys need to light a candle or something....." Klenn mumbled, looking around.

"It wouldn't be so dark if you didn't block the doorway," I pointed out.

"Well, yeah, but a *candle* adds *atmosphere*, Klenn grinned. I had found that Klenn like lighting things. THINGS like boom-sticks. Lighting such things sometimes got him in trouble.

Klenn walked into the now-crowded Radio Shack carefully, taking care not to step on Doodles pictures or my tools.

Coming in after him was our friend Kjumen. Kjumen was quite a few days newer than I was. I hadn't been able to get to know him too well, since Kju was kinda shy. He was *always* following Klenn around - not that Klenn seemed to mind. Klenn was quite a bit older than I was, but he wasn't as old as Willie Trombone or Klaymen.

"Hi Mannies," Doodles greeted, using Klenn's nickname. He had apparently known Klenn before. "Who's your new friend?" Doodledoo asked.

No one answered for a while. Kjumen seemed to think that Klenn was going to answer for him, and Klenn had obviously assumed that Kju would speak up for himself.

"Go on - tell 'im," Klenn softly urged shy Kju.

"I....I'm Kjumen." he finally said.

"Nice to meet you, Kjumen - I'm Doodles!" replied the hoop-head, smiling gently.

"Hi Doodleth." Kjumen timidly lisped. Kjumen was born with a lisp (as some Neverhoodians are), and there wasn't anything much he could do about it. Personally, I thought the lisp added some character - made them unique. *My* uniqueness was in my colors - I was differently colored than most Neverhoodians before me. But more about that later.

"I'm sure you'll like Doodles." Klenn said to Kjumen. "He's real nice. And he draws good too."

Doodles grinned and looked away, embarrassed by the flattery. "I'm not *that* good - am I?" he asked turning to all of us.

"What do you draw?" Kjumen asked softly.

"Anything." Doodles shrugged. "Stuff I see on the Klay walls.....My friends - wanna see a pic of Klenn I drew?" he asked, looking up.

Kjumen nodded, smiling a little.

Doodles pressed the button on his chest, causing the little hatch to his chest-compartment to open.

Doodles closed his eyes tight, hurriedly shoved his hand inside, and pulled out a whole mess of papers. He hastily slammed his compartment-door shut.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that," Doodles queasily said to himself as he handed the mess of klaypapers to Kjumen.

"It's in there somewhere." Doodles told him.

Kjumen began looking through the papers. Then he began to smile. "Thethe are really good!" he said enthusiastically.

"Thanks!" Doodles said, seeming to get the hang of getting compliments.

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