The Creation of the Tall Guy
Story by Athena

"Hoborg, the fountains aren't working!"

"I think someone stuffed the awrking Klaybird up the cannon-tube!"

"Why is there a chip-butty in the Teleman's mouth?"

These complaints resurfaced one day in Hoborg's mind after one of his sons asked him about the Bobby-room light.

"It'th not working, Dad." Kliff lisped. "We know you're buthy, but the thooner it'th fixed, well - the better!"

"None of us around here know the Hood's workings like you do!" Another son added.

Hoborg pondered abit. His sons were right. NO one in his kingdom knew how the Neverhood worked, save for himself. How could he do his work as a King if he was busy fixing things?

He assured the small group of Hoodians that it'd be fixed, then watched as they left.

Hoborg shook out a life-seed from his crown. Usually when beings were created, their skills - as well as their personalities - were completely random; however, the King had never *tried* to create a son with *specific* skills..........

He lay the seed on the armrest of his throne, intending to see to it later, and left to fix the light.

While Hoborg was away, the seed began to sway back and forth, in a mellow sort of fashion. However, the rocking seed eventually tipped too far, and fell off the throne, onto the klay ground, where a being began to form....

When Hoborg got back, he found someone waiting.

"Who?" Hoborg asked aloud.

Standing in front of his throne was a ta-a-a-a-a-ll Hoodian - taller than Hoborg, even! - who kinda reminded Hoborg of his bad-egg son Klogg, in that this new being was thin-structured with high-cheekbones. However, this fellow had a friendly look to him. His large eyes had a bright look in them, and the two stems that sprouted from his head i n opposite ways gave him a care-free look. And THIS being was colored in dark-blue, white, and red colors, unlike many of Hoborg's other beings, who were usually in earthy tones of red and brown....

"Well..........Uh, hello there!" Hoborg greeted, raising his hand.

"Hi!" the new-born being said, smiling. He seemed friendly enough. His voice was about medium or medium-high pitched. "Can you tell me where I am?" he asked, cocking his head.

Hoborg walked over to him and put his hand on the new being's shoulder.

"You, my son, are in my world, the Neverhood." Hoborg told him.

"Neat!" The newbie grinned, putting his own arm around Hoborg.

"Would you like to meet your brothers?" Hoborg asked, feeling that his new son would not be anything like Klogg.


So Hoborg took his new son outside of the palace, and walked with him to the front of the Nursery.

"What's this?" the newcomer asked, pointing to the blue Nursery.

"That is our Nursery." Hoborg answered. "Many of my sons are created there."



"Who's he, Hoborg?" asked a Hoodian by the name of Klenn.

"He'th tall...." Klenn's friend Kliff commented.

At this attention, the newcomer smiled, kind of embarrassed. But then, the shyness washed away. "Hi!" he said, smiling. "Nice to meet you." he added, grinning.

"How's the weather up there?" A brother by the name of Rem asked, looking up.

His new brother laughed abit. "Just fine, thanks!" he said.

"Wooowww.....he's so *tall!*" Kleedo exclaimed, seemingly awed.

"He's so tall sovery tall............With seven buttons - count 'em all!" Typo rhymed.

"Hey, ever-ay one! Meet your new brother!" Hoborg proclaimed.

By late that afternoon, everyhoodian had met their new brother, who still remained unnamed.

"Would anyone like to show him the 'Hood?" Hoborg asked.

"I will," Klenn piped up.

"Tho will I," Kliff Hanger lisped.

"Sounds good to me," the new son said to himself, grinning.

So Kliff and Klenn, took their new brother for a tour around the Hood.

It happened at the Lakewall Boat-Car.

The group had all squeezed into it, ready to go, when it occured to someone that it wasn't moving.

"Is it supposed to move?" the new son asked.

"It'th thuck!" Kliff exclaimed to himself loudly, pulling and pushing on the vehicle's lever. "Firtht the Bobby-room light, and now thith!"

"Lemme try it," the newbie said, standing up.

"Forget it, friend - only Hoborg knows how to fix things around here!" Klenn told his bro as he got out of the car.

"No, no, I can fix it, I'm sure!" said the nameless brother.

Klenn and Kliff watched as he walked around to the rear of the car, fiddled with something, then came back and sat down.

"Now try it," the newbie said grinningly.

Kliff sighed, looked upwards, pulled on the lever, then......


The boat started to move.

Kliff and Klenn looked at each other. They brought the car back down to the ground, dragged their new bro out, and ran him all the way back to Hoborg's palace.

"HE FIXED IT!!!!" they screamed when they arrived.

"Huh?" Hoborg asked.

"He fixed the boatcar! It wouldn't move, but HE made it go!!" Klenn exclaimed. Hoborg stood STRAIGHT up from his chair. His new son seemed abit confused about all of the commotion.

"I did something good?" the tall hoodian asked, smiling.

"YESS!" Kliff, Klenn, and Hoborg hissed at him.

Tall-guy grinned. "Neat!"

So, the weeks after, the new Hoodian earned himself a reputation of being an exceptional mechanic. Not that fixing things took up *all* of his time. He still loved to play games and talk with his other fellow Hoodians. And he still hadn't found a name for himself yet, so many Hoodians just called him 'tall-guy.'

One day, Klenn watched tall-guy messing with a fountain. He noticed his brother pushing his head-stems out of his face nearly every other minute. This gave Klenn an idea. He ran back to his room and grabbed something laying on his bed. He then ran back to his friend at the fountain and slipped it over his head.

"Huh?" tall-guy asked, furrowing his brow.

"To keep your headstems outta your way." Klenn explained.

"Oh. Cool!" The taller Hoodian grinned. He then slipped it up above his eyes.

"That...........kindadefeats the purpose," thought Klenn. "But hey - it looks good." he smiled.

A few days later, the tall bro made a big decision.

"I picked out a name for myself," he grinningly told Hoborg. This brother now had tools attached to his blue belt, and he would always continue to wear his present from Klenn.

"Groovy!" Hoborg exclaimed. "We'll announce it at the Nursery, oh-kay?" the king asked.

"Sure!" his son exclaimed.

They then walked together to the Nursery.

"Hey guys!" Hoborg greeted.

"Hey, Hoborg!" his sons echoed.

"Guess whut? Your new brother picked out his name!" Ho announced. The crowd cheered.

"What will you call yourself, son?" The King asked, turning to speak to the son.

"I....I'll call myself," he began. Hoborg leaned forward in anticipation.

"Tramen!" he declared, grinning as wide as he ever had before.

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