Story by DoodLeS

I roamed around in my klayen trunk, searching for something like a long rope...

"Darn darn portal..." I mumbled, "It should have brought me to the Hall of Records, but noooooo..."

I was stuck in my room, high up in Willie's house. For some reason my dimension portal brought me here - and now? The Lakewall-Car is not in front of my entrance, and since it's my only way out... Big Robot Bil couldn't help me outta here - my door is on the side of the house, and Bil can't reach there... And just as I thought: I have NO rope lying around in here... not even a parachute... nothing!

And I couldn't just change back to my homeworld - it's only a few minutes ago since my body turned into Klay, so I'd have to wait at least five hours until I was able to open another portal... Darn!

My mood wasn't the best as you might imagine, but I was more in despair than angry, being here all alone. I don't think that I even CAN become angry.

Oh well... I'd just have a lie-down to get over the next few hours...

While I thought that, I had looked out of my window (or the entrance, if you will). And at the very same moment I saw my big friend Tramen walking out of his room far down at the lakeground.

Oh HOPE!... Oh dear... you can't even SEE my room from down there - that's why I never get visitors: Nobody even KNEW that there's a rather new wallway to where I live. Most people didn't even know that I HAVE my own room...

I leaned as far out of my window as I could and waved wildly.

"TRAMEN! Up heeere!" (Say, is it just me - or DO I become more and more like Willie?)

He didn't seem to notice me.

"TRAAAMEEEEN! Get me down! Help! Mayday, mayday! Whoooo-hoooooo! HEEEELLOOOOOO!!! Oh please, pal, look up! Awwwww....."

No chance. It was just too far down.

I wanted to turn away from the window as an idea hit my head: Plantpot!

I have to throw something down so he will notice me! But I mustn't hit HIM...

I looked around in my room. Hm... what can I throw doooown...? Hey! I'm sure I had some plantpots in my trunk!

Again, I roamed around in it a bit. After digging through at least ten layers of junk I finally found what I needed: A big beautiful plantpot, inclusively two yellow/red flowers in it.

I ran to my exit. Fortunately, Tramen was still outside.

I let off the plantpot, aiming it carefully so it would land somewhere next to Toast. I looked at it falling.

"Yesyesyescomeoncomeonyou'llmakeitcomecomecomeNOTONTRAMENNOTONTRAoh-oh-oh!... Phew...."

The pot landed just a few inches away from my big friend. He looked up.

I waved like a maniac, with both hands. Then he waved back. Oh happyness! I gladly sunk onto the frame of the window, and I stayed this way until Tramen arrived at my room with the vehicle.

"Hi Doo! I didn't know you're here!" he greeted me.

I took him with both hands and pulled him into my room.

"Hi Toast. - Yeah, most people don't know that I'm here. Man, am I glad you saw me! Else I'd had to wait for HOURS for someone hopefully finding me!"

Tramen looked around. "Gee, nice room you have here! I've never seen it before."

"Yes, I know. Nobody has found my room so far. I suppose they think I only sleep in my homeworld. Wanna apple?"

I grinned. I couldn't help it - lately I had collected HUNDREDS of apples and brought 'em up here, just because I had the feeling that to my room there belongs a big pile of apples in one corner.

Tra took one. "Thank ya!"

I sat down into my bed. When I say INTO, I MEAN into. My bed was, like the Lakewall-Cars, bowlshaped (just it had no spikes on the outside and it was bigger) - I loved it to sleep in this thing.

While Tramen looked interestedly around, examining my furniture, I started to babble: "Y'know, I don't know why, but my portal brought me HERE instead to the Hall, and since the Lakewall-Car was down on the lakeground I couldn't get out from here, and I thought I'd have to stay here all day, what's a bit boring, and... oh man, if there'd just be a way to call those cars if you need them!..."

Toast stopped examining my cupboard and turned around to me, looking thoughtful. I stopped talking and stared back at him.

"Something to call the cars?" he repeated.

"Um... yes?" I scratched my head. Did I say something stupid?

"Car-calls!" Tra exclaimed.

"Huh?" I was confused.

"Have ya got some papers and a pencil, Doo? Oh - what do I ask...."

"Sure." I answered. "Just take one of the papers lying on the ground, and I've got my pencils somewhere heeere..."

I messed up my beddings until I had found my pencil-collection I put there. "Here."

"Thanks." Tramen sat down on the ground and started with scribbling on something.

"What are you doing?" I asked, stepping behind him.

"I plan a new invention! If the Lakewall-Cars had a call-button at every possible stop nobody can get stuck if the car's not in his place! What an idea! Why didn't I come up with that earlier?"

He went on with scribbling.

I just could stand behind him and watch - I didn't understand a THING of the stuff he wrote down there - but I'm sure it'll be another brilliant improvement in the Neverhood.

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