Story by Stripe D13Mo9Y1999,
with help from and thanks to... Doodles, Klay and Tramen.

Stripe was just outside the Radar House, when an almighty *CRASH* was heard! The door opened apon a room coated in papers and books. There were two piles, one in the middle of the room and one by the radio.

Stripe plucked fluttering notes from the air. "Tramen? Klay? Are you guys alright?"

He watched as the mounds opened and revealed who was buried where.

"We *were* alright up until a few seconds ago." Klay grumped.

"That's the 3d time in as many days that these shelves have collapsed and I'm tired of fixing them." Tramen pulled a foot free, Stripe was gathering stuff up as the two glared at him... without looking up, Stripe pointed in their direction...

"Don't you look at me like that! I admit I started this, but how was *I* to know there would be so many people adding to the collection?"

"Well, what can be done?" Klay asked as he added papers to an already covered table.

"Ok..... For now, just try and pile stuff to the side while I go see what I can do."

Uncovering his current project, Tramen cleared a small path.... "There has to be SOME place all this can be moved to."

"Yes, I'll find it."

"Hope it's soon....." Klay said as they all stopped and listened to an ominous *Creeekk* coming from the back of the room. Out of fear of another disaster, he hissed at Stripe through his teeth in a whisper... "It's almost become a hazard to live here."

Stripe suddenly smiled and patted his friend's shoulder, "Not to worry, I'm on it!" And with that, he left to begin his quest.

Standing by the green wall car, Stripe considered having a look-see from Willie's house, but, he was in a hurry!.....

*!Drockkkk!* *!KaBOOOOOOM!*

He looked up as the shot whistled off-world. "!YES!"

Scrabbling up the stairbridge, he made it to the top just as the person got down from the cannon seat. "All yours."

"Thanks!" And in a moment Stripe was surveying the NeverHood, keeping his hand well away from the fire button.

"Hmmmmmmm... the Hall of Records is no good... Not enough room in the Purple Tunnel or the Nursery..... Certainly not the Castle, Mush Room or Whale's Mouth...... Oh! What am I gonna DO?!"

He sat back in the chair, and looking up into the black void, he organized his thoughts. "I have to find a place quickly. It should be in an *easy to get to* area. It should be in a relatively quiet place with allowances for expansion. And be indoors."

He groaned. "The final decision will make or break me!" He wasn't sure exactly what the saying ment. He knew he heard it somewhere and it seemed to fit the situation.

....."Make or break"......................*!* "MAKE!!" he yelled into space!

Sitting up he began scanning again almost frantically! There didn't seem to be too many places left from what he had already ruled out..... Then he closely scanned the Cat's Head Mountain region. "Yes...That just might be the place!"

"Find something?" They asked Stripe as he came back through. A small area of floor had been cleared and Tra was continuing work on his project.

"Just maybe, gotta get to the teleporter to check it out... This may take a bit." And he vanished down the steps.

The two looked at eacher and nodded. Yep..... just in case, they better go see Hoborg.

The energy field flared briefly as Stripe stepped from the green transport. He stood between the tow cliff walls and faced the back of the mountain.

"Let's see....." He looked around, "Easily accessable, quiet, lotsa room too! Gotta talk to Hoborg and Tramen."

Gleefully he jumped back in the transport and hit the purple button. In the Castle, he was stepping into the throne room when he heard bits of conversation.

"Shelf repair..... Health hazzard..... No Room..... and Somewhere else" were frequently used words he could make out.

"Well, at least they're all in one spot!" He thought.

"And where is Stripe now?" Hoborg asked the two.

"Right here, father! Just got back and I may have some great news!" he announced as he cheerfully strode in with a nod to the king. "If you would all come with me, please?.... Tramen, I need to talk to you about installing a wall car call button when we get there."

"Where are we going?" Klay asked as they stepped from the elevator into the upper room.

"The Cat's Head Mountain."

In no time the four stood at the proposed site.

"Sir?" Stripe addressed Hoborg. "Would you form a cavern for the new BookRoom please?"

The king held his hand up to the cliff wall. "Right about here?"

As his sons nodded eagerly, he pressed his hand to the wall which began to melt and almost flow. A doorway formed, then the rock behind it opened inward. A bit longer and they stepped inside.

Shelves were formed *in* the wall this time, they would never break now! Aisle shelves were formed a similar way, tables, chairs, lights, cushions..... It was roomy, cool and..... "Perfect!" the three whispered in awe as they looked around.

Stripe held up a finger. " more request?"

"Yes, son?"

"Could you form a living space accross the way for me too, please?"

Hoborg smiled as only he can. "Of course." And he stood with his hand on the opposite wall.

While the king was creating, Stripe pulled Tramen over.


"Tra, you think it would be possible to install a call button here?" he indicated an area next to the Red Wall Car track.

Tramen studied the track where it came up from the opening. "Hmmmmm....... This shouldn't be a problem....... Sure!"

Hoborg stepped back. "There, what do you think?"

Stripe went in and looked around his new room, then hugged his Dad tightly!

"Thank you! This is wonderful!" He let go off his dad and stepped back.... "All that needs done now is to move everything."

The king climbed into the transport. "I'll leave you to it then." And he returned to the Castle.

At the yellow transport, the 3 carefully looked down over the ledge. Klay sat with his feet over the edge. "Getting the stuff out isn't the problem, it's the fact that we gotta get through The Hall of Statues then up a ladder......"

They moaned. "That will take forever!"

They sat or stood in silence, thinking.....

Stripe snapped his fingers. "The Red Wall Car! We could use that to get the stuff over!"

"Hmmmmmm......." The other two thought.

"Maybe", said Tramen.

"Er.... I don't think so...." said Klay, "It would still take a long time to carry the books from the Radar House up the stairbridge, then through the plains!" Klay thought.... "How about Big Robot Bil?"

"No....." Tramen shook his head, "He'd lose half of the stuff between here and there, he could carry alot, yes, but..... he'd need something to carry the lot in.

Like a bag or basket?" asked Klay.

"A basket? Hmmmmm........" Little lights began to sparkle in Tramen's eyes!

The two quietly waited 'till he finished his mental calculations. People have found that when Tra gets that certain glint in his eyes, it's best to let him finish his thoughts. Tramen looked over the edge, at the wall near by and mumbled to himself.....

"!GOT IT!" He suddenly shouted, nearly sending his friends off the balcony!

"Give someone warning next time!" Klay gasped as he pulled himself back up. "Huh? Where'd he go?"

Stripe clutched desperately at the back of the transport, just barely able to keep balanced. "He cabled down to the BOBBY room already..... guess we wait? Mulberry? " Stripe offered as he opened his chest hatch.

When Tramen returned, he was down below.

"Hey! Someone catch this and I'll be right up!" He called. A rope snaked its way through the air and was caught.

"So, what's the plan, Tra?"

"A pully system." He answered as he began to work. "This shouldn't take long."

He soon stepped back to admire his handy work. A short wooden beam was attached to the wall and a funny little wheel was hanging from the end. Tra held his hand up, stopping the expected questions.

"Now this little system will help get this done quickly and easily!" He said with pride.

"So, what do we do with it?"

"One of us brings out the stuff.."

"I'll do that." Klay volunteered.

"When you do.... see the basket? (nod) Put everything in there, and I'll pull it up with this." Tramen threaded the rope through the wheel of the pully and patted the device. "Then I'll pile the books into the transport and send it to the green one."

"Then I stack everything into the new book room and wait for more! Brilliant!" Stripe exclaimed happily and went over to wait for the transfer.

"This is great!" Klay agreed and went down to the Radar House.

Soon a healthy pile was carefully loaded into the basket. Tra hauled it up and stacked the contents on the seat and floor of the transport. Another two loads and he hit the Big Red Button.


Stripe bundeled several arm loads into the new room.

Load-Raise-Send-Carry-Stack..... Load-Raise-Send-Carry-Stack........ over and over.

It took almost the whole day, but soon the last basket's worth was sent. Stripe came back over and joined the two in the now rather empty Radar House.

"Wow! Look at this place!"

"The room now has... well... room!"

"We did it!"

"So *that's* what happened to my Wire Repair Kit!" Tra said, scooping it up and putting it on his belt.

Klay clapped his friends on the back. "This calls for a celebration!"

Stripe hesitated. "Not to ruin the mood, but I'm gonna wait 'till everything is organized. It's just piled in there and the sooner it's dealt with..."

The two winked at each other and Klay spoke for both.

"Say no more, Bands, first thing tomorrow we'll get that taken care of!"

"Thanks guys! Tomorrow then. Akkinhu." And Stripe went and got settled in his new room.

The next day proved to be the "longest" in their personal histories! They had to get Keeno and Gnimen to come in and organize the chemical notes and research papers (which proved to help Keeno out with an expirement he was having trouble on).

Stories, music, recipes, pictures, maps, various research and mechanical notes, instructions and poems.

By late afternoon, all was neat, shelved and in order.

"NOW we can celebrate, my friends!!" Klay stated in triumph.

The response was 2 yawns.

"Maybe just *one* more day." suggested Tramen as he stretched.

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