the kingdom
Story by srOm, D17Mo2Y2o01

"one reason why i like the neverhood so much is because of a concept it portrays. everybody's innocent! they don't even know what the hell evil is!"

i flipped thru my idea notebook looking for interesting things to share with david. he stared straight ahead, which means he was pondering a concept. we were sitting in my room, mourning over lack of good ideas in the world and spilling out whatever we had in our heads, trying to fill the worldly gap.

"that's why i draw srom all the time. he's a cool guy, lives in a nice place..."

david turned to me:

"so, emo, what you're trying to say is that the neverhood is the kingdom of God?"

it was my turn now to stare ahead in ponderousness (ponderosa?). it was a good kind of ponderousness, as i reached crazy epiphany:

that's why i hear the call of the nev so clearly... that's why i spend so much time with a klayen alias... that's why i spend so much time with other people in the fandom... today i realised that two big parts of me were actually one part


i grinned. o)

"yes" i said. "the neverhood is the kingdom of God."

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