the ladder
Story by srOm, D12Mo6Y2o00

Some Neverhoodians were approaching srOm (Srom, what are you doing?) because they saw him surrounded by piles of tape, staples, and twist ties. He was busying himself away (Iím making a ladder.) on top of the explosives shack.

They looked at him (Thereís one in the storage cabinet in the castle already.).

Srom shook his head proudly (Not this kind. Itís a special one. Itís a one-way ladder. It only goes down. You climb down it, you go down. You climb up it, you go down.). He pounded some more klay together, making another rung. The ladder was about fifteen feet long and made of scraps of klay. (I got the extra klay from Mr. Hoborgís garbage disposal.)

The Neverhoodians watched srOm point the ladder to the black, starry sky. He climbed up it. Then he walked out the door to the explosives shack carrying his new ladder.

The Neverhoodians all looked at srom impressed (Coooooool!).

A neverhoodian ran up to srOm, pulled off his hat (heey!) and started digging around inside until he found the ladder. He didnít know that the ladder only went down. Srom looked at him (no! donít use the ladder!). He wasnít listening and ran out the door yelling about some one hanging off the wall car by his fingers.

Srom chased him (gimme back my ladder!) all the way to the lake. Too late, the Neverhoodian was climbing up the ladder to get to another neverhoodian hanging off the car.

He got off at the very bottom of the Neverhood (what the heck!) hanging on for dear life.

Srom shook his head sadly (I told you not to!).

He pulled a glass jar out of his hat (I made this stuff up last week). The spectating neverhoodians looked at srOm weird again (srOm, the jarís empty). Srom squinted at the undoubting them (thatís what you think. This is a special jar of one-way air. You can only go up in this air). He unscrewed the top and let the one-way air mingle with the traditional air.

Srom waved at the hanging hoodian (itís okay! You can let go now!). The neverhoodian let go (okay!). He fell.

He landed squarely on his feet in Willie Tromboneís room.

The spectating Neverhoodians applauded (yay!)

Srom crossed his arms feeling very satisfied. Then he remembered the other Neverhoodian who had tried using the ladder.

The closest way down was the drain. He tied his friend Quee Quagís stretchy arm (hey Q2, can I borrow your arm for a sec?) around his waist and bungee jumped down the drain. He got the neverhoodian and sproinged back up the drain due to Queeís super-stretchyness.

The spectation neverhoodians applauded (yay!).

SrOm realized what he had just done. (wow! Cool!)

Quee pressed his chest button and reeled in his stretched out arm. (real cool!)

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