Story by Spencer Sult, D28M12Y1999

1: Happy birthday, Those were the first words that I ever heard. Sorry for being rude. My name is Spenceklay. I was created here in the Neverhood by the one they call Hoborg. I have only seen him once, but I wish I could see him again. About the Happy birthday thing, I was just remembering when I first came here to the Neverhood. First I could hear, but do nothing else, then I could move my fingers, then I could suck in and blow out then I could see. Before I could stand up, somebody said those words, the first words I ever heard. It was a hoodian like me, but this one was bigger. When I asked him why I was so small he said because I was special, he says that my seed was stolen by some bad hoodian, and when Hoborg found it is had a missing part, that part was my growing part, so it meant I could walk, talk, see, hear, and taste, but I would always be a small hoodian, smaller then the rest, but I donít really mind, in fact it was its advantages. I am a fast runner and bad monsters like hammerboys and weasels can't see me as good.

2: The hoodian that was fist with me when I was born is named Dee Fant. He is a good friend. He introduced me to everyone in the Neverhood. (Almost everyone) So far I like the Neverhood and most of the hoodians and some of the animals. My best friends are Dee Fant and Doodles. I like food, too. I eat any food, and even things that aren't food, which sometimes makes me sick. My one piece of advice about food is to not eat 56 burp berries in one sitting, unless you want to have a 2 day burp. I learned that the hard way. I also really like music. I listen to the radio and listen to Banjo play a lot.

3: The first time I was alone in the Neverhood without anybody I knew was also the first time I met Hoborg. Here is the story. It started out as a leisurely walk through the Neverhood. And it was fun until I saw the sheep. I thought it might be a good idea to ride on the sheep. So I sat on the sheep. All of the sudden I dropped 6 to the ground and stood up too see a puddle of green goop on the ground. After that I was feeling kind of sad, so when the hammerboy came around the corner, I didn't even notice. And I didn't notice the hammerboy until it was right behind me. WHACK! I had just been hit in the leg. I started running, so did the hammerboy. I ran and ran and ran until I came into a dark room. I was happy that the hammerboy was gone, but I was scared, I was all alone, and didnít know where I was. All of the sudden lights came on, and a giant guy with a crown came up to me. "Are you lost Spenceklay," he said to me. "Hey," I thought, I recognised. He was Hoborg. Me and him had a nice talk, he is sooo kind. Later I went back to see Dee Fant and told him all about it. He was jealous of me.

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