A Visitor
Story by Scout, Do1Mo9Y1999

I woke up that day thinking that today would be great! Maybe it was my overconfidence that got me in trouble.

It had only been one week since Willie Trombone had created me (you can read about that in Scout's origin). Anyway, I walked into Willie's throne room, expecting to find that breakfast would be something like weasel or bugs, yes people, my dad eats that kind of stuff, anyway, when I got there he wasn't anywhere to be found.

"Oh well", I said (not out loud because of course I don't talk to myself), "He's probably visiting the Neverhood."

I decided to look around for something edible enough to eat for breakfast. I headed outside and found a tree that looked like a mulberry bush only instead of being red it was blue. I picked a piece of fruit off and as soon as I did the tree made a rustling sound. I thought this a little weird (wouldn't you) so I ate the one I was holding and picked another, the same thing happened! I couldn't decide whether to look into the tree or go tell Willie.

If I looked into the tree then whatever was in there might eat me, and If I told Willie he might not believe me! While I was trying to decide what to do my feet were slowly taking me away from the tree, I didn't realize this until I bumped into someone. I immediately spun around and screamed, then whatever bumped into me screamed, then I screamed and it screamed. I was about to scream again when I noticed that it was only Klaymen (Willie had introduced me to him yesterday). After having been scared twice in two minutes it took me a while to catch my breath.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"Hoborg told me to ask you if you wanted to have breakfast with us since Willie's already there."

"Oh sure, I'd love to", I told him, "but first... have a look at that tree, It's scaring me."

Klaymen walked over to the tree and looked it up and down. "Nothing out of the ordinary here" he said.

I walked over to where he stood and nothing was different about the tree. "But I promise I saw it move just before you came" I said.

Klaymen gave me one of those weird looks and I knew he thought I was crazy (and believe me, when people think you're crazy and you know you're not they can really bug you by giving you those 'special looks'). I was determined to prove my sanity to Klaymen.

"Look.... I know I saw something move in that tree, Klaymen", I said, "I wouldn't make up a story like this."

Klaymen seemed to be thinking about what to believe when we both heard someone speak. "I believe you, Scout."

For a split second I thought it was the tree talking, but when I spun around I found it was only Doodles (people sure pop up around here, don't they :) ) Doodles said Hoborg had sent her to find out what was taking the two of us so long, breakfast back in Neverhood was getting cold.

"So where's this talking tree?" she asked.

I took her over to the blue tree and told her how I'd heard it rustle two times when I picked the fruit off of it.

"That sounds interesting," Doodles said, "but maybe we should go eat breakfast. Tell ya what Scout, after breakfast I'll come help you find out what's wrong with this tree."

With that we started toward Neverhood. On the way I made Doodles promise not to tell anyone about this, especially Willie. After all I didn't need EVERYONE thinking I was crazy! Well, despite our stalling we finally got to the Neverhood around lunch time and sat down at the table.

"So what did you do this morning, Scout?" Willie asked me (did ya ever notice how when you have something to hide that's the first question people ask you).

"Oh, nothing special", I replied, "just ate two apples off of the blue mulberry bush in Tromboney."

It was at this moment that I realized I hadn't eaten anything else all morning and I was starving!

"Only two apples for breakfast, well golly kid eat up!" Hoborg said while passing me some mash potatoe kinda stuff (I still to this day do not know what that stuff is).

Anyway, after lunch Doodles came with me back to Tromboney to look at the tree. Everything looked in order, I mean the tree didn't look diseased or anything, so I wondered what could have been in it that morning. I circled the tree two whole times just to be sure it was normal.

"Look, I know it looks normal now, but something was in it this morning." I said to Doodles, I guess I was afraid she would think I had lost it too, now that the tree wasn't moving.

"I said I believed you and I do" Doodles said.

"Well that's good", I said, "I thought maybe you...." at that moment we both heard something move in the tree again!

"It moved, so you were right!" someone said from behind us. It turned out to be Klaymen.

"So NOW do you believe me?" I asked him.

"Ok, ok so you were right. I'm sorry I didn't believe you" he said.

"Well, now that we know Scout's not crazy let's see what's in that tree" Doodles said.

I know I was a bit hard on her but I couldn't help giving Doodles one of those 'oh so you think I'm crazy too' looks (forgive me I'd had a rough day what with trees moving and people thinking I was crazy and I think I'm going to to be sick after eating that stuff at lunch :( ).

All three of us slowly tiptoed toward the tree and Klaymen was the one nominated to poke the tree and see if it moved (aren't I just soo nice to Klaymen :) ). Klaymen slowely picked up a stick and poked the tree, we heard a slight groan as if he had hit someone.

This gave me courage and so I took the stick from Klaymen and wacked the tree really hard like a pinyata! This time the tree yelped with pain. I slowly began to smile as I looked at Doodles, who smiled back when she noticed what I was thinking. I handed the stick to Doodles who continued beating the tree over and over. We then got Klaymen to shake the tree really hard. Then I beat it a few times, Doodles beat it a few times and Klaymen shook it some more (we had a lot of fun that day :) ).

Anyway, after Klaymen shook it for the 10th time something fell out. It was a person and he looked mean, so naturally we all three froze with fear! The person slowely stood up and looked at us, then at the stick, then back at us. He seemed to be able to tell that we had been the ones tormenting him. I looked at Doodles for some sign of help and then both of us looked at Klaymen. We had expected to see some sign of help when we looked at Klaymen but instead we saw that he was white as a sheet!

"Klaymen, you ok?" I asked.

He turned and looked at both me and Doodles. "I've met this guy before" he said.

"Well, who is he?" Doodles asked.

Klaymen's mouth trembled for a minute, then he calmed down a bit and said one word, "Klogg". Now I had never heard that name in my life and Doodles had only heard of it through stories.

"Who's Klogg?" I asked.

Klaymen didn't seem to be able to answer so Doodles took over. "I'm not exactly sure", Doodles said, "but I've heard that he was the first person Hoborg ever created and that he later stole Hoborg's crown, making himself ruler of the Neverhood."

"That's why I had to save the Neverhood" Klaymen said (it was actually more like a whisper).

We turned in Klogg's direction so frozen with fear that we didn't know what to do! (Right now I REALLY wished I hadn't hit that tree with a stick). I was trying to decide what to do when I felt someone gently put their hands on my sholder. I looked up and saw.. Willie!

"Boy, am I glad to see you" I wispered.

Willie just smiled at me, nodded, then told Klaymen to run and bring the news to Hoborg. Klaymen didn't need to be told twice, he was off in half a second! Klogg just stood there crossing his arms as if pleased with all the commotion he was causing. Willie stood there giving Klogg one of those 'I don't like you' looks.

"So why you turn up around here instead of Neverhood?" Willie asked.

"I needed time to plan out my strategies", Klogg replied, "and this mud heap of yours didn't seem to attract a lot of crowds."

"What mud heap!" Willie asked, "Me make this world all on my own."

"That's exactly what's wrong with it", Klogg said, "Everything you create turns out a failture."

Ok, now he was getting personal. "Willie create me and I'm not a failture" I stated.

Klogg gave me a suprised look, then glanced at Willie. "You can't be smart enough to make beings" he told Willie.

"Well, maybe me smarter than you think", Willie said, "of course me create Scout, she the first and only one Willie make."

"Only?" Klogg asked while beginning to smile in a mean way, "Oh I get it, you're not able to make more than one."

I knew right away that this was going to cause trouble! I could tell by Willie's face that he was getting madder and madder!

"Hey Willie, don't worry", I told him, "I actually think I'm kinda special being the only person you ever created."

Willie seemed to forget his anger right then and Klogg seemed sick to the stomach with this display of niceness (serves him right!). At that moment Klaymen reappeared with Hoborg and a very impresive army! (I was wondering what Klaymen was doing while we were having our little arguement, army's must take a while to get together :) ). Klogg probably would have tried to attack, had there not been 10,000 or so guns pointed in his direction! To make a long story short he basically gave up and we went back to our everyday lifes (and I thought it would be a regular day :) ).

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