Scout's Origin
Story by Scout, D25Mo8Y1999

Willie Trombone looked around the bare land he had found and decided to try his hand at creating his own world. After all Hoborg had done it, how hard could it be. Willie started by making lots of pretty flowers and buildings..... 10 hours later he was done and looked around his new world, Tromboney. Willie was proud of what he had done so he decided to make a person, just one for now since he REALLY wanted to tell his friends about this! Willie made a girl named Scout, she looked like Willie only she was shorter than Willie.

"Hi, me make this world and you" Willie said, Scout just stared around for a while, taking in her new surroundings, and finally looked at Willie, "Ok, thanks" Scout said.

"You welcome" Willie said "me go tell me friends in Neverhood about this, you stay here and explore your new home, bye."

Willie ran into Doodles' house. "Me made my own world" Willie said.

"You did What!?!" Doodles asked.

"Made me own world, I call it Tromboney, named after Willie."

"Can I see it?" Doodles asked.

Willie took Doodles to Tromboney. By the time Willie got back Scout had already explored most of the world.

"Me like it allot, Willie a good friend and creator." Scout said, Willie blushed.

When everybody, including Scout, got back to The Neverhood Willie explained about Tromboney and Scout to Hoborg and everyone else in Neverhood.

While this was going on Scout noticed something that scared the living daylights out of her, she tapped Doodles on the shoulder.

"What on earth be that!!" she asked.

"Oh, that's just Bil", Doodles explained.

"What Bil?" Scout asked.

"Him", Doodles answered, "It his name."

Doodles then asked Scout what Tromboney was like.

"It ok", she answered.

"Doesn't it get lonely, you being the only one there?" Doodles asked.

"No", Scout answered, "Me feel kinda special being the only citizen of Tromboney, and Willie be good enough of best friend. Of course the people in Neverhood seem nice too."

"Everyone nice here", Doodles said, "especially Bil, why, me bet he'll even give us a ride and that way I can show you around Neverhood."

Bil took them all over Neverhood and Scout had fun finding out what everything did.The only thing Scout didn't like was the green music box, but luckily Doodles was able to handle the weasel.

Later on Hoborg announced that Willie could bring Scout into Neverhood with him whenever he wanted to. Scout was glad to have such a nice friend and creator as Willie, and she was also glad to have made a new friend, Doodles.

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