about a crown
Story by ryan, D12M12Y1999

through the window, a dark figure moved left. then it was gone. then it went right. and then left again.

klaymen paced about his new castle, walking in a horrible wicked posture that made his body lurch with every step. hoborg's crown sat crooked on his head. his eyes were angry, and his mouth had grown little fangs. all over klaymen now had klogg-like features. the evil klaymen darted to the window to survey his neverhood. he set his elbows on the window sill, and rested his head in his hands. Klaymen's big red lips became a smile, as he thought up baaad thoughts.

meanwhilst.. klogg began to stir. he blinked his eyes open and sat up, very confused. he stared at the crownless, motion-less hoborg for a moment, in the distance. klogg turned and saw klaymen, at the window. klogg tip toed away from the new ruler, and snuck out of the castle.

klogg wandered around in the neverho0d, unaware of what to do or where to go. klogg wasn't much less evil than he was before, but maybe a little. he had been drifting about for quite some time now, and he passed by the pipe house.

klogg accidently stepped on a big red button on the ground. he lost his balance and landed on his knees, face to face with the triceritops kinda fountain. water poored out and collected in small pool in the fountain. very annoyed klogg got up and brushed himself off. then he noticed something. klogg stared into the fountain, and saw that he appeared as he originally was, how he was before he had stolen the crown, how hoborg had made him.

"hmph!" klogg said.

he was displeased. still with nothing in mind to do, he stared into the water at himself a while more. suddenly though, his watery image exploded and in a drenching splash, and a yellow funny looking hoop-head flew out of the fountain and onto the ground.

"its youu..," klogg sputtered out water as he spoke, (according to one of doo's stories, klogg and willie met before klaymen was born)

"what were youu doing in there??" klogg said.

".. hiding." willie said, as he got up and started to draw away from klogg.

willie appeared quite sad and scared. klogg loved it.

"from mee...?" klogg said as he closed his eyes and smiled, putting his hand on his chest.

"yes. ..but now, from klaymen, too," willie sadly answered.

klogg did not like this at all. he wanted to be the scariest, meanest, and only ruler of the NeverhoOd. klogg looked quite mad, and took a step toward willie. willie trombone was scared, and didnt know what to do, but just then, a little cartoon cloud popped over his hooped head. a tiny klay lightbulp winked on, and willie held up his first finger with a big goofy smile to match.

"um... idea!" willie stated.

"what!??" klogg asked, startled out of his evilness.

"ummm.." willie's eyes drifted away from klogg.

Suddenly willie broke out of his daze and ran faster than he thought he could ever go. the hoop head shot past klogg and kept running. klogg was furious, and raced after willie. (-chase music-) willie trombone dashed through the purple tunnel and dark washed over him. running blindly he slammed into the 3 bolt door, with a loud, echoing, door-slamming-ow-sound. klogg followed into the black tunnel, and willie shot up and punched the first two buttons with his fists, and the last with his head. the door swung open, willie darted through and flung it shut behind him. klogg bounced off the door harder than willie had.

willie clunked across the bridge, and heard a bolt of the door open again. He stopped and looked back at the closed door, and heard the second bolt. willie looked left, right, and leaped off of the bridge, sailing through the air for a moment. he had time to think as he seemed to tumble gently to the lake floor. he hoped klogg would not see him. willie met the sludgy green lake bottom with a "spludge" sound. his body slid in the slimy muck for a few feet. then willie stayed still, trying to be quiet and to not breathe too hard.

foot steps slowly, lightly, were heard quite a distance above willie's head. the green lake floor muck had covered much of willie's body in his landing, so he thought he might be camoflauged enough. klogg's footsteps had left the bridge, and now willie had no indicaton of where he might be. willie raised up his head. he blinked and rubbed the green sludge out of his eyes, and looked around. he couldnt see klogg. so, willie quietly moved himself directly under the bridge, and leaned up against a big lake wall. willie begain to work on his idea.

willie sat on the floor of the lake, with his back to the wall. he dug his right hand into the sludgy muck he was sitting in. he pulled it out, with a large glob of the stuff in his hand. he did the same with his left. willie concentrated deeply, and stuck his tounge out of the side of his mouth. he began to shape a crown out of the green sludge. in about twenty minutes, willie had built a lop sided, dark green sludgy crown, big enough for someone to wear. he held it up, and looked at it. willie thought it looked a little too ugly, so he took his finger and drew a small smiley face on the crown. willie smiled too, and was happy with what he had made.

the crown had already begun to harden from being up in the air for a while. so willie tucked it under his arm and stood up. the hoop head looked left, right, and began to walk toward the radio room. but as soon as he was out from under the bridge, willie heard a loud bird scream high above him. he looked up and saw klogg, up in the cannon. klogg had it raised up high into the black sky. the cannon's parts clanked and moved together and shot a cannonball at willie! the hoop head tried to run, but immediately slipped on the mushy lake floor and was sent falling back. as he fell the cannonball came at him, it wizzed within an inch of his face. willie landed flat on his back in the muck. the cannonball made a "spulm!" sound as it went into the lake wall, beside willie, splattering him with more sludge. willie got up quickly, with his makeshift crown still under his arm. he ran to the radioroom, dodging klogg's onslaught. willie jumped over cannonballs, spun, and ducked, each one a narrow miss. klogg was getting very angry and began to yell. willie made it to the radioroom and changed the station quickly. the satellite dish moved and the door shut. willie wiped his forhead and said


willie made his way to the castle, and snuck up behind where evil klaymen was still looking through the window. willie silently looked at klaymen, then at the very still hoborg. he brought up his somewhat lumpy dark green crown in front of him, and held it tight. he really hoped his plan would work.

willie trombone swung the crown back and forth in his hand, and looked back at klaymen. he hoped he would get to sit around and eat sandwiches with klaymen someday. just as this thought came to his mind, klaymen spun around, and glared at willie. willie was shocked and the crown flew from his hand. it sailed end over end, careening towards hoborg. klaymen with his sharp claws began to advance on willie. the evil klaymen had willie pinned to the wall, willie was trapped! but behind klaymen, willie could see the green crown. the bottom of it hit hoborg's head, and rolled and rolled less and stopped. (like a spinning coin can do.) but hoborg just sat there, still not moving.

but quater saw hoborg, and willie. and he saw the little smiley face on willie's crown, that was now on hoborg's head. and hoborg stood up! hoborg ran and leaped across the sort of bottomless pit, and caught the other side. klaymen turned and saw hoborg, hanging on the edge. he forgot about willie and began to slowly walk to hoborg. willie stood up, frantically looking about the room. he looked out the window and saw klogg in the cannon. quick hoop-head thinkin, willie waved at klogg and stuck out his tounge, making a fake farting noise.

sqwuak - boom! willie fell to the floor and a cannonball flew through the window, and clang! it knocked the crown off of klaymen's head! the cannonball sailed down into the pit behind hoborg, and hoborg's real crown rolled to a stop in front of him. klaymen looked around, not knowing what was going on. he quickly changed back to how he was before, 3 dots and all, and looked down at hoborg. klaymen extended his hand to hoborg, and hoborg took it.

"thank you, klaymen," hoborg said in his deep soothing voice.

willie came over, away from the window, and held up hoborg's real crown. hoborg took it,

"and thank you, willie trombone," hoborg said as he took his shining crown.

willie just smiled his big goofy smile. after that, hoborg put on his real crown and got his powers back. him and klaymen and willie shot klogg out of the cannon, far into outerspace. hoborg then begat a whole lot of neverhoodians, and brought back big robot bil, and well you know how that part goes.

the end

p.s. the crown willie made is on display at the end of the hall of records.

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