The Birth of Quee Quag
Story by Quee Quag

Chapter 1

Horborg was walking past the mulberry tree when he saw Sromgster sitting on top of the Dynamite Room. Hoborg climbed up there and asked Sromgster what was the matter.

"Sromgster, why are you so sad?" asked Hoborg.

"I have no one to play with." said Sromgster.

"I have an idea." and Hoborg left for the Bobby room. He pulled a life seed from his crown and started to drop it on the ground, hoping it would be a good friend for Sromgster.

Just before he dropped it a klay bird flew in through the window and knocked the seed into the Bobby machine and pushed the little red button. Before Hoborg could get the seed out, it got zapped by the machine.

Horborg looked at the seed. He thought it looked okay so he let it grow into a Neverhoodian. He named him Quee Quag. Quee woke up, got up, looked around, and screamed "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

"Calm down, there is nothing to be scared about." said Hoborg, thinking that the Bobby machine did do something to the seed.

Quee looked around again and said, "Where am I and Who are you?"

"I am Hoborg, your father, and this is your homE, The NeverhooD."

"Oh, if this is my home then where is my room?"

Hoborg had to think this one over. Then he thought of Nowhere Island. He took Quee there and made him a room behind the waterfall. Then he took Quee to see Sromgster. They had fun, except Sromgster kept kicking Quee in the shin.

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