Prisoner Klenn
Story by Doo

Here I am, Klenn Many Stemmer (but you can call me "Manies", like everyone does), imprisoned in this tiny room in the Cat Head Mountain... This is my first day, and I think I should tell you how I came here. But one thing before: It was not my fault. I can't do anything about it. It's just... I like explosives, you see. It's my hobby. I feel so happy when looking at a sparkling fuse, and the most beautiful sight I can imagine is that of an explosion's cloud, together with that incredible "Boom" sound and the smell of sulfur.

That's why I live next to the Explosives Shack. Of course, I'd NEVER ever hurt anyone, I only use the little dynamite sticks to make small experiments with them, trying to find out what quantity of gunpowder brings out the most beautiful fire crackle. All right, I once or twice set accidently a few things on fire, but nothing was really damaged. I'm quite good at fire-fighting. And everyone likes my fireworks (except for Thull - but he doesn't like ANYthing because of his depressive nature).

One day, I had this great idea of mixing the powder of the dynamite sticks with a stuff I found once - this stuff let off green smoke when being burnt, and I thought it would look great when put together. So I built a small pile of some of the sticks and filled them up with the "Greener". Then I closed both doors of the Shack, since this was my first experiment on "Green Sticks", and I didn't want anyone being hurt who was passing by. I lit the fuse.

The next thing I could remember was that I slowly passed out as the green smoke filled the room. I was suddenly so tired, and I fell asleep. When I woke up again the sticks had gone, same as the green smoke. There was just a little hole in the ground where the dynamite had exploded, and something else had happened - the whole room was green! Everything that had been touched by the smoke, including me, was colored...

Before I could think of what to do, the back door of the Shack slammed open and one of my brothers came in, excitedly.

"Hey Manies, do you want to... what has happened in here? You're green all over!"

I tried to stand up, still a bit dazed from the smoke. Some other guys came in, curious about the situation. With them was Hoborg.

"I... I'm really sorry... I tried a new stuff and... the air was filled with smoke and... when I got conscious again everything was green! Really, I'm sorry!"

They looked around the room, then at me again. They began to laugh.

"Do you know how STUPID you look?" they chuckled. "You'll never learn it, will you?"

I looked at my green hands. Hoborg stepped in front of me, examining the room.

"Well, Klenn", he said quietly, but with a hint of malicious joy in his voice, "I suppose you better take a bath and then clean the room, don't you think?"

He put his hand on my shoulder.

"And better keep away from that 'new stuff' you used, okay?"

After I had freed my body and clothes from that green color I started to clean the room. The smoke had reached even the tiniest gap in the Shack. While cleaning one of the cupboards I spotted a box in one of the upper shelves. I swiped the color away from it, until I could read the letters. 'TNT' it said. Well, that's what you'd expect in an Explosives Shack, don't you? I opened the box, surprisingly whispering a "Wow!" when I saw the contents. It was a FAT stick of dynamite - you know: one of those BIG bamboozlers they use for the Weasles. I HAD to try it out...

...or at least I just wanted to see the sparkle of that fuse... Just a bit...

I suppose I held the thing a bit too long in my hands, staring at the sparkle. When I realized that the stick would boom up, it was too late. The pressure threw me against the Big Tree, and lying there upside down I looked back at the Shack. I saw the greatest explosion of my life, so endless beautiful, with fantastic flames coming out of both doors of the building and a smoke cloud as big as...

The Shack collapsed - one entrance crashed completely, and the door of the other one smashed against the next walls, and broke into a thousand pieces. Willie Trombone's house, which is built on the Shack, trembled dangerously, but held. Then some other, smaller explosions followed as the rest of the dynamite in there caught fire... Another consequence of the pressure was that the lake in front of the house waved over its river bed, setting the whole place under water. I was still lying there, in ankle-deep water, wondering if the others had noticed the incident.

Alas, they did. They ran into my direction and stared at me, and I just stared back, afraid to move a limb, out of shame and shock.

I think I mumbled many excuses and I promised to bring it back to order, but they seemed to like the idea not to let me near ANY explosives for a while much better. So they locked me up here, not as much as a punishment than for my own security, and started to clean up the mess I did.

Well, it isn't that bad up here. I have time now to think about a few mistakes I made. I KNOW I should stop meddling with fire and explosives, but I'll probably do it again and again...

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