Pinch and Too
Story by Sarlakk

"OK, Pinch, look. This is a book...", Too said to Pinch.

Too, the tiny, talking, glasses-wearing, reading weasel explained to Pinch, the tiny, not talking, not glasses wearing, not reading weasel.

"You read from the book. You have to understand words before you can read. Ok?"


Too hopped up onto a table with a little slate chalkboard on it. Pinch followed. Too took a piece of chalk in one claw, and scrawled some words on the slate.

"Pinch, can you say what's on the board? Can you say "Hello. How are you?"

"GRAAAAAWWL!!!" came from Pinch.

Too sighed. He'd have to work on those vocal chords.

"OK, Pinch, we'll work on the alphabet. Say 'A',"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" came from the tiny weasel.

"Good! Now, try this. 'B'"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa," growled Pinch again.

Too sighed. This would be a long day.

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