Physical Defect
Story by DoodLeS

I sat under the Apple Tree, having my lunch.

Yesterday had been a boring day for me, since I had to stay in my homeworld and do... HOMEWORKS... yewwwwck... LOTSA homeworks...

But now, finally finished with my earthy stuff, I could goof off for the rest of the day - in the Neverhood. AFTER lunch. I don't know how many apples I had eaten so far, but it must have been near the 20-limit.

My friend Tramen stood next to me, watching fascinatedly. After a while he asked me: "Say, Doodledoo - how can such a small person like you eat THAT much?"

He grinned and shook his head.

I didn't stop shoving the fruits into my mouth while answering: "Sorry Tra - can't help it... must be this body... it just doesn't seem to become filled up."

I indeed WAS hungry - and wherever all those apples landed, they hadn't died for nothing. But to be honest, I wondered myself why I could eat SO MUCH as a Klay being.

"This world you came from", Tramen begun.

"Hmmmpf?" I chewed with full mouth.

"Do you eat there this much too? - Just curious."

I looked up at my tall TAAAALL friend, swallowing the apple I was just chewing on.

"Oh noooo. In my human form I can't even eat TWO apples in one hour. But this here is much more fun!"

I reached out for the next green lump above me, as suddenly vile screams could be heard. A wall, rather near to Tramen and me, broke into pieces and a big blue crab-like creature appeared from behind it.

I was up on my feet pretty fast, if you think about that I had just eaten a whole mountain of vitamins, looking shocked at the beast that stood in the pile of rocks that had been a wall a second before.

"WEEEAAAASEEEEEL!!!" I screamed, turning hurriedly around, ready to run off. Tramen only turned his head abruptly and looked at the creature. While *I* got panicked, he stayed cool and hid behind the tree.

I started off - silly me not for thinking about it that I stood in FRONT of the tree - I smashed right against the trunk, causing a rain of apples. Ouch....

But at least I was in secure - the Weasel couldn't see me under the top of red leaves from up its high position. It stumbled away, into the direction of the Explosives Shack. They ALWAYS made that mistake: They go to the Shack, open the door, and after about five minutes they meet Klenn and his special method of saying 'hello'...

A few seconds and a loud "Boom" later only a little cloud of smoke reminded of the big crab.

Tramen quickly came up to me - after my collision with the tree I had made an unintended lie-down.

"Nono, don't worry, I'm okay..." I said as he tried to help me up, "I only bumped to the trunk with my chest. My head's fine, really."

I wiped some dust off my torso with both hands, coming into contact with my chest-button. My chest-compartment opened.

I HATE that.

"Ooooh no...." I exclaimed quietly, trying to close the little hatch again. But as soon as I let off my chest, it crashed open again.

I stared. I tried it again. Closing - letting off - crash...

I looked at my chest-button. Normally when I pressed it, it made a little 'click' sound, but when I did it now it didn't make any sound at all - it felt loose somehow...

I whimpered.

"Toast....! It doesn't close!"

Tramen knew I hated it when I had to open my chest - as an originally human being it was one of the weird things I just couldn't get used to. He examined my button.

After a short while he told me thoughtfully: "The resistence must be broken..."

I looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Huh? You mean - I'll have to run around with a belt or something around my chest so it doesn't open - for the rest of my life??"

Tramen still focused my button. "Hmmm.... I COULD repair it. But..."

I stared hopefully at him. Once more I was SO glad knowing the best mechanican in the Neverhood. The only mechanican, too. "But what?"

He looked into my eyes. "I'd have to repair it from the INSIDE..."

I gulped. That was one of my deepest sorrows - I just couldn't STAND the feeling of something moving inside my body - that's why I always try to avoid getting something out of my chest-compartment. But...

I couldn't run around with a hole in my torso. I shuddered by the sheer thought of that. And it was my friend (and brother) Tra who'd do it...

I nodded, slighly afraid of what'll happen.

"Ok." Toast took out some of his tools. "I'd say it's best if you lie down."

I did it.

As Tramen carefully reached inside my chest I closed my eyes - this was even scarier than a visit at the dentist! I tried to think of something else while my friend repaired my button-mechanism.

After a while that was in fact a few minutes, but seemed to me like at least two eternalies, Tramen closed my hatch and told me to stand up.

I slowly got into standing position, not letting my eyes off my torso. But it didn't open anymore.

I pressed my button. With a small 'click' my chest opened. Then I shut it again with my hands, and it held.

I started to grin happily, beaming at my tall friend.

"Thaaaanks Tra!" I shouted out, unable to think of anything better, and hugged him as hard as I could (taking care, tho, not to press my button again accidently).

What would I just do without him??

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