One NORMAL day for Tramen, Gnimen and DoodLeS
Story by DoodLeS

"There you are, Doo!" Tramen and Gnimen walked into my direction, coming from the Explosives Shack.

I shortly looked around to them, but then kept on picking fruits from the Apple Tree. I smiled. "Hi, Toast! Hi, Gni! Yeah, I'm here. Where else should I be? When I'm not in my room, I'm here." I took another apple and threw it into my open chest-compartment.

"OR you are in the Hall of Records", said Gnimen.


"OR together with Willie." Tramen continued.

"Or that, yes."

"And once you were in your cupboard." Gnimen reminded.

I paused for a second and looked at him. "Don't remind me."

Toast crossed his arms and smiled. "OR you are in the Whale's Mouth and look at the Neverhood map."


"OR in the Nursery to feed the Flytrap." Gnimen crossed his arms, too.


"OR in your homeworld." Tramen added.

I turned around to my friends and put my hands to my hips. "Oh, come on, Tra! I would never leave the 'Hood without telling you both, or at least leaving a note in my room. You KNOW this. By the way: You surely have noticed that I wasn't in my homeworld for some weeks now. I told my earthy... hm... creators that I'd go to some friends for a while, so I can stay here at least, errrr... another week. Heh. I didn' even lie."

"Say, Doodles - I thought you'd hate it to use your chest-compartment?" Gnimen stated, pointing at my still open hatch.

I shortly looked down, shrugged and answered: "Yep. But I hate it even more to walk a lot, and I was just picking some new apples for my room - my personal food storage was empty there. And I don't have anything with more room than my compartment. Scary but true." I continued on collecting the fruits. From time to time I shoved one into my mouth instead of my chest - work does make hungry.

After a short while them both watching me silently Tramen said: "Now, Doo - we wanted to ask you if you'd like to come with us to the Gourd or wherever, just to goof off a bit."

I looked at Tramen, then at the Tree, and then I closed my compartment. "Sure! I think I've collected enough apples now for one week or so. What do you -" I stopped, looking at my chest. When I pressed my button Okluss, Gnimen's mouse, sat on my opened hatch, looking at me with a mixture of curiosity and reproach. I carefully grabbed him at his neck and reached him to Gni, closing my hatch again with the other hand. "I think this one belongs to you, Gnimen. I don't even wanna KNOW how he managed to get in there." I said grinningly.

Gnimen took his little friend and sat him on his shoulder, where he hopped up and down a few times and squeaked. "Oh! Heh, sorry. I had *wondered* where he's gone now."

Tramen looked up and down at me. "You seem to be really good-mooded today, Doo. Something really nice happened to you?"

I grinned back at him. "Nope. I'm just happy to be here. Not even Hyrjo could spoil my mood at the moment!"

Surprisingly enough, he DIDN'T pop up from somewhere now.

So we went to the Gourd for playing a bit of that Memory game thing. But there was someone else in the room already, positioning a big plant-like device in front of him.

"Kaydiju, Rem!" greeted Gnimen the fellow in front of us, "You wanna record something?" We all walked next to him to look what he was up to.

"Hello, folks! Yep, I'm recording some nice video for Thull, heh. He'll be surprised!" Rem grinned in a rather devious way and polished the screen in front of him. Tramen, Gnimen and I stepped a bit away from him - we didn't want to be on the video, too.

I myself never understood how these Record-Screens work. They look like a big plant-thing with a screen in the middle and some buttons and a little slot above a bowl under it. Rem pressed one of the buttons and spoke to the screen: "Hi, Thull! Sorry that I can't speak personally to you right now, but I found something REALLY interesting in this cave where I am at the moment. Look, here it is." He held something VERY small up to the screen. "Hey, bro, you have to come a bit closer to recognize what it is! Even closer, guy! Yeah. And look here, I've found something else that might interest you..." Rem took a bucket full of water that stood next to him - and emptied the contents of it into the screen. The water just went through it and vanished there. Rem pressed another button on the device.

"Okay, guys, you can come closer again. I'm finished." He grinned while picking up three disks that came out of the slot. "When Thull puts THESE into the Player, he'll get a nice refreshment. Now sorry, my friends, I have to assure that he really finds them. Hehheh. Bye for now!"

He put the big Record-device under his arm and ran off. We looked at each other.

"For some reason I don't think that Thull will like this video..." Gnimen stated grinningly.

"Yeah... that wasn't very nice. But at least Rem didn't use glue or something." Tramen shrugged.

I just crossed my arms and looked thoughtfully at the door where Rem had gone. I just DON'T understand how these things work... Well, they make TV *really* an interactive thing.

The rest of the day nothing special happened - we played with a few of the Neverhood puzzles, then we had a running contest (what a surprise - Gnimen won), then Gni saw Lurcus, his favorite Weasel, and wanted to watch him for a while - I just ran away and screamed, to, er, show him my opinion. Then Tramen had to repair something on one of the fountains, and Gni and I watched him. Then... we did a lot of other things. In the evening I piled the apples I had collected up in my room. Nothing special happened. Really. That's it. There wasn't even an embarrassing event for me. These are the days you just HAVE to love.

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