The Ultimate War Machine (the story of the creation of Nick)
Story by Nick, Do7Mo2Y2o00

Hi! I'm Nick, and you seem to be reading my story of my creation. Well, I can't quite remember it, but, I've been watching some old Underhood servilance tapes. Here's what I've seen.....

Once, about 1 year ago, Klogg wanted to try some experiments with creating new types of hoodians to help him take Hoborg's crown (yet again). He ended up calling the program The Mistakes. One of the experiments was to make what he called The Ultimate War Machine from a human, a normal klay being, and a Protoss brain (it's a Starcraft thing). He knew that if he succeeded, he'd have the most powerful, unstoppable, psychic being.

He left some scientists that he hired to do the job and left to go create some more of the 'Mistakes'. The scientists toiled for hours trying to figure out how to do their task. After a few weeks.... it was done.

Klogg came in the room to see a strange looking half-human-half-klay thing on a table, waiting to be activated. The scientists pushed a button on a remote and the 'creature' woke up. It looked confusedly around the room, wondering where it was. Klogg said to obey him and it will bring many rewards. But, the experiment didn't agree and attempted to escape, but guards stopped him and threw him into a cell with another 'mistake' that Klogg had just created and named Sokkia. For a long time, the klay-human stayed in the cell until it decided to go up into the air ducts to live and hasn't been heard from for a while.

Now, it's came out of the air ducts to tell you that story. Funky, huh? Well, hope you enjoyed that story!

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