Reincarnation - Part 1
Story by Mysha, D16Mo4Y2o00


Hello, there. Mysha speaking. And I just want to say that Kysha and I have never been so happier in our lives. Hmm? You donít know what Iím talking about? Oh, thatís right! We haven't met before, have we?. Well, Iím Mysha, and my twin here is Kysha. You know, we havenít always been twins. And we havenít always been living in the Neverhood. So, hereís my story, and read on if you dare! I warn you, it doesn't make much sense, and it could be hazardous to your health.

Chapter 1
It all started ... with me!

"Hi, Molly!" Annie said to me as I sat down beside her on the bus seat.

"Hey," I replied, rather glumly. Annie was my oldest sister. She was the only other one in my family who goes with me to high school.

"Aww, not again! Now, what?"

"I found out that I got another F on my English test."

"What!? After all that studying? I swear, you should have gotten at least a B+! What happened?"

"I dunno, I guess my teacher just hates me."

It was my first year in High school, but ever since early Junior High my grades have been mighty low. And to add to that, it felt like forever since I had a friend. But, today, it was my worst. I still had no friends, but for three months I couldnít really feel true happiness. Sure, theirs that crazy feeling after eating three bowls of ice cream and a liter of Jolt soda, but still, not true happiness.

"Soooooo... have you met any body new at lunch today?" She asked. I just gave her my Ďare-you-kidding-meí look for a minute then went back to staring out the window. Then, I always thought that nobody wanted to ever be my friend, just because I was a little different than everybody else. But, much later I found out my only difference from everybody else was that I wouldnít talk to anybody.

We just sat in silence, Ann and I, for the rest of the way home.

When we were dropped off at the corner and we walked into our house, Mom was in the kitchen baking what smelled like road kill. She wasnít such a good baker. A good cook, just a bad baker. But, alas, she keeps trying to perfect the art, whether we like it or not.

"Hi, guys! How was school? How was the test, Molly?" She yelled from the kitchen, while taking what ever she had in the oven. It sure looked like roadkill.

"Molly got another F on her English test," Annie said to Mom before I got a chance to explain anything.

"What? You're kidding me! Dad made her study for that test for two whole hours! How could she have ever gotten an F on that test?" Mom replied in shock, as she placed her latest failer on the stove top.

"Alright!! I admit it! I'm a complete failure! Just shoot me! I don't care!" I yelled back to the world. I was just about as angry with everything in the world.

"Oh, Molly! Don't say that ..." She trailed off. But, at that moment, smoke started to trail from the oven. Aparently, she had spillt something in the oven and left the thing on.

As she and Annie was tending to the now filled with smoke kitchen, I just went to my room. It was now four o'clock in the afternoon, but I could not take socializing any more. I just wanted to go to my room, lock the door, and commit suicide. But, I didn't because I was chicken, and i heard that most suicide attempts failed and if caught, you were put to jail. So, I didn't. But, I did lock my door.

Suddenly, I felt really tired, so I sat on my bed and started to take off my shoes to take a nap. But, then I got really dizzy. Then really sick to the stomach. I started to panic. But, as I got up, I just lost all feeling and fell to the floor and blacked out. I didn't wake up.

The next thing I knew, I was floating in some black, endless void. I litteraly had no idea whatsoever as to how I ended up in outerspace, so then my mind started to race with many thoughts: I'm in space ... how the heck did i end up in space? Aack! I've been abducted by aliens! Wait a minute ... I'm not in any spaceship, and I don't remember leaving my room ... uh, ... I felt sick ... I was dizzy ... I fell to the floor ... I didn't feel anything ... E-gad !!! I died ... from what? I know! I musta had a hemrige or something. But, I didn't feel any pain or anything ... Maybe I'm asleep ...

"Greetings, Molly," this deep, booming voice said from out of nowhere. This voice startled me so much that I yelped and flinged my legs, which sent me twirling like a ice skater. When I righted myself to a stop, the voice bagan again. "I apologize for the life that you had, there on earth."

"What ... what do you mean?" I replied, as I tried to rotate towards the direction of the voice.

"Uh, this is hard to explain ... "

"Try me. The only thing hard to explain would be this crazy dream I'm having," I thought, but my thought actually been said aloud.

"Well ... your soul is incomplete. I mean, I wasn't finished creating you when your soul has accidentally fell to earth and was born. So then, that's why you had such a pathetic teenage life. I wasn't able to put enough Happiness, Enjoyment, and Learning to last you all your life on earth."

"Great. Just what I wanted to hear. I have a broken soul. Yippie." I said sarcasticely. I still haven't gotten the hang of the fact that my thoughts are really said outloud.

"Um, so I thought when I found you, I'd pull you from earth and give you another chance. No, no! Wait ... I got a better idea! Well, I was going to but you through reincarnation,"

"I'm glad you changed your mind. Do I get to stay in Heaven?"

"uh, but, instead, I'll just give you to my best friend Quater."

"Quater ... ? Wait a minute ... what are you talking ..." Before I got a chance to finish my thought, a bright, blinding flash of light and a moment later, I heard the voice of another invisiable being.

"Why, Salutations, Jesus! How have you been doing?" this new voice said, to the first voice.

Jesus? Are you telling me that the person that I was just talking to was Jesus himself? Oh, man! Am I in trouble! I thought to myself, but this time it wasn't aloud as before. I guess that's because Jesus wasn't talking to me.

"I'm doing okay. Quater, remember that soul I told you about, the unfinished one? Well, I brought her here, and I hope you can fit her into your universe, somewhere? With Homen, or someone?"

"Oh, so this is the soul? She sure doesn't look all there, too." You got that right. When I wake up from this hellucination, Im gonna get myself a CAT scan. "Why do you wish to give her to me?"

"Well, since she had already been born, and lived a crummy life, so I thought I'd send her to you, and let her have a break from my universe, and maybe let her enjoy yours."

"I'm not sure, Jesus. The other time I reincarnated one of your souls turned out to be a bad egg. You remember Klogg, right?" Heh, no wonder Klogg was so evil.

"Well ... this one's different. I know Klogg was evil, he was a criminal in my universe. That's why I gave him to you, so he could get another chance to be good. But this one has been good while she was on my earth. It's just she had a crummy life since she's only half-finished. So, I thought I'd give her to you, so she can have a vacation from her old life."

"Oh, alright. But, this is the last time. Next time, I wont take it. I've already taken two of your souls, and I don't like the idea of reincarnation all that much. But, if this one turns out to be another bad egg, I'm going to be soooo angry!" Already taken two? What exactly do you mean by that!? I wanted to ask aloud, but it came out as a quiet thought in my head. Looks like I can only speak when I'm spoken to!

"Thanks, Quater. I'll see ya later!" As Jesus spoke, another blinding flash blinded me, and I didn't sense his presense anymore. Already I was getting very tired of being blinded every few minutes.

"Well, then, let's have a closer look at you," said Quater, then he materilized right in front of my face. Again, I got so spooked I kicked my feet and spun like a spintop in the void of outerspace. Quater wasn't what I had expected when he actually shown his face - if that was his face. All that did show of his self was just a brightly glowing silouette.

"Are ... you ... ?" I asked Quater. Right then, I was still a little dizzy from spinning like a maniac, in the void of space.

"I am Quater. Nice to meet you, Molly." he replied, as simple as that.

"This is weird. This has gotta be a dream. Neverhood is just a computer game some air head made up. This can't be real." Ever since my brother got himself the game, I've been hooked on it. True, I don't play it much myself, I just watch my brother when he plays it. But, do you really have to be a 24 - hour player to be a devoted fan?

"Well, enough wasting precious time; lets get back to business. I still don't like the idea of making souls for Hoborg, but I am stuck with you now." Quater said, as he moved a little closer. "Let's have a look into the matter, shall we?" He said, as he reached out his arm (I think that was his arm) and touched my forhead. Just then, it was like someone took a VCR, plugged it into my head, and played back my entire life in fast forward. Everything I had ever done in my entire life flashed before my eyes in a split second, and then it was suddenly over when Quater took his hand off of my head. Right then and there, I felt the true meaning of 'brainwashed'.

"I suppose I'll just use you to my advantage," Quater spoke again. "Well ... Hoborg did create a beautiful world and happy inhabitants. But, some of them don't have good sense to stay away from trouble ... I'll make that up by giving you more good sense, to help the others to keep away from trouble." He said, as he lifted his arm and a light blue ... light formed over his over-turned palm. "And wisdom and knowledge ... most of them need more wisdom ... well, Hoborg is a great intellect, but still, he doesn't have enough time to teach his own wisdom to his sons." After he said that, a light green swirl started swirling around the light blue ball of light. "Hmmm ... many unusual things happen there, which would need unusual attention ... a special blessing from me ought to help with that! Don't worry, you look like a person whom I can trust with this power." As he said that,a golden yellow swirled around the light cluster. Then, he tossed the light cluster quickly in my direction. Before I could react, the ball hit me in my chest, then melted all over my body. Man! Did it felt wierd! I got the worse case of the goose bumps in goose bumps history.

Then Quater interrupted again, "Well, third's time the charm. Lets see ... Hoborg just threw two of his life seeds, and you better get going before they get occupied by other souls of Hoborg. Goodbye, and take care!" I wanted to ask him what he ment by 'third's time the charm, but then, I got more of the crazy goose bumps again, then I started to fall down in space, and then I lost all feeling ...

Chapter 2
Happy Birfday!

"Man, that was NUTZ!" I heard this new voice stated, as I started to feel the presence of my body. And I wish i didn't (ouch!). It took me a moment to realize that I was laying down on solid ground, in somewhat a building. At the moment, it was hard to move anypart of my body, and i couldn't open my eyes. But, I couldn't remember anything about how I got there or what's going on.

"Are ... you ... alright, my child? That bolt of lightning looked like it hurt ... " this other deep voice said, as I opened my eyes to see two beings stand before me. There were something queer, about those two, and each of them. One in particular had a square torso, a square head, topped with a long crown; who had the deep voice.

"All ... right? Uh .... " I growned as I tried to stand up, and nearly stumbled back when I noticed the crater I was just lying in.

"WoW ... I never thought I could see anything like REAL lightning ... wow," the other being said. There were something odd about that being ... something about that being that made me want to smile. I took a good look at him, and at the same time, it seemed like he was smiling back at me. He had a slinder stature, an even more slinder head, hotdog-like brown lips, a ... stem ... thing sticking out of the very top of his head and splitting into two at the end, and, of course, legs and feet, arms and hands. But, deep, way down in the semiconscious recesses of my mind, i knew that this wasn't what a normal being should look like, but, then again, i didn't really remember what a being should look like. What ever they should look like, I like the looks of this one.

"Lightning ... what? What happened?" I asked the Crowned Being. Seeing the crown on the being's head, I guessed he was the one behind the whole peanut opperation. Somehow, he seemed so familiar ...

"Well, as I tossed your life seed and your brother's, your brother sprouted at an instant, but your seed just sat there. I figured you weren't ready, but then a bolt of lightning came in through the window (over there) and struct your seed. Then, you were born, and here we are now." Crowned Being said. Simple as that, I suppose ...

"... oh. Well, I ... huh?" I was cut off then when a peculiar sound came from my chest. It sounded like a scratching sound, and everyone in the room looked at me; Crowned Being, Slinder Head, and me. Before I started to panic, the scratching grew into harder, louder scratching, then thumping, then hard thumping, which made my chest bulge with each thump. "AACK !!! I'M ... I'M MUTATING !!" I shouted at the top my lungs. Well, wouldn't you do the same when an odd thumping came from your chest?

"Iiiii ... think something wants out ... well, my chest opens up to a nifty capartment ... can yours too?" Slinder Head said as he reached over a blue finger (it was a pretty shade of blue too ...) over to my chest. I looked down at the spot to where he was pointing, and saw three button-like things on my chest. I hadn't really thought about taking a look at myself : the buttons were set like a row across my chest, the middle one were a blue star, while the other two where just white round ones. When I bowed my head to take another look at them, I noticed that I, too, had one of those stem-things when it fell into my view, but mine was a lot longer, golden yellow, and twisted up like a cord. I would've wanted to look at myself some more, but there was still that annoying fact about that thumping coming from my chest.

Well, Slinder Head fixed that problem by pressing my star button. Instantly, a little door formed on my lower chest, flung open, and a bright, crimson blob with a curly tail flew out of the newly formed whole and hit Crowned Being in the face. After seeing all this, I did all that I could do: I screamed bloody murder, wailed around like an idiot, and lost my balance and fell to the floor. The Crowned Being also fell to the ground, while this blood-sucking blob was eating his face. I felt that that homicidal slimeball was my fault, and I regreted ever being created, since it came from my chest.

As Crowned Being lay there, the mutant mud puddle oozed off his face and started to form a shape on his chest. I didn't know what else to do but sit there and watch the thing form into what appears to be a sphere with a curly tail, big, cat-like ears, a triangular mouth, and two stubby, little spikes were I guess legs are supposed to go. Once I thought the thing was finished shape-shifting, it looked at Crowned Being's face. I think it looked at Crowned Being; it's rather hard to tell when the thing doesn't have any eyes.

Unexpectantly, the thing spoke, "oooowoooo, pytrie morki awry," then it turned and faced me. I think it said 'oh, pytrie much sorry,' but to what it actually said, we will never know. The thing may have actually cursed in its little Blobian language.

Then, the thing turned to me, smiled, and said, "mikiii !! rittikiiii moimoimoimoimoimoimoiiii !!" Now I have no idea what the thing said. Suddenly, the creature jumped in my direction. Dumbfounded, I didn't know what else to do or what to expect, so I caught the creature in my arms. Instead of eating my face, the thing just snuggled deeper into my arms, looked up at me, and started purring softly. Immediately, I mentaly scolded myself for ever thinking a sweet little creature like this would ever do any harm. "Sweet, little thing," I cooed softly into its ears, and it purred more loudly. Also, it seemed like no matter what happened, that critter always smiled, even at nothing in particular.

When I looked up, I noticed that Slinder Head and Crowned Being was watching me and the little critter cautiously, while Crowned Being got off the floor. I decided I should break the silence by bringing up somewhat a conversation.

"Ahem ... y'know, I don't think I ever caught your names." I asked, in Crowned Being's direction. Well, how else would you approch possible royalty?

Crowned Being took another weary look at the critter in my arms, then up to me and spoke,"Oh, yes my name is Hoborg, king of the Neverhood, and I created you and your brother to live happly here with me and your other brothers, cousins, and friends. You and your brother here can choose your own names, so you can have a name of your own that you think fits best. Come with me, you two, and I'll show you around the Neverhood." Just as he said that, he motioned for me and Slinder Head to follow. I glanced at Slinder Head, he looked at me, we both shrugged to each other and walked after Hoborg. Hoborg ... that name seemed so familiar to me, but yet, the name was completely new ... twilight zone!

As we followed Hoborg towards the exit, I took the time to look at myself. I also had a green chest, blue-ish shorts (or what ever you call that little section between my torso and my legs), bright red fingers, and a blue ring around each of my thumbs. I also had a strange set of feet. Well, my feet looked similar to Hoborgs; that "toe" feature. I had the same as his, but mine were bigger. I wanted to feel my face or get a reflective survace to see my face, but I didn't want to drop the critter I was carrying. I thought of putting the thing back into my chest-box, but it looked too big to fit back into the hole.

When we three reached the outside, I saw about a hundred other Beings running around and doing what i guess Beings do best (I guess I should call them hoodians or something for now on). Each and every one of these hoodians was different from each other: some had stems and some do not; three, two, one, or no buttons on the chest, and about a thousand other features unique in a thousand ways. But, my favorite hoodian to look at of the bunch is Slinder Head. He also had two brown buttons on his green chest, with a golden stripe starting at one button, reaching around his back, and ending at the other button; a bright red patch on each of his shoulders and around each of his elbows, and a red stripe around each of his feet. Of all his features, the part that intrigued me the most was his eyes. True, his eyes was just virtical slits, but bright blue slits. I could just gaze into those handsome blue eyes all day ... but no time for that. I had to meet all the friendly hoodians!

"Hey, everybody! Come and meet your new brothers," Hoborg announced. Almost instantly, most of the hoodians stopped what they were doing and came other to me and Slinder Head. I wanted to run away, but I also wanted to meet these strange and interesting new beings, so I ducked behind Hoborg. He said, "Hey there! Don't be afraid. They only want to meet you. They aren't all that bad." I saw that all the beings were smiling at me and at Slinder Head, so I stepped back from behind Hoborg. "oooooooooooooo," the little critter whimpered in my arms, so I gave it a its-going-to-be-all-right pat.

"What in Quater's universe is THAT!?"shouted one of the other beings as he pointed at the critter in my arms, when I stepped out of behind Hoborg.

"Uh, this?" I said as I looked at the critter in my arms. It looked up at me. "It's ... uh ... "

"Pytrie! pytrie pytrie pytrie pyyyyytriiiiie!!" the critter barked back in a rather cheerful voice at the hoodian. "Does that answer your question?" I asked him. From then on, I called the critter Pytrie. And its pronounced pea-tree, got that?

Then, another hoodian said to me, "Hiya! So, what's your name? Oop! I forgot. You're new. Silly me!"

"No, no! I do have a name ... I think ..." I answered back. Somehow, I had a feeling that I already had a name, but I just couldn't remember it.

"You do? Then, what is it?"

"Mikii !! Mikii mikii mikii !!" Pytrie started in. Mikii?

"Iiiii ... can't really remember ... think it started with an M ... ummm ... ma ... mamamamamaaa ... may may may ... muu muu ... mee mee...," I said as I continued to go down the whole scale of sounds that started with an M, to try to jog some memory. I was certain that my real name started with an M, but what exactly what it was, I couldn't remember.

"Why don't we call you something else for now?" The hoodian interupted.

"Mikiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!"

"I guess ... what name shall I have for now?"

"How about ... Mysha?"

"Yea, that sounds nice. I like that! Mysha, I am!" I said back, rather happily. I like the ring of that name, Mysha (pronounced me-sha, BTW). Everyone now calls me now Mysha, but Pytrie calls me Mikii, for some reason. Either she rather call me Mikii, or that's how she pronounce Mysha, I don't know.

Then, I remembered that I nearly forgot about Slinder Head, so I took a look around for him. He was at another group of hoodians, talking about something I couldn't really hear. Looks like he did a pretty good job at finding himself some friends. I wanted to join in on the group, but ... well, that would be interrupting, and I didn't want to do anything of the sort. So then, I just thought I could meet with him later, when he wasn't so busy.

Then, Pytrie started rubbing against my chest. I looked down at it, along with the other hoodians around me. Pytrie have stopped purring, but continued rubbing harder and harder against my chest.

"Mikii, Pytrie wanna oh ak inn," Pytrie said as it looked up at me. I think she wanted to go back into my chest-compartment, so I set her down on the floor and pressed my star button. As my little door opened, Pytrie jumped in. In mid air, she melted into a tubular shape, and slipped into the hole in my chest. So, that's how she could get back in there! I thought.

After that, a small group of hoodians showed me around the Neverhood. All the time, I had a bad case of deja vu. I knew I was never here before, but yet it all seemed familiar in a strange feeling ... as if i've seen all of this place before. Of course, I didn't tell anybody because I didn't want them to think that I was crazy, and I already thought I was crazy.

Chapter 3
Poor Unfourtunate Soul

Up to this point in time (which was only about an hour after I first appeared here), I've met many a hoodian, all of them very pleasant to be with. But that day, I've met the worse of them all.

As I was on my way towards the Mush Room all alone to pet the squisheep (many other hoodians want to call them fwasheep, but I perfer to call them squisheep, for my own reasons), I heard some tortured screaming of a familiar voice and too much of another's shouting. Instictivly, I ran towards the conflict; which was fortunatly in the direction of my destination.

"What's the matter, Wimp? Weasel got your tongue?" I heard as I entered the Mush Room, to go down to the lower level. I hope I don't squish any of those cute Squisheep!

"C'mon, Wimp! Show me your stuff!" One of the hoodians said, as I exited the Mush Room. Appearantly, neither of them noticed me yet. As I looked at the two figures there, I recognized Slinder Head. But, the other one I didn't recognize. His head, arms, and legs were all blue; two stems, red lips, and a white belt. I guess he didn't have a chest-compartment. Suddenly, he shoved Slinder Head to the ground. All Slinder Head could do was sit up, cover his eyes with his fists, and cried to break your heart. Couldn't blame him, really.

After seeing this, I was greatly revolted by this show of action, so I made my move. I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. I shouted towards the mean one, "Hey, BlueBerryBoy! Why don't you go pick on someone with your own level of intelligence? Like, a rock!"

"Who DARE call me that!?" Blue Boy yelled as he spun around to face me. When he spotted me, he took a good look at me, and an even longer look at my curly gold stem. "Who do you think you are, Corkskrew?"

Before, I thought I was mad. Now, I was furious. I swear, I must have been as red as little Pytrie herself. So, I shouted back at Blue Boy.

"Oh, is that your little game, huh? Picking on others who are different from you? Those who are 'not normal?' Well, then, what is 'normal' ? Well, you can't be normal, you're almost completely blue !! No one else is as blue as you, so you're not normal ! Oh, what about Hoborg? He's not normal, he has a box for a head !! And what about Willie? He has a ring for a stem !! He can't be normal !! And Klaymen !! He barely ever talks!! So then, there is no 'normal!' No one's 'normal!!' "

At this point, I was so mad, I was out of breath. At this point, Blue Boy was speechless. All he could do was stare at me in a slightly panicked way, then he ran off towards the Mush Room. Ha! Chicken!

I looked back over towards Slinder Head, which was trotting in my direction. Come to think of it, he was different than most other hoodians I've seen. Then again, he and I have many features that most other hoodians don't have.

"Hey there, Brother!! Thank you very much! I thought he would never go away! You're a lifesaver!" Slinder Head said to me as he walked up to me. After hearing his nice compliment, I just dusted off my shoulders and said, "It was nothin'. Say, have you gotten yourself a name yet?"

"Yea! Mee Deedo! What's yours?" Deedo said, as he flashed me one of his smiles.

"Why, I would be the famous Mysha, of corse!" I wanted to tell the tall tale of the time I wrestled a 30-foot Weasle, but then a scratching came from my chest.

"Hey, your thingie wants out!" Deedo said, so I opened my chest-compartment, before Pytrie got impatient. As my door opened, Pytrie oozed out, hit the floor, and formed into her little lovable self. Then she jumped into my arms and smiled at Deedo. I like to keep her in there, and so does she. When she is in my chest, she makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - literaly.

"Hey there, little guy," Deedo said as he leaned down to pat Pytrie on her head, and she purred. "Say, what did you name it? Bobby, was it?"

"She told me her name was Pytrie. And its a She." Well, I think it is a she.

"A she?" Deedo smiled, and gave Pytrie a what-a-good-little-girl scratch behind her ears. Purrr!

Chapter 4
Split Personality

Its only been about a few hours after my creation, and already I thought I met every single Hoodian there could be. But, my favorite hoodian is Deedo. We are almost unseperatable when we're together. There's also that rumor of a hoop-headed hoodian that could travel between dimensions, but to me, that sounds questionable. But anyways, today was a dark day and a very interesting day in one.

That afternoon, I was on my way to the lake, as planned. Deedo and I have separated to cover more grounds, then agreed to meet at the lakewall car to chat, if the lake was empty. But, as I was humming to my own thoughts, I heard a crowd of shouts and Deedo's Screams of Terror coming from the lake. Poor Deedo, it seems like everything happens to him! Fortunatly, I'm always available to save him.

I ran as fast as I could to the Three-Bolt Door. As I past it and walked out of the tunnel, I would never have expected to see Deedo at the very top of the wall at the far right. I tried to step on the bridge, but it was in stair mode. I nearly fell to my death!

I looked down to the very big crowd of hoodians at the foot of the wall that was holding Deedo captive. "Hey! Would one of you guys be so kind as to change the steps back to bridge mode?" I shouted down to the crowd. I wasn't sure if they heard me, but one of them did turn to face me.

"Do you mind? We're trying to coax Deedo down! Can't you bark at us some other time?" The person yelled back up to me.

"Well, for your big, fat information, I'm here to help, too! I'm Mysha, in case you haven't heard! Are you saying I can't help my brother, who needs me?"

"Oh, you're Mysha? Deedo has been shouting nothing but your name!"

"Well, if he wanted me so badly, why didn't any of you guys came to get me?"

"Well ... we ... None of us knew who you were, and we did send some one out to find you ... its just he hadn't come back yet."

"Just let me down, Poindexter."

"All right! All right!" Shouted the little hoodian as he ran up the stairs. He trotted into the control room, then the stairs went back up to bridge mode. But, as I stepped onto the first stone, the bridge suddenly went back to stair mode, causing me to loose my balance and fall to the squishy mud below.

As I realized I had stopped falling and was all coverd in mud with a mouth full of it, the sarcastic hoodian came back down the stairs. "Are you satisfied, now?" he said. I wanted to smack him, but then a very hard thumping came from my chest. Then a very mean idea popped into my head.

"Do you like surprises?" I asked the sarcastic hoodian, which had been staring at my chest with wide eyes. Pytrie's thumping was getting so hard, each thump thrusted me forward a bit. I guess it was a little difficult not to notice.

"Uh, surprises for me, yes ... ," He answered. >;)=

Then, I aimed my front to the unsuspecting hoodian, and pressed my star button. With such great force, Pytrie flew out and hit him in the face. He fell down, sceaming all the way. But, it appeared that Pytrie wasn't too happy at all. Actually, I think she's mad.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHH !!! YA AKE MIKII MORKI AINEEE !!! OOOOOOHH !!!" Pytrie yelled in the hoodian's face. I think she said, 'you make mysha much angry.' Yup, she's angry! But, how did she know that I was angry? Now, Pytrie started to jump up and down on his chest, until the hoodian couldn't take it anymore. He got up and ran back to the crowd. Egad! I forgot all about Deedo! I picked up Pytrie, hugged her, and whispered in her ear,"Good Pytrie!" At first she flinched when i hugged her (i guess she didn't want to get muddy), but immediatly she started purring again. I wiped as much mud of me while holding Pytrie and walking towards the crowd.

"Make way! Here comes the Mystical, Marvolus Mysha!" I shouted towards the crowd. They looked at me, then parted in a path towards the wall. Then I saw Hoborg yelling back up towards Deedo.

"Ahh, Mysha! There you are! Deedo just wont listen to anyone but you. Would you please try to calm him while I think of a way to get him down?" Hoborg said as he turned to face me. He didn't have any real facial features other than a box-like hole, but I could tell he was frustrated.

"Uh, sure. I'll do my best," I said as he stepped aside. I looked up and down the wall. It didn't look like there any way possible as to how he could get up there, but he was up there, and that was all that mattered right now. "Hey, Deedo! Are you still breathing up there?"

"AAAACK!! MYSHA, MYSHA GET ME DOW-OOW-OWWNN!!" Deedo screamed back, with out moving an inch. I bet he could see the utter blackness from over that edge. And I bet he didn't want to.

"Deedo! Deedo, listen to me. Panicking doesn't solve anything. Just settle down," I said, as tried to see his face. From my point of view, all I could see is Deedo's blue fingures tightly grasping the inner edge of the wall. At that moment, I was totaly clueless as how to get up there. So, I set Pytrie on the ground and started to think really hard. To help me think, I put a hand on the wall and leaned on it.

Man, Deedo really got himself in a pickle now. How in Quater's universe did he get up there? How in Quater's universe do I save him? Well, Hoborg said he's on it, but it doesn't look like he has an idea. I guess it's all up to me. Well, I think I should go up there and calm him down, he must be shaking like a leaf. How am I going to do that? Suckercups! I could put suckercups on my hands and knees and climb up the wall! Where am I going to ... What the heck!?

I thought as I tried to lift my hand off the wall, but it was stuck. I yanked on it, and it came off with a loud POP. I looked at my palm, and a strange ball of light was in it. I then realized that that was my suckercups. Those light balls were also on my other palm and knees. I looked at the astounished crowd, then turned and faced the wall and, well, started to climb up it with the suckerballs. It was weird; it was like crawling, but up a wall!

When I reached the top, I slowly peeked other the edge, and saw Deedo laying on his tummy, grasping the edges of the wall for his life. When he noticed me, he spoke: "Mysha ... "

"Hiya Deedo! Nice weather, isn't it?" I said as i climbed over the edge. Man, you should have seen the look on his face! He looked as if he saw a fifty-foot Weasle.

Suddenly, he got up and jumped on me, clinging on me with both arms and legs. I wasn't expecting this sort of response, so I nearly lost my balance and fell over the side. The crowd below started screaming, but then quieted down as I found my balance again. With Deedo clinging to me, I made my way down the wall, but slowly because it was more difficult with a squirming Deedo on my chest. Well, do you think you can do better?

As I set foot on the lake floor, the crowd instantly applauded and cheered loudly. Immidiatly, Deedo lept off, fell to the floor on all knees, and kissed the ground. When he realized what he was doing, he began spitting the icky mud out of his mouth as he got up. I couldn't help but giggle myself.

Then, as I picked up Pytrie, most of the other hoodians started to crowd around me, all of them talking to me all at once. "Hey! - Can I do that? - Can you teach me to do that? - I wanna climb walls too! - Were did you get those?" was all I could get out of all that jibber-jabber, amongst lots of others. Magicaly, the crowd parted to allow Hoborg to walk up to me. He spoke, "Mysha? How did you ... how did you climb up the walls? The rest of us can't do that."

"Well ... I don't know any more than you do," I said back to Hoborg, as Pytrie started rubbing against my chest. So, I opened my chest-compartment and let her gloop back inside.

With the suspense over, the crowd started to move over to the stairs, so I went out to seek Deedo. But, he found me first. "Don't you think you should start to cut down on the trouble? It's bad for your health, ya know," I said to him, as we both climbed the stairs after the crowd. As we reached the top of the stairs, Deedo motioned me to the side.

"Really, Mysha, how did you get up to me?" Deedo asked.

"Truly, Deedo, I don't know! It just kinda happened."


"Yup," I said as I looked at the stairs, wich was already back to bridge mode and most of the other hoodians have already crossed. "C'mon, Deedo! Let's head over to the Great Plains for some mulberries, shall we?"

When Deedo and I was about half-way across the bridge, I heard a sound back behind me, so I looked. I saw Blue Boy leaning against the Cannon with his arms crossed in front of his chest and a sour face. He must have been the culprit behind the crime, so I made a face at him. First his face grew really angry, then he turned away. How dare he keep tormenting my favorite hoodian!

When I turned around to catch up to Deedo, I caught him making a face at Blue Boy too. Well, I think he is better at making faces than I am. When he noticed that I was looking at him, he immidiatly stopped and swang his arms behind his back and flashed an innocent look at me. When I walked up to him and motioned to keep walking, I said to him, "Was he the one who got you up there?"

"Yea. His name is Malloon - and I don't want to talk about anything that relates to him right now or ever," Deedo said. And I don't plan to talk about him, either. When I stepped up beside Deedo, he put his arm around my shoulders and smiled at me. So, I put my arm around him. Two peas in a pod, that's what we are! I thought to myself.

As we stepped out of the tunnel and headed over to the Explosives Shack, I heard a strange sound coming from the lake. Deedo and I turned to look, and it was only the cannon rising to its highest position. I couldn't see the driver, but I didn't really care. The only thing I want to worry about is whether or not Deedo and I can get to the Mulberrie Bush. I turned back around and kept walking, but Deedo still stared at the cannon, with a shocked face. What is he worried about?

"Die, you old fool!" A voice from the cannon suddenly shouted out. It sounded rather familiar. Then a loud squack sounded through the air ...

"GAACK !!! DUUUUUCKK !!!" Deedo shouted as he jumped to the side, and covered his head with his arms.

"WhoWhatWhere Duck!?" I said as I looked around frightendly. When I looked behind me, I saw a cannonball hurling towards me, and I finally saw who was at the cannon controls. It was Maloon. From here, everything seemed like slowmo. The cannonball was coming ever so slowly, and I could barely move an inch. I couldn't do anything but let the cannonball hit me.

Immidiately, my life flashed before my eyes. A whole different life, completely different than the one that I was living now, but one that I had lived before. I could remember being born to parents ... being a girl ... wearing clothing ... going to school ... the noodle incident ... everything that happened in this previous life.

The next thing I knew, I was flying through the air and then slamming hard unto the ground. When my head finally stopped spinning, I couldn't move without feeling great pain everywhere, and I was breathing hard. But the only parts that didn't hurt (or could be felt at all) was everything below my waist. A wave of fear swept over me ...

Unexpectedly, Deedo fell to his knees beside me and slowly picked up my hand. I turned to face him, and I saw his mouth was hanging open and his lips was quivering, and his eyes was sad and filling with tears. I sat up a little (which, I might add, was NOT easy with all the pain), and looked down to my waist, and nearly heaved over. Instead of seeing my legs and feet, I only saw ground. Lying a few feet away was my missing half. If I'm not mistaken, the cannonball sliced through me instead of just knocking me down. I was sure glad then that I was not able to see the insides of each half of me.

When I was finally able to look around (I was still lying down, you see. To sit up, you sit on your butt, but I didn't have a butt to sit on.), I noticed everyone else was inching towards and standing over Deedo and me.

Suddenly, everyone's attention was directed towards the Three-Bolt Door as its bolts was unlocked. After, Maloon appeared from the cave, just staring at me. His eyes was wide, his mouth was dropped open, and his arms was just hanging to his sides. He was the one who tried to kill me, and he wasn't expecting to actually achieve that goal?

He took a couple steps toward me, and when snapped out of his gaze, he noticed that everyone was staring at him, he put his hands on his hips and chuckled an evil and slightly nervous laugh out loud.

When he was finished laughing like a homocidal maniac, he spoke, "THAT should teach you a lesson for messing around with MY plans!"

When I looked up at Deedo, he was already standing over me, with a very angry look. He had his hands at his sides, clunched tightly into fists. Suddenly, he lunged at Maloon while screaming at him (Deedo had called Maloon a bad name, and I'm not going to tell YOU what it was!). Deedo knocked Maloon down with one swing of his fist. Maloon, however, grabbed and yanked Deedo's foot, making him fall on top of Maloon. Deedo just kept punching on Maloon. Meanwhile, about six other hoodians was trying to pry Deedo and Maloon away from each other. It took about three hoodians each to separate the quarreling couple and to hold them apart.

Suddenly, a great surge of pain swept over me, and that time I couldn't keep quiet. I yelped so loud, it attracted the attention of every body around. It even grabbed the attention of Maloon and Deedo. Deedo immediately wiggled free and ran to my side. He slipped a shakey hand under my head and spoke to me, "Mysha ... Mysha, don't leave me!"

"Molly ..." I whispered back. Then, it was getting too hard for me to breathe. I couldn't even move anymore. Well, my arms kinda twitch every few seconds, but mostly I was limp as a cooked noodle.

"Come again?"

"My ... name ... is ... Molly"


"I ... ow!" I yelped again, as a quick pain zipped up and down my spine, then I couldn't see any more. Everything just went black, and I didn't feel any more pain. Then, I thought I finally died ...

Suddenly, a great helping of pain pulsed from my head and surged down my body, all the way down to my feet. As quickly as the pain came, I realized that I was feeling my behind, legs, and feet again.

I opened my eyes and looked up to a hundred astounded and shocked faces looking down at me. Quickly, they all started to scoot away. I lifted my head to look at Deedo, which was still by my side, but now he was resting on top of my chest, arms crossed, and face buried in them, sobbing quietly. So, I lifted my left arm and tapped on his shoulders. He stopped crying, and lifted his head to look at me.

"Mysha ... er, Molly?" He asked me in a shakey voice while he wiped a tear from his eye.

"Hey! In the Klay!" I said back to him as I sat back up. Immediatly, Deedo wrapped his arms around me and gave me the tightest hug I ever had in my life. So, I gave him a hug back.

"Ohhh ... I thought you were a goner!" Deedo wimpered to me, in my ear. I couldn't help but shed a tear, too.

"Well, me too!" I said back, as I patted Deedo on his back. Then, I took a look at my legs. Well, they did grow back, but there were something strange about them. Otherwise, they look the very same to the other pair I had, but they were darker shades than before. Every square inch that grew back was a few tones darker. But, when I glanced over to my old pair of legs, I gasped.

When Deedo looked behind him at the legs, he shreeked and jumped to his feet. "Your old legs grew back a new half!!" He shouted as he pointed a blue, shaking finger at the thing. Apparently, my old legs grew back its own upper half. Its upper half is almost perfectly identical to mine, but every inch that grew back was, too, a few tones darker than before. The twin being was still laying down, eyes closed. So, I got up and walked over to the being. When I knelt down to its face, it opened its eyes, and gazed up to mine.

After a brief moment of wide-eyed staring, the identical being screamed and jumped to its feet. I, too, screamed and stumbled back a step. While we were staring at each other, Deedo said, "You two look very much the same." Upon that remark, I took an extra glance at the identical twin, and it seemed like the twin took an extra glance at me. Up to now, I never got a chance to see what my face actually looks like, and now I got a chance to meet my reflection in person. I took a step closer, and the twin took a step closer to me, at the very same time.

The twin had that same slinder head feature as did Deedo - I guess I do, too - and hot dog-like lips. But, my lips were a slightly lighter shade of brown than Deedo's. Also, I did have eyeslits, but of light blue.

"So, THAT'S what my face looks like," I said. "So, THAT'S what my face looks like," the being said, at the very same time as I did, which spooked me. She had a voice which was exactly the same as mine. I gasped and took a step backward, and so did she - at the very same time.

Then, a few thoughts popped into my head : Dang ... could this mean she can read my thoughts? Wait - if she did, then I can read hers' ... and ... it would take a couple of seconds for her to read them and react ... could we share the same brain? No ... she grew a new one ... um ...

With enough thinking, I took a look a round. Every body else was surounding us in a large circle, with me, the twin, and Deedo. Deedo, too, was keeping his distance. Of everyone, Maloon had the most surprised face. When I looked at him, I just smiled at him and made a teaser face. Maloon just looked at me, raised his arms to his head in frustration, and ran away screaming. I say he deserved this anyway.

Then, I took a step closer to the twin, and so did she. "Wow. My very own twin ... this is gonna be cool!" I spoke. It was a surprise that she didn't say the same thing at the same time. I guess she doesn't have the exactly the same brain, after all.

"Twin? What do you mean, 'twin'? You're the twin, I'm the original!" The identical copy of myself said back. Of all the nerve!

"Wha! I'm the one with the original brain! You had to grow back one!"

"No, no, no! You grew back the brain!"

"Alright! If YOU'RE the original Mysha, then why don't you prove it?"

"Okay, then, I will!" Copycat said as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. She thought a moment, then spoke again, "I can remember the noodle incident from sixth grade."

"Oh, you can, can you? Well, then discribe it to me!" I said as I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

"Oh, sure! If you're the original Mysha, then describe the noodle incident to me!"

"HA! You just want me to tell you 'cause you don't know!" I said, as I pointed a finger at her face.

"HA! You're not telling me 'cause you don't know!" Copycat said, as she pointed a finger at me.

"AAARRGH!! WILL YOU BOTH JUST SHUT UP!?" Deedo shouted as he put his hands up to his ears. Immediatly, both Copycat and I stopped and looked at Deedo, and so did everyone else. "Can't we just figure out who is who with out all this bickering!?"

I just looked at Copycat, she looked at me, and then we both just crossed our arms over our chests and gave each other an angry glance. I bet she still is thinking that she is the original Mysha.

I took a look at her chest buttons, took a thought, and then spoke to her, "Say, Mee-shaa, if your're the original, then what is the shape of your blue chest button?"

"Wha! Are you BLIND!? My blue chest button is a st- ... uh ...," she said, then stared at her buttons with confusion. Instead of a dark blue star on her chest, she has a dark blue heart.

"See? That's your proof that you're the twin and I'm the original Mysha!" I said with a smug attitude. She just flashed me an angry look. Glad that was over!

"Um ... Mysha?" A familiar deep voice said to me from Deedo's direction. Both me and Copycat turned to look. Hoborg was standing next to Deedo, with a puzzled look on his face. How long had he been standing there?

"Mysha, and ... um ... Mysha, are you two okay?" Hoborg asked, as he took a step closer to us. About a handfull of other hoodians, including Deedo, followed behind.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But, this lunkhead thinks he's the real Mysha!" "Yeah, I'm fine. But, this lunkhead thinks he's the real Mysha!"

"Ah, well ... we can't call you both Mysha, so ... one of you need a new name, don't you think?"

"Yeah, well, I guess so ... but it's been proven that I'm the original, so he has to pick a new name!" I said. True, now I know that Copycat and I was a female in the past and still thinks of ourselves as one, but no one else knows that, do they? I think it's best that no one else knows about the past life of mine.

"How about something similar to 'Mysha'? How about ... um, Kysha?" Deedo said, as he stepped to Hoborg's side.

"Kysha? Hmm ... yeah, I like that! Kysha, it is!" Copycat said, with a smile. After she said that, a faint scratching noise came from both our chests.

"EGAD! I forgot all about Pytrie!" both Kysha and me exclaimed at the same time, then we hit our chest button. When our chest-compartments opened up, at first nothing came out. But, slowly, a crimson blob with a curly tail oozed out of my chest compartment and spilled unto the floor. Once the blob was finished dripping out of my chest, I closed it. Well, so far, Pytrie doesn't look any different than before. Once Pytrie was finished forming into her usual shape, she looked up at Kysha, then up to me, and then jumped into my arms. I looked down at her, and noticed the one thing that was different about her. She had a little blue star on her tummy.

Finally, a crimson blob with a curly tail oozed out of Kysha's chest, and when it was finished, Kysha closed her chest-compartment and watched the critter. It, too, jumped into Kysha's arms when it was finished forming into shape. It wasn't any different than Pytrie except that it had a blue heart on its tummy instead of a blue star. Both critters looked at each other.

"Well, then, I guess we'll need to rename you, too," both Kysha and me spoke at the same time to the Pytrie duplicate in Kysha's arms.

"Nytrie no ike hiss, Kikii," the critter said, while looking up at Kysha. Kysha and I just looked at each other and smiled. Well, no difficulty in understanding there!

"As I was going to ask you before," Hoborg broke in, while walking up to us, "Would you two like me to show you to your room?"

"My room? Sure! Where is it?"
"My room? Sure! Where is it?"

"Your room is in the Great Plains. Would you two please follow me?"

"Is it really? Deedo and I was going there anyways!"
"Is it really? Deedo and I was going there anyways!"

"Good! Follow me," Hoborg said as he motioned us to follow and walked towards the Explosives Shack. Instantly, everybody that was standing around us in awe zeroed in on Kysha and me and started to ask all sorts of questions about us, while stroking Pytrie and Nytrie, and touching Kysha's arms and my legs. Both Kysha and I tried our best to answer questions, keep a hold on the critters, and keep up after hoborg. When we finally reached the bridge, the group lightened up a little bit, and Deedo stepped up between us and put an arm around each of us.

"Y'know, I think I'm gonna like this!" Deedo said. We all just smiled, and the critters just purred.


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