A Chip Off The Lifeseed
Story by Loophead, D25M11Y2o00

Hoborg looked at the lifeseed. It was a very special lifeseed. Ottoborg had shone a weak beam of his light on it. Now when Hoborg used the lifeseed the 'hoodian that came out would be made by both him and Ottoborg. He put the seed on the arm of his chair and started to think about what he would like the 'hoodian to be. Usually if he thought hard enough he would be able to choose some of its personalities.

While he was deep in thought Slash ran into the throne room. He ran up to Hoborg and at full speed tried to say to Hoborg "WilliethinksitsKlaymensbirthdaytomorrowand (Gasp) wewantyoutotellusifitistrue (Gasp) andifittrueisdoyouwanttocometohisparty (Puff Puff Puff)."

Although Slash said it with practically no spaces Hoborg still understood what he said. Slash who was totally puffed out knelt down and placed his arms on the arm of Hoborg's chair. He didn't see the lifeseed Hoborg had placed there and he punctured it with his hook.

"Oh no is it wrecked? Did I break it? I'm so sorry Hoborg. Will it still work?"

Hoborg looked at the lifeseed. Slash had chipped just a little bit off. "It'll be fine. Don't worry."

He started to back out of the room. Hoborg didn't often get in a bad mood but he didn't want to hang around to see what it was like.

"Um you can tell later if it Klaymen's birthday" and he ran out of the door.

Actually, Hoborg was not angry. He was quite pleased that it had happened. It was going to make the new 'hoodian unique.

A Few Days Later

Klaymen's birthday had passed and everyone was acting normal again. Slash was sitting under the mulberry bush. A 'hoodian approached him. That was strange in a way. All 'hoodians know how strong he is and most of them stay away so they don't annoy him and get a fist in the face. But this one was different. She must have been a new one. He had never seen her before.

She sat down next to him. Now this was really strange. He noticed how she only had 3 fingers on her left hand. He pointed and asked her "Why do you only have 3 fingers?"

She smiled, "Oh that, my lifeseed was chipped, it's Ok. You don't really need all your fingers anyway."

Slash decided to be really nice to her. After all, it was all his fault. "So, um what's your name?"

"Oh, it is Loophead, and yours?"

"I'm Slash."

They became really good friends.

Hoborg made Loophead a little room under the Hall of Records and the life in the Neverhood went on....

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