My Dream Come True
Story by Ani, D23M1oY1999

If you've read my origin story then you probably know that me like racing..... as a matter of fact, ME LOVE RACING!!!!!! Especially POD RACING!! Oh.. you don't know what a Pod Racer is? [Ani looks shocked] How could anyone not know what a Pod Racer is!! Well in case you don't know it's the racing thingy they used in Star Wars Episode 1......... and they are SO COOL!!! It has always been my life long dream [never mind the fact that my life hasn't been that long] to race a Pod Racer... and yesterday me finally figured out how to make one that works! So me gonna tell you the story....... whether you want to hear it or not. :) Come on.... it's not THAT long of a story..... you can suffer through it.

For a very LONG time Ani had been trying in vain to build a Pod Racer that me could race....... oh sure, connecting the riding car to those two big engines wasn't hard, but me could never get those two engines to work! Engines very stubborn :( Ani no like stubborn engines :( Anyway, after a whole day of trying me was covered in yucky oil like stuff and my Pod Racer was STILL not moving!! Me think Engines no like Ani..... or maybe it the fact that me not mechanicly inclined. Ani decided to take break from stubborn Pod Racer Engines and visit some of my friends.

Ani meet up with Sokkia first and...... well.. while me am VERY grateful that she was there to give me moral back-up support, not even both of us were any match against the problem of getting the engine started......... that is, until me come up with very bright idea! Me take the toy car Willie gave me on my birthday and whatever it is that made THAT go, me use it on the engine.

[smiles really big] Guess what........ IT WORKED!!!! So now me got my very own Pod Racer to race forever and ever and ever...............

Now see........ that wasn't THAT long of a story :)

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