A Young Race Car Driver
Story by Ani, D21M1oY1999

Willie Trombone completed jumping on his bed for the 1,000th time when he landed upside down against his wall. He was admiring the interesting view when Doodles came in.

"You ok?" Doodles asked.

"Sure, why not?" Willie replied.

"Oh.. no reason", Doodles replied, "it's just that I heard continuous pounding for 2 whole hours and then a REALLY big thud."

Willie smiled. "That me jumping on really bouncy bed!"

"Oh...... ok, call me if anything interesting happens", Doodles said, "and knowing you it will probably be 2 minutes at the most."

After Doodles left Willie stood upright [yup, he was upside down the whole time]. He was sitting on his bed thinking about what to do next when Bil popped his head in and said "Me Bil", which Willie translated to "Have you seen my blue teddy?"

"Willie no see Bil's teddy, sorry" Willie said. "Me Bil", Bil said sadly.

"But Willie help Bil look", Willie said cheerfully.

Bil was very happy now; he picked Willie up and both of them headed off to look for Bil's teddy.

After 3 hours of searching Willie noticed that Bil's teddy had been in his little window the whole time! Bil was embarressed but also very happy, then he noticed that the blue teddy's arm was stained, poor teddy!

"Willie help", Willie said.

He pulled out a cloth and carefully wiped the stain away. Then he hugged and soothed the little blue teddy before handing it back to Bil. Bil smiled and said a grateful "Me Bil."

When Willie got back he told Doodles all about what had happened.

"Wow, you'd probably be really good with little kids if you helped a teddy bear that much", Doodles said.

"Yeah... me guess I would", Willie said.

All of a sudden Willie smiled really big and got excited as if an idea had occured to him. Willie rushed from Doodles room up to his room.

"What's the rush?" Doodles asked when he reached Willie's room.

"Me just had a great idea", Willie said, "Willie gonna create a little boy."

"Huh?!" Doodles asked shocked.

Willie repeated his last sentence.

"But... how?" Doodles asked.

"Willie just use lots and lots of love", Willie replied.

"I think you're going to need a little bit more than just that", Doodles said.

"No..... that'll do", Willie said.

By now Doodles was really confused and what happened next didn't help. Willie got a hopeful look on his face and then the next thing he knew he was holding a little race car shaped yellow thing.

Willie smiled. "It worked! Me just hoped that it would work and it worked!"

Doodles just stared with amazement at the thing!

Willie set it down on the ground and it popped into a little Hoop Head who looked [and acted] no older than a little boy...... THAT'S ME!!


After me was born Doodles had to go..... but hear what happened afterwards.

Me looked around my new surroundings. Willie was smiling really big.

"Um hi", me said, "where me at?"

Willie replied, "You in my room, me Willie and me your daddy."

Me was very surprised. Willie smiled even bigger and hugged me. "Me like my new little boy and me gonna call you Ani", he said.

Me smiled...... it's always nice to know your dad likes you.

"Wow...... me get a hug for my birthday present", me said.

Willie looked at the ground. "It look like you get more... look."

Ani looked at the floor and there was a middle sized race car on the floor. "Ohhh.. me love racing", me said.

"Willie could have guessed that, since your little seed thingy was shaped like a race car", he said. He picked the race car up and handed it to me. "Here we go..... for my little racer", Willie said, smiling EVEN BIGGER than before. Now that's what me call fatherly pride!

"Now the last thing you need is little bed", Willie said, pulling out a little cot from under his bed, he even put my initial on it just like his!

Me tried out my new bed right away... and with the help of Willie's little bed time story was soon fast asleep sucking my thumb. :)

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