Kling's adventure #1
Story by Alex

The Beginning

Hoborg took another lifeseed. He went to the Nursery, where he threw the lifeseed on the ground. It went plink (or did it?) and a new Hoodian was "born".

"Hello, my dear child. Welcome to your new home. Explore it, and find yourself a home." Hoborg said.

"Otay" said the newborn, not yet self-aware.

"And your name?" Hoborg asked in his DEEP voice.

Still dazed, the new-born said: "Kling?"

"Good, Kling. Now, find yourself a home in this land." Said Hoborg.

After a few minutes.

Kling was walking around, admiring Hoborg's land and beings.

"Wow, I have never seen such beauty! Of course I have been existing for only 5 minutes till now."

He wandered into the bridge control room and decided to live there! "Ooooo... this .. This... THIS IS... hm, what is this?"

Well, he liked it anyway.

Adventure no.1

A few days later, Kling became familiar with the Hood. He really admired "Manies".

He once told him: " Klenn, why don't ya try to make a multi boom?"

"What is that?"

"Emmmmm.. I'm not sure. It sounds nice, tho."

"You mean like more bombs at the same time?"

"Emmm. Yeah, but one after the other. Like this: BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!"

"Good idea! But, how do we make it go like that?"

"No idea. Let s think that over."

"Fine with me."

The next day..

When Kling visited "Manies", he was very busy. He said: "Hi Kling! Look, we can make that multi-bomb with fuses of different length!"

"Yeah, but, these fuses are ALL the same."

"I gave that a brain-storm, too. Im gonna use several fuses to make the long ones."

"And the explosive without fuses?"

"Bait. For the Weasels. So they come from the right direction."

"Okay. Now, we need to tell Ho-dad that we're making a firework. A MULTI-FIREWORK! Let's go."

On the way to the palace, they met Maloon (Now, when I meet that guy I know there's gonna be trouble. I KNOW). Since bad-ol Maloon was looking for someone to bother, he started ummm.. Saying stuff.

"Ehi, whatcha doing? Ya gonna make fireworks? I'll help!" He said, grabbing the multi-bomb from Klenn's hands. "lemme see. I'll just fuse this, and the-"


There was a Boom sound that went through all the Hood, a blast that sent Klenn and Kling hanging on the branches of the Big tree. But there was NO sign of Maloon. "-explode at the same time."

"Emm.. Manies. where did Maloon go?"

"The blast must have sent him straight up!" Predicted Klenn.

"Wow! The first not-want-to-flying-blue-Neverhoodian!"

"Let's wait and see when he falls down."


Half an hour later, Kling said: "Manies, go get a bunch of mulberries. We may need to stay here for a LONG time."

"Sure. Next time, you go."


The next week.


"Lookie, Klenn, there's a thing heading this way."

"Maybe it's Maloon!"

"Yessir! At high speed! I bet it's gonna hurt when he's gonna -"



Leaving Maloon in da hole in da ground, they told Hoborg about this incident and went to The Exposives Shack to make another multi-bomb.

End for now!

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