Story by Doo

Chapter 1: The finding of Klidey and the jump off the 'Hood

Kleemon and his best pal Ter, 5th son of Hoborg, sat under the Big Tree and had their dinner - a few mulberries they had brought along. Kleemon took an especially ripe looking one and wiped it clean on his shirt. Then he looked smilingly at it, watching it's newfound sparkle. He opened his mouth and threw his meal in. He swallowed.

"Nice day today, isn't it?" Ter started to break the silence.

"Yeah." Kleemon took another mulberry and threw it into the air.

"Dad was pretty good today at Hide and Seek. He found everyone in an instant! Well, he didn't find Kluno. He's actually still missing... hm."

Kleemon looked up, not really listening to Ter. SHOULDN'T that mulberry be back to the ground by now?

"Are you listening anyways?" Ter asked his friend, who still stared upwards, into the air.

"Huh? Yeah." Kleemon looked up and down the Big Tree, thoughtfully.

Ter scratched his head. "You sure? What's it? Klee?"

"Hm? Yeah." For another second the three-stemmed Hoodian waited for his mulberry coming back, then he shrugged and took a new one. He turned to Ter. "Must have been some anti-gravity phenomenium. Guess my meal got wings or something."

He opened his mouth to bite into his next fruit... and bit into air. He looked at his hand questioningly.

"Heeeeey....." Turning to Ter again Kleemon asked: "Say... any idea if today's the Day of the Vanishing Mulberry?"

Ter stared a bit confused at his friend. "Um, no... what's the Day of the Vanishing Mulberry?"

Looking around a bit more suspiciously Kleemon mumbled: "Seemingly a diet day... where'd that thing GO...?"

Then he looked up again. All he saw was a small flying KlayBird... with a mulberry in its beak!

Kleemon jumped upright. "Hey there! You! Gottcha! Drop that mulberry and wings into the air, listen?"

Ter looked up, too. "Wow! A flying little KlayBird! Never seen one of those before..."

"It kidnapped my dinner! Come 'ere, small thief, you! Give up, I have... I have... I have HANDS!"

Pointing at the small beige bird Kleemon kept on babbling and jumping. But the little animal was quite good at flying - it stayed on one spot right in the air, flapping its wings, but when Kleemon tried to reach it it avoided his grip elegantly. A real GOOD flyer it was!

Kleemon gave up and stared at the bird thoughtfully.

"We have lots of other berries. Why are you behind that small fella now?" Ter pointed out.

Kleemon put his finger to his lips while thinking hard. "Call it pride. I LOVED that mulberry! Like my own bro! And... hm... that bird is... interesting..."

After another quiet second Kleemon started to climb up the Big Tree. The bird followed the Hoodians moves with its head, still flying on the same spot. Reaching one big branch of the tree Klee carefully stood up and balanced into the bird's direction.

Ter stood up, too, backing a few steps from the tree to look at his friend. "Um, Klee, be careful! You might fall down, you know."

The branch wasn't that good to walk on, becoming thinner at its end, so Klee got on his knees again and crouched on. "I'll gettcha, birdie... come 'ere, pootpoot! Let that berry go in peace, yeah?"

The branch made some small crunchy sounds. Ter looked up nervously, backing some more steps. "Um, Klee? That branch's gonna..."

"Not now, Ter. I almost... AH!"

The branch broke. Kleemon wasn't quite in the mood to fall down and hurt himself, so he grabbed quickly after the next thing he saw. Which happened to be the bird.

The small KlayBird gave a surprised "Awk!" away as Kleemon got a hold of its feet. Ter, watching from the ground, closed his eyes with his hands. But the supposed "OUCH" from Kleemon didn't come. Instead there was a loud *flap* sound as the bird suddenly became about three times bigger than its original size, and its feet clawed into Kleemon's shoulders as they both glided down reeeeeeeaaaaally slowly.

Reaching the ground Kleemon let off the bird, making it normal-sized again. It sat on his shoulder. The Hoodian blinked and eyed at the bird. Then he beamed. "WOW!! That was FUN!"

Ter opened his eyes carefully and gazed. "Whoa... that's a Glidey Bird! I read about them in the Hall!"

Kleemon blinked. "Cool! Glidey, eh?" He stared at the little guy on his shoulder that still held the berry in its beak.

"Yeah... wonder where that came from..." Ter was quite a bit older than Kleemon, and much more careful, too. Kleemon loved it to do adventurous things, jumping off high places and sliding down hills in ridiculous speeds. Ter was more the type who asked twice before trying something new. That bird gave him the creeps. A bit.

"Who cares? Bet it has a mommy somewhere around here."

The bird awked quietly, then threw the mulberry into the air and caught it with its beak again, swallowing."

Kleemon blinked and tried to reach after his meal, but he was too late. "Hey! Now that was..." He thought for a second, then grabbed the bird's beak and shook it. "Spit that berry out, it was mine!"

He tried to open the bird's mouth with both of his hands, but it just awked quietly from somewhere in its throat, as if it was chuckling about the Hoodian.

Ter watched fascinatedly. "Hey, notice something? The bird doesn't try to flee from you... hm."

Klee let off the bird and looked at it. Before falling to the ground it opened its wings and flew back on Kleemon's shoulder.

"Seems like Glideys hang to the person who hang to them." Ter stated.

The other Hoodian beamed. "Nifty! I'll call him Klidey then! Always wanted a pet. If only he wouldn't eat MY meals..." He stared playfully-annoyed at the bird. It looked back at him and awked quietly.

After a while of watching each other Kleemon shrugged, which made the bird on his shoulder almost loose its balance. "Well, I'll show him who's the boss around here." He grinned. Until the bird snapped one of his stems and started to chew on it.

The next day...

Ter stood on the bridge to the Explosives Shack and looked WAY up. Putting his hands around his mouth he shouted: "Klee, what are you doing on Willie's house??"

Kleemon, up from his high place, waved down at his friend. "Enjoying the fresh air, what do YOU think?"

He stepped a bit closer to the rim of the roof and looked down smilingly. "Okay, watch this, Ter!"

He jumped.

Ter just wanted to yell a "Are you NUTS??", when he noticed that Klidey was with his crazy pal. It flew right above him as he fell towards the waterless LakeGround.

Kleemon had his arms and legs stretched out and smiled while falling, then gave Ter a happy Thumb Up. At about the height of the bridge, where the other Hoodian stood and chewed nervously on his fingers, Klee lifted his arms and got a hold of Klidey's legs. The bird was exactly in the right position, it just seemed to have WAITED for Kleemon doing this. Feeling the weight of the Hoodian, it transformed into a bizarre glider again, slowing down the fall rapidly. Both bird and its new owner reached the ground in front of the bridge smoothly and nice. Klidey sat on Kleemon's shoulder again.

Ter ran after his friend, stopping right in front of him. "You ARE nuts, aren't you?" He asked. Well, more stated. He was actually used to Kleemon's little adventures, so he wasn't really WORRIED about him.

"Cool, huh? That bird is worth a thousand FwaSheep!" Kleemon burst out excitedly.

"Yeah, well, I guess you wouldn't have jumped down there with a thousand FwaSheep." Ter looked up at Willie's house and frowned slighly.

"Only if the FwaSheep would have jumped first." Klee gave back, still grinning.

Ter just scratched his head.

As he didn't say anything Kleemon started the conversation again. "You know, I have thought about my life a bit."

Ter looked at him. "You want to stop your crazy little adventures and play a bit more goof-ball?" He guessed hopefully.

Kleemon smiled and shook his head. "Nope. Not quite. Klidey and me belong together. You can't imagine how much fun gliding is!"

His friend looked doubtfully. "What's that to do with your life, Klee?"

The three-stemmer patted his new pet on the head. "Well, I'd like to jump off some higher places. It's just too cool!"

Now Ter was confused. "Higher? But Willie's house is the highest place around! Together with the CatHead Mountain."

Kleemon grinned, kind of weirdly in Ter's eyes. But Kleemon often grinned like that. "Noooooo, there's ONE place higher."

His friend looked puzzled. "Yes? Where?"

Putting his arm around Ter's shoulder Kleemon lead him through the Explosives Shack, past the Secret Fountain and the Mulberry Bush, to the red WallCar, which went all the way around the outer wall of the Neverhood. There he stopped and put his hands to his hips, smilingly.

Ter looked around. "Here? But all that's here is that car and a few rocks and..." He looked down, into endless space, slowly getting an idea... "Oh no. You wouldn't REALLY do that, would you, Klee?"

Walking back to the Mulberry Bush with his fellow Hoodian Kleemon explained: "Why not? I FEEL that's my destiny! Come on, this place is boring, face it! I'd like to glide... through infinity, and meet all those other worlds the Hall keeps writing about! I bet that's a LOT of fun!"

Ter shook his head as he watched Kleemon opening his chest-drawer by pulling on his button, and starting to pick some mulberries from the tree and putting them into his compartment. "You are NOT serious, are you? You'd never really DO that."

Kleemon closed his drawer and rubbed his hands. "I'll bettcha." He mumbled, grinning.

Ter followed him again to the WallCar. "So, when would you start that craziness, huh?"

Klee patted Klidey on the head again. "Right now."

Then, before Ter really got the words, his pal jumped off. A second later Klidey spread out his wings and clawed himself into Kleemon's shoulders. Smiling enthusiastically the Hoodian turned around, looked up at Ter and waved bye-bye. Then he gave him another Thumb Up.

Ter stared for a startled second after him, then shouted: "So... does that mean I don't have to expect you back for dinner?"

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