Kleebo's Story
Story by Kleebo, D22M11Y2o00

One fine day in the Neverhood, Ottoborg returned from a long journey.... of course Doodles was so happy because he hasn't even met his dad. So Doodles ran to Ottoborg and gave him a biiiig hug. Ottoborg smiled and held an announcement.... every hoodian went next to the nursery were Ottoborg and Hoborg stood in front of a huge crowd.

Ottoborg spoke and said, "Many of you might be wondering why I left, well I left to get more klay, but now I see you have much klay oh well.... but today is also the day when all of you recieve a new brother!"

The crowd all said at the same time "ooooooooh", then Ottoborg said, "With the help of Hoborg we will create a brother that not only makes hoodians happy and laugh, but also makes kloggians laugh as well...."

Hoborg looked at Ottoborg, then to the crowd and shrugged, "Well ok, let's get to it then", and he took out a life seed from his crown and threw it on the floor. Ottoborg used this huge beam with alotta colorful hearts and happy faces.

Inbetween the crowd "oooohed" and "aaaaaaahed", then a "splort" sound was heard and there he was.... a sorta stem/hoop head stood there. He had a hoop hat that was brown, he looked alot like Klaymen, he had three stripes running down his chest. The outer ones were red and the inner one was blue. He had three buttons on his chest, they were brown, and his shorts that reached to his knees were brown too! He had red boots with three lines on 'em. Oh, and his skin was off-white just like Klaymen's, and his fingies were brown as well.....

Anyhoo, Klaymen went in front of the crowd and said, "Hi, I'm Klaymen, what's your name?"

Then the new hoodian just stared at Klaymen for a while and said, "Um.... my name?...... uh... kle...... klee..... Kleebo! Yeah Kleebo!"

Klaymen smiled and said "cool", Hoborg and Ottoborg said "hello" and explained to him the rules of the Neverhood and Kleebo agreed and met other hoodians... On the way Kleebo made everyone laugh and made everyone happy because of his goofy antics.

Then he came up to Thawly and said "hello". Thawly looked up and saw that Kleebo put his head in his arm socket and his arm in his head socket. Thawly laughed and then Kleebo got to know Thawly as a really cool friend.

But one day Klogg and Siege cornered Thawly.... Kleebo (not too far away) was walking down a path, when suddenly he heard "niiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!"

Kleebo knew who this was and ran to where Klogg and Siege were.

"Kleebo, run, save yourself!!!" said Thawly.

"Noooooooo!", Kleebo kicked Klogg in the back and Klogg fell flat on his face.

Thawly ran, "Thankee kleebo!", then Kleebo tried to run, too, but Siege grabbed him with his sharp blue claws which made Kleebo run in mid air. Then Kleebo fell on the floor and Siege made a little snicker of a laugh but stopped when he heard Klogg yell, "KLEEBOOOOO!!!!!"

Kleebo gulped and Klogg stomped to Kleebo. Klogg picked him up with great strength and Klogg took out a knife and was about to stab Kleebo in the chest, when all of a sudden "Phhhtbthht (farting noise)".

Klogg smelled the air and let go of Kleebo with an "eeeeeew", Klogg said. Then Siege fell to the floor laughing, and Kleebo made a run for it.

Klogg grabbed Siege by the eyebrow and dragged him to their hideout.

"Phew, that was a close one!" Kleebo returned to the castle and reported what had happened to him and everyone cheered and laughed because he told them how he got away by farting.... so you see Kleebo can make Kloggians laugh....

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