A Brother for Willie
Story by KlayDoe, D29M1oY1999

Willie walked slowly as he thought to himself, "Me just tell news to Hoborg nice n' calmly like." He took one deep breath and walked into the throne room.

"Ooooh Hoborg", Willie called in a kind of teasing voice.

Hoborg was sitting in his big klay chair with his arms crossed. "Yes Willie?"

Willie just looked at Hoborg with a huge cheeky grin on his face.

"Well what, Willie?" Hoborg was getting impatient, he was also very sleepy and had spent of the night before fixing the lake wall car.

"Well" Willie started. "Me being thinking and...."

"..and what!!" Hoborg was starting to get angry (Hoborg's never really like this, he was just tired and grumpy today).

"Willie being thinking and he want brother." It all came out at once, "DoodLeS has being helping me with the drawing, and this is what I want my brother to look like." Willie handed Hoborg a klay paper, the drawing was real good, it was a hoop-head with a red vest, three blue chest buttons and blue boots. He also had a brown wooden walking stick.

"What's the name of this brother of yours Wil?"


As Wil left, Hoborg started to think, (NOT bad things!) this was a REAL big problem. Because Willie wasn't his son, he couldn't make this being a real brother, unless.......

Yes, he could!!!!

All he had to do was take a pinch of klay from Willie, and the yet to come KlayDoe would be an as true bro as any..................

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Willie shouted at the top of his voice, there was no way anyone was going to get any of his skin.

"Come'n Willie, this is the only way KlayDoe will be a real bro."

"Ohooo, oky-day", Willie shrugged, "It won't hurt me, will it?"

Hoborg sighed, "Not too much."

Wil strolled around the 'hood, "When Hoborg took the klay it didn't hurt a bit, and now that he's finished the life seed I can go play Klay marbles."

Willie found his younger friends DoodLeS, Klenn and Adolyn having a full scale mulberry war at the mulberry bush.

"Hey Wil, heads" At that very moment a rotten mulberry hit Willie square in the face. Juice and guck was all over Willie.

"STOOP!!" Wil shouted at the top of his voice, "That was not funny!"

Adolyn, the culprit, boldly stood forward. "S-sorry Wil."

Willie snarled at him, then broke into laughter. "That's oky-day, anyways you guys have been playing berry wars all day, want to play marbles by the cannon monument?"

There was a small sigh of approval. "Okay come on............."

"Here we are", proclaimed DoodLeS.

"Hey Wil, you got the marbles...?"

"Oh-no!! I left them back at the throne room. I'll quickly like go back an' grab 'em", shouted Willie in a deep worried voice.........

Willie opened the creaking door to the throne room. It looked brighter than when Klogg had reign over the NeverhoOd. Suddenly something caught his eye. The half open bag of marbles.

As he came closer to the bag, he realised that some were scattered on the floor around it.

What he didn't know was that on the floor with the scattered marbles was the life-seed of KlayDoe Hoborg had been working on. The hoop-head bent over and scooped all the marbles, including the life seed, into the bag......

Wil ran up the stairs leading from the dry lake bed.

"I got the marbles", the hoop-head panted.

Klenn broke into a big grin, "At least we can start now, heh."

They all seated themselves on the Klay ground and got on with the game.

......When it was Willie's turn he reached into the bag and pulled out the small life seed. He layed down on the ground, closed one eye and squinted the other. The hoop-head gave a powerful flick, the life seed became air born! It harshly bounced against the cannon, then plummeted into the lake bed.

"Ooops", Willie gulped.

"Don't worry, Wil dude", exclaimed Adolyn, "I'll go down with you to get it."

Adolyn and Willie carefully made their way down the brown klay steps.

When they got to the bottom they found something that shocked them and made them forget all about the supposed marble........... A new friendly hoop-head!!!!

Willie automatically realised who it was....... "Brother KlayDoe!"

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