Story by Kelly, D29Mo7Y1999

I decided it was about time I left home and started to pack.

"Leaving so soon, honey?" Dad asked.

"Yes. My work is done here, I have to go somewhere else."

Suddenly we saw light, we looked up.

"Me Togor"

"Me Appie"

"Don't worry. I'll tell Bil to write postcards." I said.

"So, ya going to Neverhood?" Dad said.

"Well, it sounds like a nice place from what I heard."

"My girl's growing up." A tear trickled dad's cheek.

"You're not leaving."

I turned around to see my little sis hugging my underwear.

And that was that. Dad made a rocket. And I went. Moving at a good pace.

After a very long time, I landed. You'll never believe the first person I met. Willie!!!

"Willie, 3rd son of Ottoborg! I've missed you. Are you okay?" I said.

"Willie okay. Willie missed sister."

We hugged. And then, Doodles pops up.

"Uh Willie, is that your girlfriend, or something?" Doodles says.

"No.This sister Kelly."

"Hi. Want me to show you around?" Doodles says.

"Kelly live Willie's room!" Willie says.

"Me Bil"

"Hey Bil! Togor and Appie want you to write!!" I say.

"Me Bil!!"

Pretty soon Doodles showed me around. I met tons of friends.

Now I live with Willie. Got a job as a docter. I'll tell the rest later.

The End

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