Doo want dadday!
Story by DoodLeS


I walked through the Hall of Records, trying to improve my drawing style as I copied the images on the Walls again. I had started with Arven this time decided to work through the other sons now until I'd reach the exit.

I just had finished Homen, and I was quite pleased with my drawing. While walking happily to the next picture, I put my 'Homen' pic with the others into my chest-compartment and took a new paper out.


I looked at the picture of Ottoborg. THIS time, I KNEW it, I would draw him right! For some reason, I always messed HIM up. I started to draw, smiling full of enthusiasm. The body-shape... arms and legs.... head-shape..... the chest-spikes........ while drawing my smile slowly vanished. I looked at the Wall-picture again.

Eyes... mouth..... the crown...... I continued drawing, but only half-hearted now. When I came to Ottoborg's hoop, I stopped completely.

I put pencil and paper away and came a few steps closer to the Wall, focusing the picture. I stood for a while and didn't move, staring thoughtfully.

I sat there, near my favorite tree on a stone, and looked depressed at the ground. Next to me stood my friend Tramen, silently watching me. After a while he suddenly asked: "What IS it, Doo? Since you were in the Hall of Records an hour ago you're so... different! You look like Thull, sitting there! And your hoop droops!"

I still just stared at the ground when I answered: "I miss my dad, Tramen."

"Hoborg? Well, just visit him, Doo! He's right in the Throne Room!"

I didn't even blink, I only sighed sadly. "My OTHER dad, Tramen. Ottoborg. I've only seen him once, on that day of my... 'birth'... and he just saw me in human form there... And when I woke up again, as what I am now, he was gone... He has never heard my voice! I hadn't even been able to say 'thank you' to him... He surely wouldn't even KNOW me when he'd see me..."

I looked desperately up at Toast. "Tramen! He never really SAW me, and I mean... I'm his SON, everyone can SEE that! Aww... I MISS him!!!"

I started to cry. I really couldn't help it - he had given me lots of my looks, and I... I don't even know HIS voice! Quater had just brought him here on that one special day, where Ottoborg shortly looked around, and then I had to go to the Hall of Records. Then I had seen him again at my recreation... and then never again. And at that point I hadn't even been aware that he'd be my dad from that moment on...

I howled like a whole wolf family when Tramen bowed down, looking worriedly at me. "You never told me about that! Ottoborg never saw you this way?"

I slowly shook my head and kept staring at my own feet.

"I didn't know you miss him that much! He left the Neverhood right after he helped create you?"

I slighly nodded while answering: "Yes... I think so... he wasn't there anymore when I woke up. And I hadn't noticed myself that I miss him... up to today, when I read about him again in the Hall - he's my DAD, and he doesn't even KNOW me really! And I don't know HIM either! And I'll never meet him again now!"

I continued with crying.

For another minute Tramen watched me thoughtfully, but then left, leaving me all to myself. I didn't really mind - I just could think of my dad I had never seen in my klayen life.

About half an hour later, my friend Tramen came back to me, and with him was Ho-dad. I looked up at them and waited for them saying anything. Toast smiled a bit, and Ho-dad... well, he somehow seemed to smile, too.

"Doodles?" he began in his deep, pleasant tones.

I wiped some tears out of my eyes and answered unsurely: "Y...yes?"

Putting his hand on Toast's shoulder Hoborg continued: "Tramen here told me how you miss your other father... well, I'm sorry for you that you never met him again, but he only came here by Quater's powers, and so he couldn't stay too long in our world. And I'm really sorry that I can't help you there, but at least I can try to cheer you up a bit. Come with us to the Big Tree, will you? I think I've got a little surprise for you and your hoop-head brothers. Willie, Noremen and Shoddy are waiting there yet, you're the only one missing now."

I'd have rather stayed where I was, thinking about my second dad, but I didn't want to make my brothers wait, and so I slowly followed Hoborg and Tramen to the Big Tree, not raising my eyes from the ground.

When we reached it Willie and Noremen greeted me good-mooded: "Hi, Doo!"

Shoddy just stood there.

With a sigh I greeted back: "Hi Wil. Hi Nore. Hi Shod." And went over to them.

Ho-dad, who stood opposite to us, asked jolly: "Well then, are you ready?"

I still didn't look up when Willie and Noremen both nodded and answered excitedly: "Ye-ees!"

After a second I noticed that they all were waiting for my answer. I nodded slowly, too, while releasing another sigh.

Hoborg seemed to be satisfied with this. "Good", he replied. "Quater? Would you please..."

The same moment Ho-dad said that, a portal opened next to him. It didn't look a thing like my dimension portal - it was just an oval bright gleaming passage of light, and a figure stepped through it. It stepped in front of Hoborg, put its hands to its hips and grinned. The light of the portal made my eyes hurt, and so I put my hands in front of them.

"Nice to see ya again, brotha, but I shouldn't stay t'long - my two robots and Ed surely'll miss deir..."

Both Willie and Noremen left their place beside me and ran to the newcomer, exclaiming just one happy word: "DAD!!!"

I abruptly took my hands down from my eyes. 'Dad'?

Really - the figure standing there, just a few yards away from me, was Ottoborg! I just stood there, with open mouth and wide eyes - Dad!... I folded my hands in front of my chest and silently watched my two brothers greeting Otto-dad...

"Hello, Willie-son!" he said happily, with a more high-pitched, jester-like voice, "Good to see ya once again. I'm glad yer still in good hands!"

Ottoborg turned to his other son. "And NOREMEN! I thought I'd have lost ya forever after Appie accidently kicked ya from our li'l world! I TOLD ya you shouldn't sleep dat near to de rim!"

He hugged both of them.

Then Ottoborg turned to me. "And..." he thoughtfully looked at me. I just stared unsurely back at him, and didn't dare to move.

Then he started to grin again. "I remember ya! You were dat being from another dimensia, right?"

I nodded, slighly smiling. He remembered me!

Otto-dad came closer. Man... I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach! Mebbe I should open my chest-compartment and release them...

"Nice to see ya upright - de last time I saw ya you were sleepin' so deep... what's yer name, pal?"

I looked at the ground and grinned... daaaad! I looked up again, at my daddy who now stood right in front of me - I never had seen him that close to me!

"Doodles..." I answered, a bit timid.

Ottoborg put his finger to his lips. "Hm... cuty-sweet name - *I* could have thoughta dat!"

I widened my eyes and smile a bit. "You like it?" Oh happiness!

He looked down at me, still grinning that grin I had seen on him before - shortly before my recreation. For some reason, back then I had found this smile a bit scary, but now it was the warmest thing I could imagine.

"Sure-I-do! Now - don't ya wanna hug yer dad, huh?"

Now my grin widened to maximum - he just said he's my dad! And he wants me to HUG him!!!

Taking care of his chestspikes, which were MUCH pointier than my backspikes, I gave him my best hug. Some Hoodians who had gathered around us, watching our live-soap-opera, started to applaud and cheer.

Then Ottoborg let off me and looked up at my younger hoop-head brother. "And you are Shoddy, right? Ya've always been a bit quiet."

Otto-dad hugged him too. Shoddy just stared.

I watched dad talking a bit more to Shoddy, still grinning widely. I didn't even dare to blink - it would mean I'd have to stop looking at Ottoborg for a moment. Tramen and Gnimen left the little crowd of Hoodians around and walked up behind me, standing to my left and right.

"Well Doo? Happy now?" Toast smiled as he saw my expression.

I folded my hands. "Daaaaaaad...!" Turning my head to Tramen, but still focusing on Otto-dad I asked excitedly: "How... did you DO that? Where.... HOW....?"

Tra's smile widened. "Hoborg asked Quater! I don't know HOW dad did it, but he says Ottoborg can stay for two days before he has to go back. See, Doodledoo? Two WHOLE days for you to get to know your dad!"

Gnimen, who looked at Ottoborg talking to Shoddy, Willie and Noremen, stated: "Wow, your dad sure is nice, Doo."

I nodded happily.

Tramen gently shoved me into my Otto-dad's direction. "Now go, Doo! I bet you can't WAIT to talk to him!"

I turned to Toast and Gni, smiled and nodded, then went over to my dad to complete our little hoop-head family. Ottoborg turned to me. "Well, son, how's yer mood today? Ya've gotten through yer Spiking yet, I see, huh?" He smiled.

I put my hand to my back and touched my spikes, nodding grinningly. "Yeah, heh!"

"Yer've become a handsome little chap." He put his hand on my shoulder and patted me proudly. I looked down flattered.

"Dese are yer friends?" Ottoborg, still with his hand on my shoulder, looked at Tra and Gnimen a few yards away.

I turned around to them. "Yeah! My BESTEST!" I waved.

They waved back and came a bit closer. "Hi, Uncle Ottoborg! I'm Tramen, but my friends call me Toast! Neat to meetcha!" Tramen said, holding out his hand. Ottoborg took it and greeted back: "Ditto, pal!"

"I'm Gnimen." said Gni, when it was his turn to greet.

"Okky!" Ottoborg nodded and smiled.


We all turned around. Big Robot Bil's head emerged from near the Cat Head Mountain - he apparently had felt his creator's presence. The Hoodians around stepped out of Bil's way as he climbed over the wall that parted the Cat Head Mountain and the Whale's Mouth plain from the Square, and got on his hands and knees in front of Ottoborg to see him better.

"Hey-dee-duh, Bil - good to see ya in one piece!" Otto-dad greeted his robot.

A bit later, after about half an hour of happy greeting and talking, the other Hoodians had left Willie, Noremen, Shoddy and me alone with our dad, so we could enjoy our time together to its best.

It was great! We just walked through the 'Hood, showing Otto-dadday the whole place, and I could listen to some stories of Willie's and Noremen's past. I myself didn't have to tell much, so I just enjoyed being together with my hoop-head family part and listened closely to their stories.

We drove *all together* in the LakeWall Car, and I showed dadday my room, up in Willie's house. We played games and he taught us some new funny songs, with simple, easy-to-remember and altogether happy texts and melodies. I hadn't felt so worryfree and great for a long time! I felt SO that THIS was my family.

"So, whaddareya biggest wishes, boys?" Otto-dad asked us spontanely as we just passed the Apple Tree.

"Spoonstake!" Willie burst out, grinning happily.

"I'd like to have a mulberry marmalade sandwich, please", said Noremen, licking his lips.

Shoddy stared and kept walking next to us.

Ottoborg looked at me. "What's yerer biggest wish, Doo?"

I stopped and looked thoughtfully at my dad. He and the others stopped too and looked curiously back at me.

"I....." I started unsurely, still in thoughts. "I.... to be... to be a real Hoodian?" I finally answered timidly and shrugged.

My brothers and dad still smiled at me.

After a short while Ottoborg patted me on the shoulder and replied grinningly: "Don'tya be such a grump, son! Yer as real as my crown here." He pointed at the blue object on his head.

We walked on, into the direction of the red WallCar. I hesitated for a moment, thinking about Otto-dad's words, then shrugged and followed my brothers. Yeah... why did I say that? Man, I'm *finally* together with my second KlayDad, and all I can think of is "I wanna be a real Hoodian"?? That sounded like Pinocchio's story... I shook my head about myself. Dad was right... for a hoop-head I was REALLY too serious-minded. Well, Maloon had called me a "fakey" a lot, I guess THAT had made me say that.

When I had closed up to my bros I asked, back to my good mood: "Whadda we doin' now, dad?"

Otto-dad smiled. "Same as always - havin' fun! How 'bout just sitting near de rim and looking for dings flying by? Dere's a lot of stuff to look at in de big black space."

"And if we see some Victoid floating by, we spit on its head!" Noremen shouted out grinningly. His left metal arm made funny noises as he waved it about.

"Spitting is fun, heh!" Willie added.

"Yep, 'tis as fun as Cannon shooting!" Noremen replied.

"As fun as flower eating!" Willie went on, grinning at Nore.

"As fun as FwaSheep chasing!" Nore grinned back.

"As fun as Pebble Throw!"

"As fun as Robot Riding!"

Willie stopped. "No!! Robot Riding MORE fun!"

Noremen stopped too and blinked at his older bro. "More fun than what?"

Wil grinned on. "More fun than spitting!"

Nore beamed happily. "More fun than Cannon shooting!"

"More fun than flower eating!"

The cyborg thought for a second, then beamed again. "You win!"

Willie stood straight proudly. "Me win!" He blinked. "Me win what?"

Noremen cocked his head. "Hm." He lifted his left cyborg-arm, the hatch in his palm opened and a little red flower popped out. "Here's your prize!" He held it into Willie's direction.

Willie looked at it, then clapped his hands and took the plant. "FLOWER EATING!" He shoved it into his mouth.

"More fun than FwaSheep chasing!" Noremen grinned.

Wil swallowed and thought. "Now you win!"

"I did! Hooray!" Noremen hugged Willie.

Otto-dad watched them both, smiling.

I chuckled and nudged Shoddy with my elbow in his side. "Heh, kids. Eh, Shod?"


We all stopped as a figure jumped from around the corner right in front of us. Maloon.... my mood dropped quite a few levels. "Ew..."

Otto-dad stretched out his hand enthusiastically. "Hey dere, blueboy! Nice to meet ya!"

Nore and Willie still were in their hugging positions and blinked at Mal. Shoddy stared.

Maloon shoved Ottoborg's hand away with a disgusted expression on his face. "I'm not your blueboy, and I won't touch a hand with an eye in it!" Then he grinned and looked at me. I backed.

"Um.... nice day for it, yes?" I gulped. Maloon always picked on the smallest in a group....

"Yeeees...." He pushed himself through between my dad and my bros and positioned in front of me. I didn't like those bored tones of him...

"Say, has your *dad* met ED yet?"

He thought for a moment, then chuckled dangerously. "Sheeze, doesn't THAT have a ring to it, huh??"

Didn't feel like laughing.... "N-no."

Maloon seemed disappointed. "Awwww, he hasn't? He really OUGHT to get to know him...!" He glanced at Ottoborg.

Dad scratched his head questioningly. "Ed? Isn't he waiting on our chunk'a'land?"

I backed another step, then ran over to my dadday, hiding behind him. With dad's chestspikes at the front and my backspikes behind we should be save.... Aiiii.....

Maloon walked up to Ottoborg and tried to look at me, squinting alternately past dad's right and left side. I followed his movements and shivered.

"Man, Doo!" Mal continued, grinning wider than before. "Wouldn't that be a pi-teeeeeeey if you'd turn RIGHT NOW into ED? What would your *dadday* saaaaaay......?"

I held on closer to my dad.... oh no, if that'd really happen..... what WOULD dad say......

Suddenly Noremen losened from Willie and pointed wide-eyed at Maloon. "Oh no.... you're HIM!!!!"

Everyone looked at Noremen - except for me. I was too busy with my dark thoughts...

"What the...?" Maloon's brows shot up in confusion. Then everyones' glance fell on Nore's little wrist-device - the red light flashed hectically.

"Ooooooooh man....." Mal groaned. Dad and Willie, and of course Shoddy, just stared and waited what would happen next. When Noremen had a pass-out level 2, shaking him would bring it all back to order.... but instead, Maloon snorted and pushed Nore with both hands, right into Willie. "GOON! Wrecked machine! Malfunctioning.... THING!" he snorted again.

The light on Noremen's wrist went out...

For a while the cyborg just stood there, with a look on his face like under shock, and little sparks came from his metal-hoop and wrist-device... then he SCREAMED, bumped into Maloon and started running aimlessly around in the plain, once or twice hitting the Apple Tree with a *thud*. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! THEY'RE COMING!!!! THOSE MINDSUCKING HATS! THEY WANT ME BRAAAAAAAIIIIIINNNNN!!!! GET THE PHASERS! GET ALL YOU HAVE AND FLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

Dad, Willie and Maloon just stared after him. When Noremen passed Mal, the two-stemmed Hoodian boredly lifted one hand and slapped it Nore right in the face. The cyborg became quiet.

He rubbed his head with his left arm, producing an icky metallic sound. The light on his wrist glowed peacefully. "Aw.... thankes." Noremen said dazed.

For another short while Maloon stared sourly at the hoop-head, then spat out: "DON'T mention."

He turned around and looked at still shivering me. Then he grinned, and left. "Well, guess you goons have LOTS of stuff to talk about, so I better leave you now. Seeee yaaaaaaaa."

He giggled madly as he ran through the door of the Explosives Shack.

Ottoborg looked after him, hands to his hips. After a few more moments he commented: "Strange youngster."

Then he turned around to me and cocked his head. "Everyding a'right, son?"

I couldn't stop shivering. What if.... if I'd REALLY..... he.... dad would HATE me..... he.....

"Whassup wid yer eyes, Doo?"

I breathed in shocked and backed a bit. "M-my.... my..... what's with my eyes??"

Otto-dad came a bit closer and blinked. "Dey seema bit weird to me."

I quickly stumbled backwards until I reached the wall. "W-weird?!"


My bros, even Shoddy, looked blankly at me. I groaned and sagged to the ground. "Aaaaack....."

And I felt my mind switching to evil.....

"Where's..... where's dad...?" I mumbled.

Tramen came up to me from some dark corner and shook his head sadly. "You have been sleeping for three days, Doo. He had to go back."

"W-what?? But.... but...."

"And after what ED did, he SURELY doesn't want to see you again..."

I sat up and opened my eyes abruptly. "DAD!"

Tramen turned around to me and smiled. "Oh. Great! You're awake again! Do you feel okay?" He cocked his head worriedly.

I blinked, looked at Toast, then around in the Radio Room. It has been a dream...

I stood up from my sleeping place on the floor in front of the Radio, and held my head. "Tra... where's dad?"


I nodded. So at least THAT hadn't been a dream.

"He's with Hoborg in the Throne Room. I think he's waiting for you." Toast gave me an enthusiastical smile.

I breathed out relieved. Otto-dad wasn't gone yet! But...



"What.... did ED do *this* time?"

"You can't remember?"

I still held my head. It just felt all empty. "Noooo....."

Tra walked over to me and patted me on the shoulder. "Don't worry. He did nothing but eating the Apple Tree and putting a few scratches into some walls. Nothing that can't be repaired." He gave me a wink and held up his screwdriver.

I sighed. "Oh.... good. How long have I been sleeping?" I looked outside - it was night.

Tramen's smile vanished a bit. "One and a half days. It's about midnight now."

I stared, then whimpered quietly. "That.... I only have about nine hours left until dad has to go back??"

Tra didn't answer to this at first, but then he said: "Well, what are you waiting for then? Go and see him!" After seeing my timid expression he added: "Come on, he'll surely be happy to see you back to normal."

I was afraid to see dad again. What would he say? He surely wasn't happy about that... but, if I WOULDN'T go to him now, I'd be unhappy for the rest of my life...

I used the porter from Tra's home right into the Palace, then drove down to the hall with the elevator. I stopped at the entrance of the Throne Room - the door was open, and my two Klay dads were talking about something in there. They were alone - Willie and Noremen surely slept (actually, I had seen Nore standing in the Palace hall, so I KNEW he slept), and Shoddy.... wherever he was right now. I hid behind the door-frame and watched my dads for a while, not having the guts to enter. But it seems that Otto-dad noticed me.

He turned and looked right into my direction, grinning like always. "Don'tya wanna join us, son?"

I winced, then gulped and timidly entered the big, echoy and dark room. I stopped in front of my daddays and looked at the ground, just waiting for whatever will happen now.

"Ya've been sleeping long, pal." Otto-dad smiled. It was an honest smile.

I carefully looked up. "Yes... a bit TOO long..."

Ottoborg patted my shoulder. "Aw, not'ing can be more refreshing dan a nice long nap. How are ya?"

I looked alternately at my both dads. "Um... fine... I guess. Only..."

Ho-dad interrupted me with his quiet deep voice. "We both know how you feel now, Doodles. Don't worry. We still have some hours left, and I think we can arrange it that once inna year, Ottoborg can visit us."

I stared hopefully. Otto-dad nodded grinningly.

While I was still in thoughts, Ottoborg picked some object from the Throne and pressed it into my hands. "Here, son - somet'ing to make yer life a bit more happy!"

I questioningly looked at the box in my hands. It was mainly orange, with a string attached to the small loop on top of it. It had two black.... screen-things on two of its sides, and a hatch and a red button on the other sides. When I carefully turned it upside-down I could see that the bottom was blue, and my name was artistically written in orange Klay on it, together with a red ornament. I still didn't have a clue though WHAT it was.

Ottoborg smiled. "Press de button."

I looked at my dad, then at the strange box again, turning it back into the right position. I pressed the button.

The hatch on the other side opened and a blue crank sprang out. I was surprised. "A music box?"

Otto-dad nodded. "Go on - try it out!"

I hesitated. "It... doesn't call Weasels or something, does it?" The melody could be as nice as it wanted to be, but if it'd call one of those nasty crabs I'd never dare to try it out.

But Ottoborg shook his head. "Nope. It's a box 'specially for ya, pal. Just try it out."

So I shrugged, put the string of the box around my neck and held the crank with my left hand. My eyes fell on the black screen again - now that it was activated it showed alternately a "D" and... a portrait of me! Both images glowed in a weird green. I stared at it for a while, fascinated from the color and the flicker of the images, then started to turn the crank.

After a few turns the image on the screen vanished, and a text glowed instead. A text, interrupted by a countdown after every line, starting with eight. The same time the melody played. I read:

Eight - You listen melody
Seven - as it plays
Six - and watch the spirals
caught in the music maze
Four - just keep on playing
Three - then tune goes deep
Two - it's almost finished
Doo happy, evil sleep

After that, the melody stopped. I smiled a bit about the text, but noticed that the tune still hummed in my head, and it really made me feel much better, somehow.

I remembered the screen on the other side of the box, and turned it around. Holding the crank in my right hand I let the music play again. The melody didn't change - it was still simple and nice, but on this side of the box there was no text, but beautifully colored spirals danced behind the black glass. I couldn't stop staring at it. What a neat toy!

After the melody was finished again, I pressed the button on the box and the crank vanished behind the hatch, turning it off. I hugged my both daddays, wordlessly.

"Let yer tall pal play it if yer li'l prob should happen again - de box surely can be a big help dere." Ottoborg told me afterwards. I looked at the box around my neck again, remembering the last line. It would send ED to sleep, and when ED slept, I turned back... I felt even more happy inside.

"This is really MY own music box??" I asked excitedly.

"Yer name's on it, right?" Otto-dad smiled.

I just grinned back and held the box close to me.

Ho-dad, who had watched silently for quite a while now, began to speak. "Oh! You want to see something interesting, Doodles?"

I nodded. "Sure!"

I watched curiously as Hoborg took his crown off and pulled three pieces of KlayPaper out. The interesting thing about those papers was: They were colored. Colored drawings. I had never seen multicolored KlayDrawings before.

After Ho-dad had put his crown on again, producing a funny little jingle, he gave the drawings to me. I looked at them closely. On two of them was a bit of writing I couldn't understand - one showed a picture of a figure that looked almost like Willie, just had red boots, a dif body-shape and blue eyes. On the other one was a figure that looked a bit like Klogg - like he was BEFORE he set the crown on. A two-stemmed being tho, with a red shirt, brown collar with a button, brown shorts and no boots. Both hands had brown fingers.

I looked at the third pic. On it was a sleeping being that looked.... well, a bit like me, but a lot more like Willie, only with Hoborg-colors in the clothing.

"What... is that?" I asked, turning to my dads.

Hoborg took the word. "These, Doo", he pointed on the first two pictures, "are your creation plans. That was what we had to do before we could recreate you, a year ago. We both had our own version of your looks in mind, but how you'd FINALLY look like was just in you."

I stared at the both drawings again. Yes... I was a mixture from those both beings on the paper, only I def looked more like Otto-dad's plan.

The third picture....

"That was you, right after your birth."

I blinked and pointed at the drawing. "That? But that looks... more like Willie, somehow..."

Hoborg nodded. Otto-dad took over again. "Ya changed quita lot on yer first day, pal. Grew a fort' spike... got d'ose brown fingers dere... and quite some otha stuff."

I eyed at my fingers. Wow...

Then I realized something. I blinked at Otto-dadday. "You've been with me?"

Dad nodded. "Yep. About one day. D'en I hadda leave, but yer brown-white jester-pal took care of ya d'en."

I blinked a few more times. So Otto-dad HAD seen me in my klayen form yet. He had taken care of me while I was asleep... hard to describe the feeling I had in my stomach right now. I just knew: It was GREAT!


We all turned around to see... Willie!

"Wil!" I shouted out, still in my very excited mood, ran over to my brother and hugged him. After him came Noremen and Shoddy - they got their hugs, too.

"Hey boys! Ready t' have summore nice hours, huh?" Otto-dad exclaimed.

This time I replied together with my both bros: "Yeah!!!"

And, DANG, we HAD some more nice hours!!! But then, it was time for Ottoborg to go back home.

Everyone had gathered in the Square again.

When the portal opened, we all waved bye-bye to Ottoborg. He shortly waved back, smiled, then vanished in the gleaming light. The portal closed behind him.

Tramen put his hand down and looked at me. "You won't become depressed again now, will you, Doo?"

I looked grinningly back up at him, my music box still wearing around my neck. "Oh nooooo. Y'know, Tra - I realized something."

"And that would be?"

I pointed proudly at my chest with my thumb. "I'm a hoop-head."

Toast scrutinized me up and down. "Ah. Well, Doo, I could have told you earlier..."

I interrupted him. "Yesyes. I mean, I realized that I was created to be happy!" I now grinned even wider.

Tra's face brightened up. "Great! So - you wanna go and play something with me and Gni and Klenn and the others?"

I hugged my tall friend. "Yeah so ever!"



"You can stop waving now."

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