Hooped up!
Story by DoodLeS

"Come heeeeere, Dooooo!"

"Noooo!" I ran for it, but Hyro Jyro kept following me. Seemed like I'd be his todays victim...

"Give it up, you're not fast enough for me!"

I heard him closing up again, and tried to accelerate a bit more - but I had reached my limit. Then suddenly I stood in front of the Mush Room, which was, unfortunately, way up at the moment. No way outta here... I turned to reach the cave with the teleporter, but Hyjro had reached me yet and stood grinningly behind me. I started to shiver.


"Hi, Doo!" he grinned nastily.

I backed to the wall, as far as I could, but Hyro followed my steps to stay right in front of me. "Y-you have nailed me to the Palace wall y-yet.... isn't that f-fun enough for you f-for a d-day?" I asked timidly.

He just shook his head and came even a bit closer. I anxiously looked up at him. I really seemed to be one of his favourite victims - because I was small, weak, surely not too intelligent, and over that, a hoop-head. And none of my friends was around... to be precise, *no-one* was around, except for Hyro Jyro, me and a few FwaSheep, which didn't seem to be too interested about my situation.

I whimpered. "W-what.... are you going to d-do with m-me...?" I wished I just could vanish in the wall I was leaning to.

Hyrjo rubbed his chin, while I started to chatter with my teeth out of sheer panic. "Hmmmmm....... good question...."

He looked around in the plain, then his eyes were caught on one of the trees standing around. His grin widened as he looked back at me. "I think I have an idea that might be fun for both of us!" he shouted out, then grabbed one of my wrists and pulled me behind him to the tree. I was too frightened to react on it.

Standing in front of the tree he put both hands to my shoulders and pressed me to the trunk, chuckling in a very un-nice way.

"Lemme g-go... p-please..." I begged again, but it only made him grin more.

Then he strengthened his grip around my shoulders and lifted me a few inches into the air, onto a short but strong branch. I was stunned as I felt it slip through my hoop.

Then Hyro let off and put his hands to his hips, looking at his work from a few steps away. I hung helplessly above the ground and looked back at him, slighly dangling, and still shivering out of fright and embarressment.

He started to laugh. "HAH! Now that's what I call a 'hood ornament'! How's the air up there, Doo-dels?"

I just stared at the ground and mumbled: "Please l-let me d-down! This is c-cruel..."

Hyro Jyro shook himself from laughing, wiping tears from his eyes. "YOU LOOK STUPID!" he burst out, pointing at me. I felt really bad.

"Let me doooown!" I repeated, a bit louder, trying to wiggle me free.

Suddenly Hyrjo stopped laughing and looked back up at me, grinning widely. "Byeeeee, Doooooo!" He waved and left for the Palace, starting to laugh again.

For a moment I just stared after him, but then my eyes widened panicked. "NOOOO! Hyro!!! Let me down! I can't free myself, please!!!"

I tried to reach the ground with my feet to get free, but it was just a teensy bit too far down for me. I wiggled panickly and lifted my hands into Hyro's direction, but he didn't even turn around to me. "HYROOOO! You can't leave me alone like this!!! HYYYYROOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Then he was out of sight. I let my arms hang defeatedly and stared at the Palace. It really must have looked laughable as I hung there, but I didn't feel at all like laughing. Not just that this was another rather embarrassing situation for me, there were also no other Hoodians around at the moment. And the tree I was hanging to stood in a dark corner - so if I wouldn't cry for help a passing by Hoodian wouldn't even see me...

Seeing that I was all to myself I looked up. There must be a way to get down! It can't be THAT hard! I grabbed the branch in front of and behind my hoop and tried to pull me up a bit - but I was too weak. Then I put both hands TO my hoop and tried to get a bit further away from the trunk of the tree by pressing my feet against it, but the only thing I did was hurting myself. I mean, it hurt in my hoop - elastic as it might be, but pulling like that on it wasn't a nice feeling. I started to sob as I wasn't able to move an inch.

"HELP! HEEEEELP!! Anyone! Please...." I shouted as loud as I could while trying to swing myself up to the branch, hoping to get hold of it with my hands and feet. The echos went through the empty plain, but not any further. I wondered if there really wasn't ANYone near...

An hour later I still hung there, tired from my tries to get down. It was getting dark, and most Hoodians would surely go to bed soon. I had another last, unheard try to cry for help, then I let myself hang frustrated. I didn't know what I could do now. Hanging there like lifeless I just stared at empty air and tried to think of something nice, in the hope I'd get an idea. I couldn't believe Hyro had left and hadn't shown up again. I just stared and stared.

Somehow I seemed to have managed to fall into something like a half-sleep, because when I opened my eyes again, wiping some tears away, it was morning. And the plain was still empty of Hoodians. I felt so endlessly stupid, but even more I felt endlessly weak and tired. Not to mention thirsty and hungry.

Out of my desperation I opened my chest-compartment and started to roam aimlessly around in it. My papers and pencils wouldn't be a big help for me here, and else I only had some toys, a beaker and... I pulled out a pair of scissors I had used to cut some of my pictures into the right size for a frame. Cut...

I looked up and put the scissors to the branch, as near as possible to my hoop. If I'd manage to cut the branch there, I could maybe free myself...

I tried to cut with all my muscle-power, but the branch didn't even get a scratch to it. I groaned in despair. I looked at the scissors, intending to put them away again, when I had another idea. I really didn't like that idea, but it seemed to be my only chance to get down from that tree... I looked up again and gulped. Then I carefully set the sharp halfes of the scissors around the top of my head, where my hoop was. I knew this would hurt incredibly, but I was ready to do ANYthing to get down! I closed my eyes hard and gritted my teeth as I felt the cold metal... but I couldn't do it. I was too afraid of the pain, and even though I knew I would probably regenerate - I remembered the story of another hoop-head who did something like that, in the Chronicles, and I didn't want to make the same mistake. So I let the scissors fall to the ground, sighed in deepest despair and started to stare at the ground again, waiting for someone finally finding me. Never before time had been so long for me.

It was about mid-day when I heard voices coming from the Mush Room. I opened my eyes, but since the Mush Room was behind me I couldn't see anything. All I knew was that someone had screwed it down to the lower position.

"Phew, glad that the Whales' Mouth porter is functioning again. I wouldn't want to use the long way from the Palace just to come here and watch the FwaSheep eating. Thanks, Tra."

I looked up hopefully. I didn't know who had been talking there, but Toast must be with him! I shortly started to wiggle again, but when I saw that it brought me to nothing, and since my arms and legs felt too heavy to move, I just licked over my dried out lips and shouted as loud as I still could: "Tramen! Tramen!! Please, over here! Help!"

I heard Tramen and the other Hoodian walking through the plain, and their steps stopped when I called them.


It was Tramen's unsure voice - he might have heard me, but I still was trapped here in this dark corner. "Here, Tramen! Help me! Please!" My voice only came out hoarse, since I didn't have anything to drink the whole day and night.

When Tramen and the other Hoodian, who came out to be Kleedo, a guy I didn't know too well, came into my sight I was so relieved that I even forgot my stupid situation. And Toast saw at once that I surely wasn't in the mood for jokes at the moment, so he just ran over to me and carefully lifted me down from the branch and set me on the ground again.

I stood there for a second and looked thankfully up at my tall friend, then lied down on the ground and curled a bit up. I was even too tired to say 'thank you'. All I wanted now was sleep and my limbs stopping to hurt, so I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. I heard Tra's voice like from far away: "Poor Doo... however he got up there, he must have been there for hours! He seems very tired..."

I wiped another tear from my eyes and fell asleep.

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