It all start... with Hoborg
Story by Doo

"Wait, Bil! Slow down." Hoborg leaned out of the window of Willie's little red roofed house on Bil's shoulder and looked down, into cloudy, swirly nothingness. Then he turned to Willie who stood behind him, smiling about the universe in common.

"Willie, this is the place! Here is where I started my journey, many years ago. We are... at home!"

For a while Willie didn't react on that statement, but then beamed. "Hooray! We at home!!"

He ran to the window too and gazed down at the clouds outside and was happy and impressed by their pure beautiness.

Hoborg asked Bil to put the house down, and Big Robot Bil did it. Floating there in the soon-to-be-sky Hoborg left Willie's room, with the small chunk of Klay under his arm that was left for creating his world, after the incident with the Tickberger. Willie stayed in his house and watched.

Setting the small chunk down the king, Quater's 6th son, looked at it. It was far too small to create the Overhood with it that Hoborg had planned and designed for many years. So at first... he had to do another plan. A plan to create the somewhat smaller, but just as nice and comfortable.... Everhood. Yes, that'll be the name of his world. Everhood. But for now Hoborg would make a big basic platform where he, Willie and Bil could walk and rest on.

So he checked if his crown was in place, then stretched his arms out and let the small chunk of Best Klay grow into a big but empty platform that only contained Willie's house, right in the center of the chunk. Hoborg was happy about his first success. Soon, this platform that he and his two friends stood on now, would be a wonderful world for a bunch of nice and sorrowless beings. This success filled the king with anticipation and enthusiasm, and he immediately got another chunk of the Klay to plan what his world would look like.

Willie clapped his hands and left his house as he watched Hoborg sitting down and forming a model of their new home, a small world that would exist forever.

Bil sat down, too, and waited patiently, and around them was only the silence of space, the plain, red-brown ground of their world and a sky with some nice colorful clouds. "Meeeeeeeee Bil."

However, it still took quite another few years for Hoborg to put his plan together, out of his favorite designs of the original Overhood model and some of Willie's wishes, too. But they didn't mind the passing by time - they had come so far now, and together it was three times as fun, and they never got bored.

Then, one day, the model was finished. Hoborg looked over his work and then turned to Willie, happily. "This is how it'll look like, Willie. The model is done."

Willie Trombone got on his knees and carefully touched the small plan. He didn't say anything, but his eyes gleamed and he smiled, astoundedly about all the details of the model. Then he pointed at a little red roofed house in the center of the model, high up above the other buildings.

"Yes, Willie." Hoborg said in his pleasant voice. "Your house'll have the best place. From there, you'll be able to have a nice overview over the Everhood, and Bil will be right next to you, in his own room." He pointed at a big hole, a bit under Willie's house, which was part of the world, but had a window and looked more like a small, ceilingless room than a hole.

"Meeeeee Bil." Bil smiled thankfully.

"And here", Hoborg continued, pointing at a more empty area of the model, just with a small tree and some rocks in it, "will be a perfect place for picknicks and fun. There's a Mulberry Bush, and the secret fountain you wanted to have."

"Yay!" Willie clapped his hands and beamed.

"And here..." Hoborg pointed at a small collection of buildings, but then stopped in his sentence and thought. "Oh, what am I talking? We should just get up and finish our new home now!"

With that, Hoborg stood up determined. They really had waited long enough. Finally, after so many years, his dream of an own nice happy place would be fulfilled.

Big Robot Bil stepped back and put Willie up into his chest-room, where he could watch Hoborg creating his world.

So, once again, Hoborg stretched out his arms, and shortly after, the whole place became colorful and well-shaped, buildings, trees and wonderful ornaments appeared everywhere, just like they were in the model. When Hoborg was finished, he let his arms sink again and looked around. His world really was wonderful.

Then he turned to Bil and Willie, who both gazed at the beauty around them, and called out: "Welcome to your new home, guys! The Everhood!"

Willie laughed and clapped happily, and Bil shouted a few cheerful "Meeeeeee Bil"s in his loud, echoy voice.

The next months Hoborg, Willie and Bil made themselves comfortable, tried out everything, and sometimes changed a few details that hadn't been possible to plan in the model. Bil helped a lot to re-arrange some of the buildings (and as an exchange, Hoborg gave him a present - a big blue Teddy bear, which Bil carried around in his third, smaller arm ever since he got it), more trees and animals were added to populate this world and make it even nicer and all machines and games Hoborg had put there were tested and improved.

One day, Hoborg went through the Hall of Records, a house that was especially made for the self-engraving Klay Wall that Quater had given his son, and read over the Chronicles. The last few weeks the wall had added a few things - a big picture at the entrance of the Hall, probably a prophecy, although at that point Hoborg couldn't say yet what it meant, and some more text. He stopped in front of his own Chronicle part and looked thoughtfully.

Since he had created his world, the wall hadn't mentioned any of his actions. And it stopped with the words "As long as nothing went wrong..."

Hoborg looked for another while, but then shrugged. The wall surely would start writing again when something exciting would happen in the Everhood.

Something exciting...

The king walked to the window in the Hall and looked out. He could see the Big Chip Butty and the Castle, and he could hear... nothing. Wind... sometimes Bil's voice or the screeching of the robots' hinges, but else... it was quiet. Suddenly his world didn't seem that jolly anymore. Something was missing.

Hoborg was disturbed in his thoughts when he suddenly heard Willie screaming. Screaming for help. At once he ran out of the Hall and to the Square, looking around worriedly. "Willie? Where are you, friend?"

Then the hoop-head came panicky through the door of the Shack that connected the Square with the plain of the Secret Fountain, and bumped into Hoborg. From the Shack came a horrible scream, from a creature that surely wasn't peaceful.

"What happened? Willie, what is that noise?" The king nervously took his nephew by his shoulders and tried to calm him down.

Willie pointed back at the Shack and groaned. "Stinky Weasel! It crash through wall and chase Willie! This no good! Willie need to make it go!"

"A what?" Hoborg was puzzled. He had never heard of a 'Weasel', but it sure must be a nasty creature. "Where did it come from?"

Willie held up a music box. Hoborg had seen it before, in Willie's house, but never really had payed attention to it. "What? It came out of there?" He scratched his head.

"Noooooo. Willie played box to listen to nice little music, then Weasel come and go behind Willie! It pop though wall and chase him 'round and 'round the Mulberry Bush! Now Willie no can make it go!"

"Um." Hoborg thought for a second. "Did you KNOW the... Weasel... would appear when you play your box?"

The hoop-head just stared blankly.

"Well, however", Hoborg said, "We need to get rid of it, right? How... big is it?"

Willie stretched out his arms as far as he could. "Biiiiiig."

The king looked back at the Shack, scratching his chin. Then he carefully went to it and opened the door. At first he jumped backwards again when he saw the beast's giant mouth in the other doorway, but then he came a bit closer when he saw it couldn't fit through the door. He stopped in the middle of the room. The Weasel tried to snap after him with dangerous and sharp looking claws, but it couldn't reach him, what made it even more furious.

Hoborg looked around in the empty Shack. Up to now it only had been there to have a passage way between the two plains, but maybe...

He looked at the round walls. Maybe...

Willie came in after him and looked at the Weasel snapping at them, cocking his head in a mixture between curiousity and interest.

"Do you know what they eat, Willie?" Hoborg asked his friend.

"They eat... people. And little animals. They eat what maybe run away from them. But if you catch them, you can eat them back!" The hoop-head beamed and licked his lips.

"Hm..." Again, Hoborg looked around in the room. Then he lifted one arm, and a few shelves appeared. On the shelves were some red sticks. Then Hoborg created a small screen on the pathway next to him, and pointed at it. "With the help of that screen we can build a special stick man. Hopefully it'll help us against that beast."

Willie looked at the screen and saw the plan of a stick man. He curiously pressed a few buttons, randomly, until suddenly a sound came from the screen. When Willie looked up, he had put together a red stick man.

"Neato!" He exclaimed, and hugged the dynamite man.

"Um, no Willie. We have to lit the fuse on the top and push it to that Weasel in the door." Hoborg said, trying to talk louder than the crab screamed and snapped.

Wil stepped back and looked at the lifeless puppet. "Ooooooh."

Hoborg got a match that was lying on one of the shelves and lit the fuse on the 'head' of the figure. "Now hurry! The Weasel needs to get it before the fuse is down!"

Together they shoved the stick man into the beast's direction, and as soon as it was close enough the claw closed around it and dragged it out. The door to the Shack closed, but from the outside you could hear how the Weasel opened its mouth and ate the fake Everhoodian in one piece. And then there was the explosion.

Hoborg carefully opened the door to the Secret Fountain plain and Willie peeked out behind him. The Weasel was gone, only a smoke cloud reminded of it. Both Hoborg and Wil stepped out and looked around.

Suddenly a claw landed next to Willie, still smoking. The hoop-head's face lit up at once, looking at it, and Hoborg just looked up at the sky. "I think I should put a Weasel warning sign to one of the walls here, don't you think?"

Willie didn't really hear the king - he was too busy with chewing.

Weeks later. No more hostile creatures had appeared (the Weasel luckily had been the only one of its kind, floating through space and just happening to be near when Willie played the Weasel tune), only a HUGE crowbar suddenly fell out of the sky one day and got stuck near the CatHead Mountain... but it actually looked quite good there, so Hoborg kept it.

But again, over those weeks Hoborg often sat in the Throne Room while Willie played with Bil outside, and thought about what was missing in his world. He felt more lonely every day. Sure, Willie was a nice companion, but this world had a cold feeling to it, whenever everything was silent, you could feel the lonelyness of this place, you could feel that no-one was ever born here.

He told it to Willie, but the hoop-head only put his finger to his lips and fell into deep thoughts, without saying anything. After a silent moment the king looked up. "I know!"

Willie blinked and looked up at him, too.

"I'll make a friend to enjoy this world with me!" Hoborg continued.

Wil just smiled, then nodded.

Hoborg still hadn't figured out though how he could make a being that was able to choose between right and wrong, and he still was a bit anxious to create one, after what happened to his first being.

But then he thought that he couldn't stay lonely here forever, he wanted to share his wonderful world with some other beings, wanted to give all his love to some of his own creations.

Only one, at first. He'd see how his son would come out, and then he'd make him his assistant to create more beings, until they had a happy family that filled this world with life. Life, that was what was missing in this place.

He HAD created a nursery, a nice softly colored building, perfect to show a new created being how life was in the Everhood, how to handle obstacles, problems, buttons and all the other things, AND to find out what's good (a flytrap used as a string-holder, a mallet used to open doors) or bad (a flytrap used as a trampoline, a fist-onna-spring to knock you out)...

Okay then, Hoborg thought. A day later he stood in the Nursery, with one of the small chunks of Klay he had brought along on his journey. A life seed.

He looked at it for a while, partly excited, but partly still hesitating and worried. After a while though, he threw the seed to the breeding ground.

It sank in, like Hoborg had hoped. It'd be a part of this world, grown from it. Shortly after, it started to grow... at first only a stem emerged from the ground, but then a whole being grew, and it looked exactly like Hoborg had planned it.

The king looked at his son, happily. He was made from the Best Klay, and his colors and shape were perfect. The new being seemed still a bit dazed, but it moved smoothly, full of life, and fully self-aware.

So all the love Hoborg had put into THAT seed hadn't been for nothing. Now the king knew that all his efforts finally payed.

"Hello... Klogg. Welcome to your new home, the Everhood." he said, smiling in his own way.

He put his hand on his son's shoulder and lead him outside. There, Hoborg made a wide gesture, his son following the movement with his eyes, looking at the wonderful surroundings.

"Everything you see here is yours to enjoy." The king explained, cheerfully.

Klogg looked back at his father, and scrutinized him up and down. His eyes locked on the shiny crown.

Hoborg went on: "You and I shall spend all our days here together. With you by my side, I'll make more -"

Suddenly Klogg lifted his hands and grabbed the crown, holding it tight. "KROWN!"

Quickly, in panic, Hoborg took the object, tearing it out of his son's arms. "NO!"

He put it on again. For him, it wasn't only a crown. Quater had given it to him, MADE it for him. The crown contained all of Hoborg's powers, personality and soul. No-one else who would set it on would be able to resist the energy, and a selfish mind would be strongened with more life, or even become alive itself...

But of course, his newborn friend couldn't know that. Hoborg calmed down again. The difference between right and wrong surely wasn't easy to understand. It had to be LEARNED. And it surely didn't help to yell it at someone.

So the king restarted, in much calmer and understanding tones: "I mean, no, Klogg. This crown is the only thing you cannot have. I am ruler of this world, the Everhood, and a ruler needs his crown. Surely you can understand that."

Klogg had crossed his arms and turned his back to his father. Hoborg surely didn't want to hurt his son and friend, but he had to learn it. Had to learn that you can have anything you want, as long as you don't take it from someone else. Had to learn that there are two ways of owning everything: Taking the material, without careing about the others, or sharing what you have with your friends, and they'll give you back what you really need.

To cheer Klogg up, and to lead him into the right direction, Hoborg went on: "Now go, and explore your new home, while I go back to my Throne Room and plan some more people to make."

When the king left for the Castle, Klogg still stood there.

'He sure is lonely', Hoborg thought, 'but as soon as I created some more friends, things will be great. Klogg can help me to show the others the place, and we'll show them what's right... and what's wrong.'

In the Throne Room, Willie was already waiting for Hoborg, smiling. "You made cousin?"

The king sat on his throne and replied happily: "Yes, Willie. His name is Klogg, and I'm sure you'll be good friends with him, and me too. He's now exploring the surroundings. Meanwhile, I'll think of how my next son will be like."

"More friends!" Willie beamed, then looked around and started doing his own things, while Hoborg took out another life seed.

He looked at it for a while. His next son should... have a red shirt... and... one? No... three buttons. That'd surely look nice. Brown shorts... Hoborg loved earthy colors, and even if his sons should all be unique in their looks, they should also be similar, in colors and shape. None of them should be better or worse than the others, because Hoborg wanted all of his sons being happy. This one should...

The king was interrupted. Klogg had sneeked into the room and hid behind the throne, without his father noticing it. Then, from above, Klogg suddenly grabbed the crown and held it up triumphantly.

Hoborg was surprised and startled. "Huh? What??"

He stroke over his head, in panic. "My... crown!"

Klogg wasn't in the least impressed. With a mocking, evil voice he said nastily slow: "Hee hehehar! Now, Hoborg, we shall see who rules this world! You cannot rule without a crown!"

"Klogg! No!!" The decrowned king said in despair, lifting his arms into his son's direction. How could he have been so mistaken about Klogg's personality? He was evil...

"I declare myself, Klogg, ruler of the Neverhood!" With these words, Klogg set the creator's crown on, sending his father's world and creation itself into utter chaos... the sound of thunder filled the air as the unrighteous king started to change...

Hoborg felt how life was sucked out of his body... Why had he trusted Klogg...? He had shown evil signs from the first minute on... Quater won't like this at all...

Before he fell asleep he was so ever sorry and sad about his mistake. "What... have.... I..... done...?"

Meanwhile, Klogg sprang down from the top of the throne and stood there proudly, his desire to be ruler fulfilled. He just wanted to think about what he should do at first, when small sparks came from the crown, dancing around his head. Then he felt how the powers of creation filled his mind, making him even more evil and... knowing.

When the sparks were gone, the new Klogg put the crown down and looked at it and his razor-sharp fingers. He was impressed. Now he really looked like a worthy ruler. "Yeeeeow! Sheeeesh! M-my, this baby packs a wallop!"

He turned to Hoborg, grinningly. When he saw his betrayed father, his grin grew even wider. "What's this?"

Klogg came close to the former king and knocked on his stiff head. "Hahaaa! Frozen solid, hmmmm? It seems this crown does more than give you reign over the Neverhood - it's also your secret to life... What a pity!"

With a bored hand movement he threw the crown away, onto the ground. He didn't need it anymore... and Hoborg didn't too...

Willie, watching Klogg from behind an ornament near the exit of the room, had seen everything that happened, helplessly. He looked up from behind his hiding place as the crown fell near him on the ground. He didn't do anything, just became really sad.

Then he carefully looked at Hoborg, on the other end of the room. Klogg wasn't in sight anymore... maybe he had left to do more evil...

Willie looked at the crown. Then back at Hoborg. Then back at the crown. After a while the hoop-head slowly and frightfully leaned forward and stretched out his arm into the direction of the shiny object. Just a bit closer...

"Well well well... what do we have HERE?!" A clawed foot stepped hard on Willie's hand, making him groan in pain. Klogg picked up the crown, looked at it and put it away. After that, he let off Willie's hand and stared intensely and grinning nastily at him, waiting for a reply.

Wil looked up at the evil Klay being, motionless, even too stunned to blink.

Klogg waited for a while, but then narrowed his eyes and hissed annoyedly: "Hoborg hasn't told me that there is someone else here... WHO ARE YOU?"

Willie winced and crouched a bit more into his hiding place, but then answered timidly and as quietly as he could: "Me Willie..."

"Willie? What a goof name... STAND UP!"

The hoop-head immediately followed the order, staring with widened eyes at Klogg.

"Is there anyone else on this world I should know of?" the evil guy asked demandingly, putting his hands to his hips.

Willie just shook his head slowly, without letting his eyes off Klogg's pointy fangs and headspike.

"What about that robot out there?"

"That friend Bil..." Wil said.

Klogg thought about what nasty answer he could give on that, but then decided that he was fed up talking to that yellow idiot altogether. He pointed at the door and yelled: "GO! This is MY castle, so you better get lost right now!"

Willie nodded hectically, then left the room as fast as he could, followed by Klogg's stare.

The evil being breathed out with an annoyed "Aaah..." sigh and shook his head. Then he looked at Hoborg, and his face lit up at once. "Well then, I guess I should make some changes to this world now, right? This is all far too tidy for my taste..." He looked around. "At first, let's add some atmosphere in here."

With these words, he lifted one claw-hand and smashed the lamp next to him, covering the whole Throne Room in utter darkness. "Now... some nice black curtains and some spikes would make this place perfect."

After just a few days, the former Everhood Hoborg had put so much thought into was a chaos. With the king's crown, Klogg had the power to create his own beings and things, and he made heavy use of that, partly to chase Willie from one corner of the 'Hood to the other. He created an especially spiky and nasty looking big tree in the center of the colorful Public Park, right in front of the Nursery. He was quite proud of it.

He populated some places with nasty beings, like Hammerboy, who loved it to hit other peoples' fingers with his HUGE mallet. He also created the Neverhood's own supply of extremely bad-tempered Weasels, so that, whenever Willie used his beloved music-box, at least ONE of the giant crabs appeared, making life more exciting. He created BIG ticks that preferably lurked in holes in the ceiling of Aqua-Attick, waiting for some quite unlucky visitor. And as a masterpiece he made a giant mechanical being, the Clockwork Beast, to keep Bil busy, just in case the big robot wanted to stomp onto his new king. Though, that beast wasn't needed anymore when Klogg found out about Bil's good/bad switch - once he managed to get into the robot's chest while he was asleep and turned it to "bad" Bil made a perfect guard.

To be sure that he'd always obey his small-yet-powerful master, Klogg took what Bil liked most - his blue Teddy Hoborg had given to him - and put it on an enormous fishing pole, which held the bear either in front of Bil's face (but just far away enough so that he couldn't reach it), or right above endless space, treatening to let it fall every second. A nice toy for Klogg, and a bad torture for the robot.

The evil Klay being also made a fun out of if to put a black curtain in front of the grow formula in the Hall of Kings, and laughed his head off just about the THOUGHT that Willie tried to reach the teleporter to the other parts of the world, and found himself shrunk in a room without the fitting anti-dote.

He also turned the water of the main fountain off - gladly he didn't know about Willie's secret fountain, so there still was enough drinking water for poor Wil.

Klogg was quite pleased about his handywork, but looking through the scope he stole from Hoborg, from his place in the Castle, he saw that it still was too.... NICE. There was a bit more major destruction needed. Hm... what would be fun and destruction at once?....

After a while of staring thoughtfully Klogg snapped his fingers, making a REAL unpleasant *shing* sound, and grinned. Then he grabbed the crown he always kept close to him and left the Throne Room.

He went to the Bridge Control System and looked at an empty spot on the ground outside. Yes... that'd be a PERFECT place for.... he set the crown on.... a mighty Cannon Monument!

Hoborg's evil son lifted his arms, and soon a big cannon was created into the ground. Big enough to shoot everything that was around, with a guarantee to leave at least one blackened spot. Klogg couldn't resist to try it out at once. He sat on the seat and aimed at the nearby LakeWall. He fired. The KlayBird that was installed on top of the Cannon awked annoyedly as it provided the needed bullet - KlayBirds' eggs are REAL hard, you know.

When the cannonball hit the wall, it immediately showed some cracks... it hit an underground part of the lagoon on the other side of the wall, which then couldn't hold its masses of water anymore, and a small waterfall filled up the whole LakeGround, drowning the Radar House and theWallCar.

Klogg's eyes gleamed. This cannon sure was his favorite toy! Heh, and let's see how Willie is going to come home NOW. He looked up at Willie's house and thought about shooting it next.

"Noooooooooooo! You no make boom! Ground all watery no good! Make it stooooop!" Willie ran into Klogg's direction, but he stood on the wrong side of the Lake, so he couldn't reach him. Instead, he stopped at the rim of the water and waved wildly and in despair. "Baaad Klogg! You no nice!!"

Then he stopped in motion completely, as Klogg gave him a REAL annoyed look. "You're STILL here?? You're really a tough blighter, WILLIE!"

The evil being aimed the Cannon........ until it pointed right at Willie. Klogg grinned as he put his thumb on the fire button. "Byebyeeeeee Wiiiiiiiiiiiil!"

His thumb almost touched the button, as he paused and laughed: "Heeheehar!! Let's see if I'll hit right through your stupid ring, hole-head!"

He shot.

Willie's eyes widened as the cannonball flew into his direction. He backed a step.

And another one.... the ball came closer....

Another step..... "BAAAAAAAH!"

Willie tripped backwards over something, and as he fell the deadly shot missed him and instead hit the big tree in the center of the park - right into the one loop-shaped branch it had. There it stuck.

"NOOOOOO!" Klogg growled in frustration, slamming his fist on the arm of his seat. "I'll GET you, Willie! The next time I see you messing with my plans you'll land in the CatHead Prison, I promise you!!"

Willie still was lying there, his elbows leaned to the ground. He looked at the green squishy puddle at his feet and blinked. "Oops.... sorry, Mr. Squisheep..."

Klogg was no longer paying attention to the hoop-head. He caressed his cannon again. "Loveable little toy, you. I'll make a sign just for you. Right here." He jumped down from the seat and walked to the rim of the Lake, where a bit of the upper part of the wall wasn't flooded. Setting the crown on again Klogg created a small plaque in the wall, and he read: "The Cannon Monument - This cannon was put here by.... WHAT??"

He stared at the name. "This cannon was put here by HOBORG??!" Klogg ripped the crown from his head and stared at it. "You stupid thing, you!! I'm not that fool Hoborg!!! Can't you tell apart an idiot from a true genius??!"

Growlingly he scratched with one sharp finger over the wrong name on the plaque, then carved in his own name, making that horrible finger-on-blackboard noise. After finishing he looked at his work. "HAH! That's BETTER."

Weeks later...

Klogg sat in the Throne Room. Not on the throne, since Hoborg was still there, sleeping helplessly, but on his own place in front of his control panel near the window, staring at all the buttons. Klogg just loved buttons. Then he looked up, suspiciously. He could swear he heard some really faint scratching sound... from outside the Throne Room. He quietly sneeked to the door. The scratching came from the other side of the dark Flytrap Room.... Klogg narrowed his eyes and came even a bit more close. It came from the door....

As he quickly grabbed the handle and pulled the door open, he found Willie behind it - frozen in his momentarily posture, hands raised to the number-combination-puzzle of that room, and looking up at the evil ruler, startled.

"YOU again!" Klogg gritted his teeth. "Will you NEVER leave me alone??"

He grabbed after Willie, but the hoop-head stepped a bit away and quickly put his hands behind his back, innocently.

Klogg furrowed his brow. "Hmmmm.... what do you have there, HUH?"

"Nothing!" Willie answered, backing a bit more.

Klogg tapped his foot and crossed his arms, staring sourly.

Willie drooped his head timidly and held up two keys. Klogg stared at them. "Sooooo.... you aren't PLANNING anything, are you?" He quickly grabbed the keys, making Willie wince.

Wil shook his head slowly, still backing to the door. The ruler looked at the keys. "Hm.... maybe I better should put them to more safe places... and don't think I'll tell you WHERE!"

Using the crown again Klogg touched one of the keys, and all of the sudden it was trapped inside a nice red balloon. Willie beamed and clapped his hands (well, he clapped one hand to his other fist). "Ooooh! Nice!" He looked at his fist and hastily put it behind his back again.

Klogg muttered: "Take care that I don't do that with YOU, fool..." Then he let off the balloon, and it peacefully flew out of the room and out of Willie's sight. The evil Klay being clawed one hand into Willie's arm and pulled him outside, in front of the Castle doors. "Now GO! And STAY away! However you still managed to GET here anyways...." The doors closed behind Klogg as he walked inside, and Willie still stood there. He lifted and opened his fist, smilingly looking at the third key.

Meanwhile, Klogg was back in the Throne Room. But he wasn't alone.


The ruler stopped abruptly and stared. "Ooooooh NO! How did YOU come in here now??" He tried to shove the sheep out, but it just stood there and ate the floor. Klogg tried harder: "Shove..... OFF!!!"

Suddenly the sheep just burst in a mess of slimy green drops, almost covering Klogg completely.

"Yyyyyewch!" He commented disgustedly. "Those brainless creatures of Hoborg! I should..." He stopped and stared. Then he started to scratch himself madly. "AAAAAAARGH!!! I'm allergic!!!!"

The same day Klogg created a high, dark wall between the plain of the sheep and the way to the Castle - NEVER again he wanted to be near one of those green blobs.

Again, weeks later....

And again, Klogg was looking through the scope, looking at his world. It was pretty messed up now, but still... what Klogg wanted... was REAL Chaos! Something SO big that it'd mess up EVERYTHING... Big... REALLY big... like... a giant gap! Maybe... in the LakeWall.... or.... in some of the buildings.... or.... Klogg looked up and lifted his brows as he got a diabolic idea. Or.... in the WORLD!!!

He took the crown and set it on. Then he stood up and lifted his arms. A moment later, the whole world trembled under an enormous earthquake, and it began to part....... Klogg laughed his most nasty laughter as the Neverhood was barely one piece anymore. He put his arms down, still laughing. Then he stopped. After a short second of silence another earthquake started, as the world slowly put itself together again. Hoborg sure hadn't forgotten to put gravity to this place.

"NO!!!" The evil ruler threw his arms into the air again and increased the size of the gap once more.... then he quickly created a giant chain and a small chunk of land near the Neverhood, which could resist the gravity. When the gap was big enough, a pin appeared on the small chunk of land, holding the chain. Klogg grinned. Now let's see what gravity can do about THAT....

Now he took the scope and looked at his work. Yes! THAT is Chaos! Klogg looked at Hoborg, behind him on the throne. Then he laughed again, for hours.

The next few years nothing much happened. Klogg sat happily in his castle and ruled. Bil stood in his room, thinking evil thoughts. Willie had tried to make himself comfortable near the Mulberry Bush, most of the time staring senselessly into nothing. AND he had found some pets between all those nasty creatures of Klogg, which he could play with. The sheep ate, burped and pooped.

Until one day...

Willie decided to try to get into Klogg's Castle again, to visit his friend, Hoborg. He still knew quite a few ways to get to the Throne Room - he hadn't been there for nothing when the Neverhood had been created. So, after making sure Klogg wasn't at home, he used one of the secret passages he once had used to play hide and seek with Hoborg and Bil.

Reaching his aim, Willie stood in front of the righteous king. He started smalltalking a bit, about how he missed the old times together and when Hoborg would please wake up again... when his eyes fell on Hoborgs right hand.

Its fingers still were formed as if they would hold something. Something small. Willie remembered that the king had been thinking about creating his next friend before Klogg came and made everything sad. But there was no life seed... The hoop-head stared at Hoborg's hand, then slowly down at the ground. He turned around and searched on. After a while, he found what he was looking for, a bit away from the throne, lying there for years now, completely ignored.

Willie picked the life seed up and examined it closely. It seemed okay...

Smilingly Ottoborg's son made a protecting fist around the seed and held it close to him while rushing quickly out of the Castle.

He stopped running when he reached his stone near the Mulberry Bush and looked at the seed again, to make sure it still was there. After that, he carefully put it into his belt-pocket and started to organize some things, feeling hope.

Maybe that seed could help... maybe it could do something that Willie wasn't able to, to save this world and its creator... Klogg didn't know about it, so that was a good chance.

Good... Willie hoped this seed wouldn't become as evil as Klogg. He was a bit afraid of it, but he would do anything he could to help the new klayman. Wil looked at the seed. "Klaymen..."

He remembered Hoborg telling him about deciding between right and wrong. He'd put together a few nice games to help his new friend. If he'd do good, he'd win a prize. Willie smiled and took out the key he got from Klogg's Castle. Then he went to a small room somewhere in the Neverhood, where Hoborg had put a Recording Screen, another device that had been meant to be a happy toy. It was only made for recording real short screen messages, but Willie managed to put the whole story Klaymen needed to know on several disks. This'd be a great game - Wil would spread the single disks everywhere in the 'Hood, so his new friend would get the place to know. After finishing his story (and he got everything right from memory... except that he had totally forgotten that the Neverhood originally was named "Everhood", but he liked the ring of that new name, and so "Neverhood" just got stuck) Willie took the key again, put all disks back into the recording device, and made a special ending. If Klaymen would see THAT he'd get the prize. Wil shoved the key into the screen - it vanished in the disks, and would come out again if the whole story was seen.

A few weeks later, Willie was ready. He climbed onto one of the higher trees next to the Nursery and threw the seed through the window into the birthroom, excitedly. When the seed sank in, Willie folded his hands. Maybe hope. Maybe.

Well, this is where the game starts! So... guess YOU have to take over now, heh!

Oh, you're through the game? Well... which end did you choose, hmmmm?

I gave Hoborg his crown back, of course!
I thought that Klaymen is a MUCH better ruler!

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