It all start... with Hoborg - The Good Ending

Hoborg woke up and looked around. He couldn't see Klogg from where he sat, but next to him stood a new being. A friendly looking being. It pressed the button that moved the throne, and together they stepped down on the ground. Hoborg yawned. "Asleep so long.... who woke me?"

He looked back at the being, who had bowed down in respect. The king walked up to him and put his hand on the new guy's shoulder, asking him friendly in his deep voice: "What is your name?"

The being shortly looked up and answered quietly: "Klaymen."

Hoborg thought. "Klaymen, hm. Yes, of course." He turned to his son again. "Well, stand up, friend. You saved this world, man!"

Klay stood up and smiled. The king was so happy about him that he didn't notice Klogg... he had stood there, silently, and he was determined to end all this the hard way now, after his first defeat. He stared grinningly at his dagger - he had gotten rid of Willie and that betrayer Bil, now he'd not let Hoborg be ruler again.... He turned around, his weapon lifted above his head. "DIE, YOU OLD FOOL!!!"

Alas, he didn't notice the remote control of the Cannon that was still lying on the ground, after Klogg had dropped it carelessly when he got rid of Bil... when he stepped on it, he only could see how the Cannon turned around to aim at him, and he was frozen in place as the Cannon bird awked alarm and shot... "Sonofa...!"

The power of the cannonball that directly hit Klogg's stomach threw him against and right through the outer wall of the Castle, into endless space. "NOOOOOoooooooo......"

Hoborg and Klaymen carefully stepped to the hole and stared down, at the dark nothingness outside. Then the king put his hand on Klaymen's shoulder again. "You know... I never really understood that guy..."

Then he straightend and continued determined. "Come on, Klaymen. We've got a Neverhood to finish."

This time, Hoborg wasn't worried about if his beings would come out good or bad. It was all in them, all they needed were a few good friends and a bit of love and patience. And they'd get all of that, in a wonderful, small world as a home. And they'd get it right now.

Hoborg pointed at the ground in front of the Nursery and explained his son: "This Nursery is where it all starts. So wait here, Klaymen, and I'll make you some friends."

Klaymen smiled and nodded. His first day hadn't been that jolly, but now it seemed to become nice and happy. He was glad that he had done the right choice.

He waited.

And waited.

And waited....

After about an hour he became real tired, so he sat down and leaned to the big spiky tree, starting a nap. Then...

"Klaymen, wake up!" It was Hoborg's happy and soft voice.

It was followed by a choir of about twenty other voices: "Klaymen, wake up!"

Klay opened his eyes and looked around... at many friendly Hoodian faces, all similar to him. He stood up excitedly.

Hoborg proclaimed cheerfully: "Hey everybody! This is Klaymen. And without his smarts, compassion and high moral fiber we wouldn't be here today."

One of the other guys, named Klester, lifted his arm: "Half-a-cheer for Klaymen!"

The others followed his example. "Hip hip HOO!"

The king raised his voice: "It is now time... to goof off!"

A big party was celebrated. All of Hoborg's new sons loved their home and father, and they sure loved parties!

But while the others were having a happy first day, their older brother Klaymen became real sad. Hoborg saw this, and wondered how he could cheer him up. Willie... Hoborg now realized that he hadn't seen them since he woke up, and he suddenly knew what had happened. But as a son of Quater he had his ways. He still had a few life seeds left, and wherever Willie and Bil were now, he could bring them back. With seeds of the Best Klay...

Klaymen still covered his face sadly, when he suddenly heard a good, familiar voice. "Klaaaaaymen! Klaymen! Up here!"

Klay immediately turned around, then looked up, happily. He saw both Bil and Willie, in best condition.

"Hiiiiiiiii!" Willie waved, and Klaymen replied the wave.

"Meeeeeeeeee Bil!" commented Bil, waving, too.

Hoborg watched his son for a while, then looked at his both friends Willie and Bil, and back at his world, which was full of life. Everything was complete now. As Klaymen happily hugged his father the king silently thanked Quater and told the universe in common: "Man, things are good."

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