Why Hammerboy?
Story by DoodLeS

Serco and Flun idily walked into the small cave on the other end of the plain of the sheep.

"Well, what do you think, Serco? Why IS he there?" Flun stopped in front of the round hole in the ground and looked at his brother.

"I don't know. That's why we came here, right?"

"Ye-ah, right."

Silently, the two Hoodians looked around. They saw the beige walls, ceiling and ground, and the dark hole in front of their feet.

"Well, uh, where IS he?" Flun asked, more to himself.

Serco shrugged.

"How should we ever find out things if they don't show up?" Flun walked over to one wall and carefully knocked on it. It didn't sound hollow. Just klayen.

Serco still looked around in the room quietly, then down at the hole. "I'm sure it has SOME sense that he's here. Else why SHOULD he be here?"

"To hit you with his hammer?" Flun vagually guessed.

"But why?" Serco pondered. He loved thinking about the whys.

"Just... because?" Flun shrugged. He didn't like to think about the whys that much. After another while he softly kicked against the wall next to him, without changing anything about it.

"When DOES he turn up, y'know that?" Serco looked at his brother, thoughtfully.

"Well, usually when you don't watch your fingers. Then he comes out and *THUD*! Mashed fingers."


They waited for a while longer. Outside they could hear the quiet 'baaah's of the sheep and occasional voices (or screams) of fellow Hoodians. They could even swear to hear a clock ticking.

"I bet he's not at home." Flun finally stated, sitting down on the rim of the hole, his feet dangling. "After all, it's lunchtime. I bet even a hammerboy needs his snackies."

Then he hopped down into the darkness, where the teleporter back to the rest of the Neverhood was. Serco looked down. "Yah, maybe you're right."

He carefully climbed backwards into the hole to follow his bro. When he was almost through, only his hands still holding on to the rim, he looked a bit closer, into the darkness beneath him. It really WAS dark down there, wasn't it?

His brain started to think again, probably against his own will. 'It's dark. A dark hole. Those can be really nasty. I mean, you never REALLY know what's down there. Even if you know, logically, there's the teleporter room, not FAR way down, all you SEE is nothing. Might also suddenly be a dark endless void, and if you let off your grip, you'll fall... and fall...

It gave Serco a weird feeling in his stomach. Suddenly he wasn't sure if he REALLY should let off. Might be deeper than he remembered. After all, he wasn't often around here - he used to hang in the Hall, most of his time. The letters there had something pleasantly.. lasting. They simply were always there. Except for when you turn the light off, of course. No use in letters when you can't read them anyways.

"You coming, Serc?" Came the voice from not too far down.

Serco blinked. "Sure. Just a sec."

He looked up again. He wasn't sure - should he try to pull himself up again, or should he let off and SEE how deep it is.. or should he just hang there for a bit more thinking about what to do? He decided for the third choice.

Then he heard a scratching sound from above. Then a noise of fast and hectical small steps. And a victorious squeak. He sure knew what THAT meant..

"Hey, ya hear that?" Flun shouted from out of the darkness. "Sounds like hammerboy, doesn't it?"

"Um, yeah." Serco said carefully. He actually SAW hammerboy. He was right in front of him, raising his hammer.

And yet, Serco didn't let go to save his fingers. Well, in front of him was hammerboy. And beneath him? There was darkness-what-so-ever. He was sure hammerboy in front of him WAS there, but he wasn't sure if the ground underneath him was.

But he found out just the second after. As the giant hammer hit Serco's fingers he SURE let go. Now, being on the ground, he was sure it was there. Hadn't been all that deep, after all.


Flun helped his brother up to his feet. "You okay, Serc?"

"Yah. Sure am." Serco brushed his shorts off. Then he looked up.

"Sounded like a smackin' experience you just had there, bro." Flun smiled a bit, stupidly. "Learned anything?"

Serco quietly faced his brother. "Actually, yes."

This amazed Flun a bit. "What, other than that hammers aren't good for your fingers?"

"Yep." Serco said casually. Then he slowly went on. "THAT is what hammerboy is for."

Flun cocked his head, until Serco went on.

"He's there to take your decision. He's got a body to exist, eyes to see, feet to walk, and a giant hammer to slam your fingers if you can't decide whether you wanna let yourself drop into the darkness or not. Might also have stayed hanging there for days."

"So, he's just created for slamming other peoples fingers, yes? And that's why he looks like that, too?"

"I think so." Serco said in a tone showing that he was pretty sure of what he was saying. "It's just like.. sheep only need mouthes and squishy bodies, or horses only need legs, but no heads - sheep are there for eating all day, and horses are for running. Nothing else. Sounds like everything is created quite logically."

Flun thought for a moment about this, before he mumbled, "Uh-huh.." Then he raised his voice a bit and hopped into the teleporter next to him, coming to more familiar topics. "Well then, do we wanna get lunch now? I'm starving."

"Yah, okay." Serco answered.

Above them, they heard a couple of steps and the creaking noise of a closing hatch.

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