Fought by Sarlakk and Doodles

A li'l introduction:

All this started with some e-mails between Sarlakk and me... Heh, as you might know, we're both kinda ex-humans, and humans are always good for a li'l fight, aren't they? Well, this FightLog starts somewhere right in the middle of our mails... both Sar and me thought it's good enough to be put up on this site - so heed the REAL meaning of the word "KlayFighter"! Heeheehee!

BTW, the fat written stuff is what Sar said, the rest is what I did, k? Why we started the fight? Er.... um.... 'cuz alotta things. We had our reasons. Who cares. (shrugs, grins)


Whats H.-h.D.?

Heh. "Hoop-head DoodLeS" - was just being a bit creative.

Ah...hood heap Doodles. That makes sense. T.S.S

Ah...Toast Stand Sarlakk. That makes sense. (grins nastily)

I'm NOT a toast stand. I meant three stem, hard headed Doodles :P :)

o|8-] Oooooh, you meant Tacky Stem Sarlakk! Of COURSE! How COULD I be SO mistaken! (grins WIDELY)

Ahem? My stems are NOT tacky. At least I don't have a dog alter ego. <grins smugly>

(steams) SEE?? SEE what I mean?? Humans! You trust them, tell them your MOST inner feelings, and they use it against you! Watch it, yes?! Or the "Dog alter ego" eats your *blue* pants! I warn ya! I can be REALLY icky if someone offends me! (gets into playful fighter-position, wiggles fingers wrestler-like, growls quietly)

::gets into fighter position, gets ready to fight::

(still stands there, wiggling fingers and grinning madly)

Grrrrrr ::pounce::

Ack! Ow! Heybecareful, yes? You might hurt me!


YOU NAILED ME TO THE GROUND!!! (wiggles until backspikes losen from ground again, holes in ground regenerate) (grins victoriously, pounces back)

::steps aside, Doo falls flat on face::

(jumps up again, turns around quickly, points at Sarlakk)

HEY! That was NOT fair! (Starts to walk around Sarlakk a few times, grins, then slowly comes closer, fingers wiggling)

Fingers wiggling? ::grins, starts circling around::

(joins circling, grins wider)

Hah, I may be a nice li'l Hoodian, but I'm still a human being and won't no-never go a li'l fight between friends outta the way... you don't REALLY think you hava chance against ME, huh? Hehhehheh! (suddenly leaps down, wraps both arms and legs around Sarlakk's legs, giggles madly)

::grins like an idiot, does a sorta backflip-thing and flings Doo off::

(rolls a few yards, then stops and jumps to his feet) He-EEEEY!!! You're not quite playing faaaaaiiiiiir! (crosses arms, then starts to grin)

Fair? It's called soccer, you know, the game from Earth?

'Earth'? Nevah heard. (grins deviously, puts fingers to chest-button)

I thought you hated your chest-button.

Yeaaaah, but I'd ALWAYS use it for a friend... (grins even MORE deviously) (turns chest-button a few times around until fist-onna-spring springs out) Yeeeeeeeeee-haaa!!!

::watches in amazement as a fist-on-a-spring pops out of Doo's chest compartment, gets whacked in the face::

STRRRRRRIKE! (crosses arms, grins about his victory)

::while Doo is grinning, grabs him in a headlock and starts giving noogies::

EEK! (starts wiggling aimlessly) Not... gng... fa-ir... gng... youstop... gng... Doo no like... gng... (starts rolling eyes uncontrolled, wraps arms and legs again around Sar, holds tight)

Urmph! ::fails trying to get free::

(When Sarlakk lets off Doo's head, Doo totally wraps with arms and legs around Sar, starts to tickle him) Heh! Hehheh!

That's a mistake...I'm not ticklish! ::grabs Doo's arms and throws him off::

(lies on back, stares)

(stares more determined) Not... ticklish...? Daaaaarn....!

(Hops to feet, turns to Sar) (Opens chest-compartment, starts roaming around, pulling out various papers and toys while searching)

::while Doo's searching, pulls on his hoop::

ACK! Nonono! Not my hoop! (starts wiggling, tries to reach Sar with his hands)

Bwa hahahahahaha!! ::hangs Doo up on a tree:: Next time, you'll learn; Never underestimate an underestimated short person. Have a nice day:) ::walks off::

(shrieks, tries to wiggle himself free) Aaaack!! Nowait! C-come.... come back! Please! Y-you can't just.... just.... Let's say it's a draw, y-yes? I.... I didn't want to fight anymore anyways! And... and I'm shorter than you! And.... SAAAAR!!! (whimpers)

(continues more softly) Please.... y-you can't just let me hang here...! I'll s-starve! Let's g-go for a Chip Butty, y-yes? Saaaaar..... (whimpers more, keeps on wiggling)

::peeks out from around a tree, big smile::
You didn't think I'd leave you there, did you? Aw...I'd never leave my friend in trouble. Have a Chip Butty.
::hands Doo a Chip Butty:: ::pulls Doo off the tree:: Come, lets go do stuff:)

(smiles relieved, Chip Butty holding in his hand)

(Both Sarlakk and Doo walk away, into the direction of the beautiful sunset, that was put there 'specially for this scene, since there actually IS no sun in the Neverhood)

[Closing, Cast]

P.S.: Whilst the production of this FightLog no Hoodian was hurt, k? Both Sar and I are still happy and healthy. Just that you know.

P.P.S.: Next time I'll win. o8-]

Yeah...sure you will. As long as there are no trees. Heh.

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