Story by DoodLeS

A group of young Hoodians, the oldest of them only had three days of life experience, had heard of my love for telling stories. So they asked me if I could tell them one today, and, why not?

So we met in the Mush Room, gathering around its center and sitting down. Tramen had come with me, as my "storyteller reinforcement", as he said. Tra sat a few seats away from me, with two of the young guys parting us. We were ready to start.

I tried to sit a bit more comfortably, so I crossed my legs and leaned on them. All that was missing now was a small fire in the middle of the room and some marshmellows onna stick...

"Okay, guys, so this -"

"Is it true you came from another dimension?" One of the youngsters interrupted me. Everyone stared silently, waiting for my answer.

"Well, yes", I said finally, "but that's not what I wanted to tell you. If you want to know about THAT, you can read it in the Hall of Records, about 2 miles from the entrance, I think."

"What kind of story are you goin' to tell us?" asked another one.

I looked at him. "What do you want to hear?"

They all answered as a choir: "A SCARY one!"

Tra and I exchanged a little smile.

"If you say so." I shrugged. "So, a scary story, that even the Walls don't dare to write down, yes?"

The young Hoodians all came a bit closer to me, grinning exitedly. I took this as a 'yes'.

"Well then -" I tried to restart.

"What's the title?"

I turned around to the fellow who had asked me that question. "Huh?"

"The title. Of th' story!"

"Oh. Um... well... I think..." I thought for a moment. "I think I'll just call it 'ED'."

Tramen grinned knowingly.

I looked another time around, over all the exspectant faces, and when I was sure they wouldn't interrupt me another time, I went on with my tale.

"I'll tell you now about the worst time of my previously life. You see, it's quite a while ago, when Tramen and I were just walking through the plain of the Apple Tree....

It was a quite eventless day, so we had decided to sit down there and just relax a bit. But on our way, we met Maloon...

Maloon is one of the guys in the Neverhood you should better not talk to - he's always searching for trouble. To describe him for short: His skin is blue, he has two stems on his head, and his clothing is mainly brown-colored, with a white collar and belt, and a yellow sash-thing over his chest. To describe his character: He's just a bad fellow, and he DREAMS of being like Klogg, tho he has never met him. Fortunately, he had never been brave enough to steal Hoborg's crown and set it on.

"Hey, Doodles!" he screamed at me, in his usual rude tones. "Wanna play a bit 'hoop up the idiot'?" He grinned nastily.

Toast and I just looked at ourselves in a bored way - Maloon always greeted with comments like this.

"Not today, Mal. Mebbe tomorrow, when my hoop is in a better condition for this kinda games." I repeated flatly, slowly backing a bit from that unfriendly guy.

"*I* want to play NOW, freak", he stated grinningly, breaking a small branch from a tree and using it as a stick to lean on.

"*Not* *today*, Maloon." Tramen answered in my place, pushing me even a bit further away.

Maloon couldn't stand ANYONE in the Hood, except for himself, and he was the first Neverhoodian I knew who had absolutely NO humor. But he *especially* couldn't stand ME, since he knew that I came from another world and hadn't even been a Klay being all my life. AND I was much smaller than him. But he never attacked or hurt anyone - he hadn't got enough courage.

So he just crossed his arms, looked annoyedly at us, and left. We looked after him.

"I just can't understand him..." I said as he was out of sight.

"Yeah", stated Toast, shaking his head, "I've never seen anything stranger than him..."

Then we both shrugged and went on to the Apple Tree. We had NO idea that Maloon was in a mood today to become seriously dangerous...

Meanwhile, in Hoborg's Palace...

Maloon stepped in, without greeting Hoborg, who was sitting on his throne, or one of the other Hoodians in the room. Instead, he just started talking.

"Hoborg!" he said, demandingly, waving with the stick he still held in his right hand, "I have to talk to you NOW. Alone."

Hoborg, who didn't like Maloon very much either, but had always time for EVERYONE of his sons, told all others to leave. He watched them how they went through the exit of the Throne Room, then turned his head again to Maloon, who stood in front of him.

And the last thing Hoborg saw was that his son raised the stick and knocked the crown from the king's head, grinning evily. Hoborg fell asleep...

Maloon picked up the crown from the floor, holding it in both hands. Ready to set it on...

But he hesitated. What might happen to him? Was the legend about Klogg really true or was that just a story to scare away the kids? What if the crown sucks out your life energy or something?

He looked thoughtful at the crown. Then he started to grin again, slowly and VERY deviously...

"Y'know, Tra", I said, juggling with three apples and looking at my tall friend, who sat under the tree, watching me, "fruits can be used for MANY different things. You can eat them, throw them... or juggle with them..."

I threw one of the apples extra high into the air, then catched it again and went on juggling.

"And sometimes you can even carve faces into them."

Tra sat up a bit and leaned his hands onto his knees. "Yes, Doo.... Say - what are you talkin' about?"

I had been concentrated on the flying fruits in my hands when Tramen asked me that, and so I looked at him again and said: "Huh?"

What hadn't been such a good idea, since I wasn't paying attention to the 'flying order' of the apples any more - I lost my balance. Stumbling backwards to catch all three fruits anyway, I bumped to a wall, dropping the apples on the ground.

"Drats..." I mumbled, looking at the mess at my feet.

Toast smiled and stood up, in order to help me collecting the mushed lumps. But he stopped halfway, when he heard something behind him, which sounded like a stone thrown into the bushes.

Almost the same moment I felt that someone came up behind me, but I was too slow to turn around. I only felt that SOMEone stomped SOMEthing onto my head, so hard that it slipped over my hoop and stuck there. I turned around.


He just grinned. "Heh. Let's see if the legend is true!"

I first didn't know what he meant, but when I looked up and checked with my hands what he had put on my head, I immediately knew that this was Hoborg's crown...

Panickly I tried to remove it again, but it sat tight on my head, stuck there by the hoop. "Tramen!!!" I screamed, "Help me! Fast!!! I can't get it down!!!"

Toast turned around, and shocked about the situation he ran to me and helped trying to pull the crown off with both hands. But it didn't move. Maloon just stood there, with crossed arms and this curious expression on his face.

I let off the crown. I just couldn't do it any more - I felt weak..."

The young Hoodians around me stared as I stopped in the middle of the story.

"What happened then?" they asked, with their eyes wide and mouths open of excitement.

I looked back at them and shrugged. "I can't say. Can't remember what happened next."

The stares became more pressing.

After another short pause I started smiling. "But Tramen knows what happened next. He can tell you."

I turned my head to my friend, and so did all the others.

Tramen took a breath. "Weeeelllll...." he started, "....after I noticed that Doodledoo had stopped his tries to get rid of the crown, I stopped too. He slowly sagged to the ground, so I decided to hold him that he wouldn't fall too hard.

The same moment he raised his head, looking at me with a pityful expression - and I could see into his eyes... They were still blue, but the pupils...

They weren't round any more, but long and thin like those of a Weasel! I let off Doo and backed a few steps - I had heard of the legend, too - everyone has.

Instead of falling to the ground Doodles stood up again, but his posture was so strange... he looked angry - no, wait - more... fierce... he stood there like he was ready to attack everyone who made the mistake to come closer, and he kinda seemed to growl under his breath. Maloon backed, too, now panic on his face - then he turned around and ran away!

I could just stare at my little friend. He focused me too, but in a way as if he had never seen me before, so I didn't dare to move a limp.

Suddenly there was thunder, and flashes appeared from nothing and danced around Doo's head and the crown. He widened his eyes as in shock, then, a second later he completely changed...

From one moment to the other I had to look UP at Doodles. If this WAS still Doodles - it was big and strangely malformed in a way. It had blue eyes, no, blue eyeBALLS, and the Weasel-like pupils were white and stared with cold fire at me. This huge, red-skinned being lifted one clawhand and took the crown down without any efford. The hoop under it wasn't a hoop any more - it looked like some spiral with a really pointy end in the middle.

It looked grinningly at the shiny object in its hands, then just threw the crown away, turned to me again and went into attacking posture, ducking a bit and spreading its arms out... but it didn't get me. It just stood there and looked at me, with cold eyes and that grin...

I had enough time to have a closer look at Doodles - three big fangs stuck out from the upper lip, and he looked like he would use them wherever he could. Everything on my friend that had looked nice and pleasant was gone - his chestbutton had turned into a meaningless ornament, the arms looked just too skinny and bony compared to the huge body, but yet seemed very strong, and the hands ended in yellow claws, sharp enough to split things by just touching them. The four spikes on his back, which normally were just too blunt to hurt anyone seriously, could surely be used as a mortal weapon now. And this being stood on two-toed feet, with a third spike at the heels.

So the legend WAS true - Doo had turned into something evil... but he was nothing like the legend described Klogg - he looked more like... I once had heard of big, wild creatures, called dinosaurs... but they are said to be dumb - the creature in front of me still had that light in its eyes that everything what it did, it would have been intentional...

Evil Doodles (I'll just call him ED, I think) ducked a bit more, ready to jump at me, snarling under his horrible grin.

"Doodles!" I said, in the hope he would understand and recognize me. "Come on, little friend, you know me! I'm Tramen! Remember? Toast, your old companion whatever-will-happen! Doo..."

It didn't seem to have any effect on him - he came closer...

I just closed my eyes - I didn't want to see what happened next. But instead of attacking me, ED just grabbed me at my collar and lifted me about two feet into the air, without any difficulties. It didn't even hurt, but I was afraid about what would happen next.

He went back to the Apple Tree with me. There he pressed me against the trunk, and with the other claw ED tore a branch from the top and tied it around me. I still had contact to the ground, but I couldn't move my arms and hands at all.

Then the vile creature came close to my face and looked me into the eyes, hissing while widening his grin. After that, he left. He just turned around and headed to the entrance of the Explosives Shack.

I looked after him. He hadn't hurt me at all! Just tied me up here... Then I remembered something: Klenn! He would bomb him up if he passes the Shack!

I saw Klenn, and he was ready to lit one of the Weasel-Busters, the ultimate destroyer-boomstick! "MANIES, NO! It's Doodles!!! Don't hurt him!"

I tried to wiggle me free somehow, but the branch around my chest was stable as a metal bar.

And Klenn seemed not to have heard me - he lit the fuse....

Suddenly Doodles made a big jump forwards, so that he stood right in front of Klenn. Manies was too surprised to act as ED took his wrist of the hand which he held the boomstick with and pulled him into the air. With the other claw-forefinger and thumb Doo just pressed the lit fuse out, then he took the stick and swallowed it, not stopping this weird grin.

He let Klenn fall and marched on, into the Shack. While passing the entrance he stretched out both hands and tore two big parts at the left and right out off the doorframe as if it was paper. Then he was out off my sight.

Klenn, who wasn't hurt, too, had stood up and came to me now, wordlessly helping untie me. When I was free again he asked: "What WAS that??"

I think I sounded really upset when I answered: "Doodles! Maloon has set Hoborg's crown onto his head!... Hoborg's crown!"

I remembered that it still was lying on the ground. I went to it and carefully picked it up. A strange feeling of power ran through it and up my arms, but I could resist to set it on - I had seen what it had done to my friend.

After that, Klenn and I followed ED, to see what he was doing right now. When we had run through the Explosives Shack, we faced a mess. The whole place all around the Big Tree had been torn apart, covered with claw-marks or, in many cases, eaten. And at the moment Doo stood in front of the Nursery - with one hand he shoveled big holes into the wall of the building, eating the parts afterwards, and with the other hand he held... Kjumen!

He was screaming and wiggling wildly, but ED held him around his hips high into the air, as if 'Jumen was a toy.

I did nothing but stare - this was the way my friendship with Doodles should end?

Klenn, who stood beside me, started to yell: "HEY! Doodles!!! Let Kjumen go, he hasn't done anything to you! Look over HERE! Do you REALLY want to destroy our homeworld??"

ED turned around to us, seemingly a tiny bit thoughtful about that last question. A few seconds later he started to grin again, with a sound something like "Gharrrl!". He dropped Kjumen to the ground and stepped into our direction. But on half of his way he suddenly looked to the left, and a dim glowing portal appeared right next to him.

I knew this portal. I've seen it a few times before - it was Doodles' door to his own world. He never stayed long in the Neverhood, sometimes one day or two, but seldom longer than a week. He always said it has something to do with 'time differences'.

He stepped through it, and the portal closed. I ran to the spot where it had appeared - what would happen to him in his homeworld? I've never seen that place he called 'Earth', but I was sure they weren't too happy about monsters either. But the only thing I could do now was hoping.

I looked at the crown I still was holding in my hands - I had to bring it back to Hoborg, and then I had to explain what had happened. And THEN I had to find MALOON!

On my way to the Palace I could only think of one thing: Would I ever see my little friend Doodles again?"

"This is not FAIR!" interrupted one of the young Hoodians in the room. "The Legend of Klogg tells you that you, once that you've set the crown on, will never turn back to your normal self! So this story CAN'T have a happy end!"

I took over again. "Well, my friends, you wanted to HEAR a scary story, and here GOES a scary story. Who says that such a story must have a happy ending?"

"But you're still Doodles, and no wild beast! So we KNOW that you made it all up, and that's not scary!" argued another one.

"Just wait and listen", I calmed them down, giving Tramen a wink, "the story's not finished yet. With this, the story starts getting interesting....

I stood in a mess of damaged and fallen trees, in the small forest near my home on Earth. I couldn't remember the last few hours, just that my dimension portal had brought me here, to a place where there had been no other humans at that time. I was human again, too. You know, my body regenerates after a while when I change worlds - so I can live in my homeworld as a human being and in the Neverhood as Doodles, your common Klay hoop-head. And I was a NORMAL human! I knew that, after I hadn't been able to put the crown from my head, I had mutated into some THING. And I knew that I hadn't been very nice... But now, turning back to my originally body, I seemed to be ok again!

I thought of Tramen. He surely worries about me now... or maybe he hates me, after what I had done to him... Slowly, I could remember all dumb details that Klogg-Doodles had done. I was ashamed.

But I couldn't change dimensions as often as I wanted to - It was quite a painful procedure to turn into another being, and I wasn't able to do it again for hours afterwards. So I'd have to wait.

But WHEN I change to the Neverhood again - into what would I turn? If I'd turn into Bad Doodles again... well, I'd have a few minutes or hours until I'd lose my human form, and in that time I could tell them... well....

I looked at the ground.

...I could tell them 'Good bye' at least...

Some hours later...

I breathed in. Now I'd find out if I'll ever be Doodles again.

I opened my portal.

It brought me to the Hall of Records, where some other Hoodians were just talking about something - maybe about me, since they turned around to me when I appeared next to them and gave me some unsure looks.

Most Hoodians knew me in my human form, ironically not including my friend Tramen, who was quite a young being and hadn't been there when Doodles was created the first time.

But they backed a bit - I must really have done some bad things...

"Itsokay! Itsokay! I'm me again! Don't worry! Please believe me!"

They were still unsure about the situation, but they came closer again. "You're... alright? You turned back to good??" they asked.

"I.... think so." I answered honestly. "But please, tell me where Tramen is, before I -"

I stopped. The feeling I suddenly had in my stomach was just too familiar... but that couldn't be! I'm just a few seconds in here! It can't be that my body would change yet...

Everything around me went white. I was used to this up to now - everything turns white, a short painful moment of complete molecular reconstructing...

After I could see again I stared at the Hoodians in front of me. They stared back. Then they began to smile and said: "Oooh! Welcome back, Doodles!!!"

I ran happily to the Radio Room, where Tramen lived.

When I came in I found him sitting on the ground, like he often did - but he didn't meddle with one of his gizmos or inventions. Instead, the whole floor of the room was filled with pictures - pictures I once had made for him. And in his hand he held one I had just made one week ago - it was a picture of both of us, me sitting on Tra's shoulders and waving.

I stopped in surprise.

Tramen slowly lifted his head, his eyes still caught to the picture. When he saw me, he abruptly stood up, put the picture aside and ran into my direction, hugging me so hard that he lifted me up a foot from the ground.

"Doodles! You're... you're YOU!" he beamed at me - I had never seen him *that* happy before.

I grinned, too. "Yes! My human form brought me back to normal! I'm SO GLAD, Toast! I thought I'd never see you again!"

Tramen looked around on the floor, where my pictures were still lying in some carefully set order. He seemed a bit embarressed. "Yes.... I thought that, too...."

Soon, the news were around. Everything was back to order - Hoborg had his crown back, Maloon had been caught and brought to the prison room in the Cat Head Mountain, and the damages I had done were soon repaired, with the help from all of us. And Klenn, Kjumen and Tramen had forgiven me for what I, or better ED, had done.

Yeah... everything was back to order..."

"Phew, well THAT had a happy end!" said one of the one-dayers sitting next to me. Some other newbies nodded and smiled.

"Yeah", I answered, "That's what I would call a happy end... but, my friends, this ISN'T the end...

The next day...

I hung around with Tramen again. We were both in my room in Willie's house - I stood in my basket-like bed, Tra sat on my 'Come in!' pillow at the entrance - we were playing with some KlaySweets, trying to hit each other's mouths by throwing the little lumps through the room (and since Toast was a much better aimer than I was, the poor pal had to collect most of them from the floor - but he didn't mind).

We could have done that for the rest of the day, if there hadn't been a sudden earthquake. I walked to the window and looked down. I saw...

WEASEL! One of them had managed to climb up the wall again, and it was RIGHT under my entrance! I stumbled back even too shocked to scream. I pressed myself against the opposite wall of my room as the Weasel tried to reach through my entrance with one pincher claw.

Tramen was upright too, and he joined me standing at the wall and staring at the beast. What should we do NOW?

I silently groaned out of despair, causing Tramen to look at me. "I think we'd better -" he begun, than stopped, staring at me in a strange way.

I turned my head to him - his sudden stare irritated me even more than the Weasel outside. "What is it?" I asked, half panicked.

He still just stared at me, starting to back away.

"Tramen! What is it??" I repeated, now completely upset.

He opened his mouth, but after a while he just managed two words: "Your........eyes..........."

I looked at Tramen. Then I opened my cupboard next to me and looked into the mirror in the inside of the door.

I almost forgot the Weasel - the sight of a huge crab wasn't half as horrible as what I saw in my own eyes! Tra had told me what had happened after Maloon had set me the crown on. He had told me about my eyes...

I leaned against the wall again, slowly sitting down and feeling IT to happen again...

Once again, the next thing I could remember was that I was in my homeworld again, and once again, after returning to the Neverhood everything seemed to be in order... but I now knew it better.

I met with Tra. "...But you didn't HURT me! In the contrary! You went to the Weasel and got rid of it in a minute!"

I stared at Toast. "You mean I.... I KILLED it??"

Tramen nodded, and he even seemed to be a bit proud of me. "Then you just went through the portal again - you destroyed a lot of your room, but you didn't HURT me! Maybe you aren't THAT evil, even in ED-form!"

I didn't feel too much happier. "But it can happen again and again... I don't even know WHY it happened!"

"*I* know it!" said Tramen, "After thinking about what had happened there I got it!"

I looked up at him. "Yeah? What was it??"

Toast looked deep into my - fortunately normal - eyes and just said one word: "Shock!"

After about a minute my brain seemed to get an idea what that meant. "You mean... every time I get shocked I turn to ED??"

My tall friend nodded again.

"But I get shocked about almost EVERYTHING!" I told him, becoming nervous again. "I..." for the next sentence I needed my whole will-power to speak it out aloud, "I.... - if it is that way... then I'm too dangerous for you all.... If it's that way I.... think I should better leave the 'Hood.... for.... for a very long time......." I looked at the ground.

"No!" interrupted Tramen my thoughts. "You don't have to! You mustn't! I...." he trailed off, then continued in a much lower and more serious tone, "I made a new invention while you were away..."

He opened his chest compartment und pulled out two strange metallic rings. He gave them to me.

After examining them a while I still didn't have a clue - they were just rings with a red button on each of them. "What are these?" I asked.

Tra looked at the ground. "These are.... well, kinda.... if you always wear these, nothing can happen to anyone of us if you.... turn to ED again..."

I looked at the rings again. "You mean these are HANDCUFFS??"

Tramen tried to calm me down. "Not quite - they're, well... When you're YOU, Doodles, those things are just rings around your wrists. But if you ever again turn back to ED, those two red dots you see on them will automatically attract themselves and become... well, kinda handcuffs, right."

I sighed. I knew I had no choice - I could put them on, or I could leave the Hood, my second (and favorite) home, forever...

I held my hands in Tramen's direction, and he put me the Clappers, like he called them, on my wrists. They weren't too comfortable and looked strange on me, but if they'd help to prevent further damage it'll be alright.

It became evening...

The day had been rather eventless - Tramen and I had just walked through the 'Hood and told everyone that I'd be no more danger with the Clappers on. After that we both went to the Radio Room, and I had watched and tried to assist Toast at inventing another gimmick.

Now I was in my room again - it was getting dark outside and I went to bed. For a few minutes I just lay on my back, staring at the ceiling, but then I managed to close my eyes and fall asleep.

And I dreamed...

I again was ED, but this time I was aware who and where I was. This was the Palace - I sat, like a dog, next to the throne, with my claws scraping marks into the floor. I couldn't stand up, because I had been chained to the ground - even with all my powers I wouldn't have been able to break the iron collar around my neck. And I didn't want to - I was happy, had all that I wanted - my friend Tramen had chained me here, and he took care of me and only wanted my best. He even had carved a small "D" into my iron collar.

I snarled contentedly when a hand with dark-blue, razor-sharp fingers reached down to me and caressed my head.

I still focused grinningly the figure in the middle of the room - it was Hoborg. We had given him his crown back, since a sleeping king wasn't much fun, but we had put him into a big glass container, where he was floating helplessly, unable to move at his own will. And no other Hoodian could help him - they all were enslaved, held under control by Clappers, and the most dangerous of them, like Klenn, Keeno, Willie and Klaymen, were chained in here, high up to the walls of the Palace, groaning of pain and hunger.

"You'll never get away with this." Hoborg said, in calm and sad tones.

"Oh, and why not?" asked the voice from the throne, amused about Hoborg's ridiculous tries. It was mocking and unpleasant like Klogg's, but more majestically and demanding, like a mighty and cruel ruler of thousands of worlds. "You still think your puny sons can help you outta here?"

I grinned and hissed agreeingly.

"Then look around, Hoborg! In this room are assembled all your sons who tried to do anything against me, and all the others are outside and help building my ship that will make it possible for us to take over all other of Quater's worlds! - Oh, I forgot... you CAN'T look around!"

The new king laughed.

"Quater will not approve with what you're doing, Tramen! He'll bring everything back to order." Hoborg answered with a faint but steady voice.

"Yes, of course." Tramen said with bored tones. Then he reached down to the lock of my collar and opened it. I stood up and looked at him, waiting.

After a short while of looking at me he patted me again and smiled, so that all of his fangs could be seen. "Eat him, Doo."

I growled happily and turned to Hoborg, stepping in front of the glass container and reaching out for the door to open it. I would do ANYTHING for my friend Tramen.....

I woke up, screaming. What a nightmare!

I turned on the light of the lamp above my bed and covered my eyes with my hands, trying to awake completely. Then I looked at the Clappers around my wrists again.

I do HOPE this only was a nightmare!

To make sure, I looked into the mirror of my cupboard - my eyes were still normal. I breathed out - the shock of the dream didn't seem to be big enough to... well.

I looked out of my window. It was dark outside, but far down, on the lakeground, there was still light in the Radio Room. I decided to visit Tramen.

Down in his room he was sitting in front of the radio and repairing some part of the Secret Fountain. He looked up when I came in.

"Hello Doodles! What is up? Rather unusual time for a visit, huh?" he said, smiling.

"I can't sleep, Tra... I think this ED-stuff makes me really nervous. Um... can I stay here for a while - you seem to be busy anyways...?"

"Sure! Just sit down and do what you want. I'm glad to have someone around - I guess it'll take the whole night to repair this thing here."

I sat down next to him and watched silently. Then I looked at the Clappers again.

"You're still not used to them, eh?" Tra said in nice, understanding tones that made me feel a bit better.

"No..." I replied honestly, "But it's not as bad as it was this afternoon. I think in a few days I won't even notice them any more."

"U-huh." Tramen stated, concentrating on his work.

We sat there together for the rest of the night, talking a bit and repairing the fountain-part (that is, Tramen repaired it - I just held a few of his tools and gave them to him when he needed one).

I almost forgot about the nightmare, and I never told Toast or anyone else much about it - only that he PLEASE should take care of himself and stay that nice as he was now."

"Klymen! Turan! Come out, we want to play Goof-ball with ya!" some voice outside the Mush Room yelled. Two of the young Hoodians sitting around me looked at the exit. Then at me again, questioningly.

I shrugged. "There isn't much more to tell anyway." I told them. "I had to wear these Clappers for some weeks, and they helped. ED couldn't destroy anything with the Clappers on, and after going through the portal I always could turn back. And after these few weeks I had slowly learned to control these mutations - you'd have to shock me REALLY hard by now to cause me to turn into ED. And since these mutations became more and more seldom, I could take the Clappers off again soon. Well, that was just a week ago...."

I stopped talking. After a while, all the young Hoodians stood up, heading for the exit. Before they went, one of them said, speaking for all of them: "Thanks, Doodles! Whoa, that was a REALLY scary story!"

"Yeah, right." I answered, still sitting. I looked at Tramen, slighly smiling. "Yes... indeed a SCARY story..."

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