A discovery
Story by Sarlakk

I like Doo's room. It's nice, has a nice feeling. If you know what I mean, that is. But you don't care about that.

Well, me and Doo were just hanging out in his room, playing around with a book (Doo drawing and me writing, if you care) we were making.

It was going along fine, until Doo suddenly yelled at me, "Would you PLEASE stop tapping?!", as I had a tendency to tap out rhythms, being a drummer (well, I was one on Earth anyway). I stopped.

"Pardon me... you know I do that. Not like I can help it. It's natural", said me.

"Natural...I'll give you natural right in the stomach..." Doo mumbled.

I think I wasn't supposed to hear that, but I did anyway. I changed the subject. "What do you think about this last chapter?"

"I don't know. Look, we've been working on this for hours. Can we stop?" Doo's eyes lit up, "Maybe get some lunch?"

Lunch sounded good. "OK, lunch it is. Anything in mind?"

Doo got this wierd look on his face. "Before we go...well you probly won't understand, being new in the Hood and all, but I have to go back to a place called Earth now and--"

I cut him off. "Did you say 'Earth'?"

"Yes... why?"

I was a little nervous now. "I... um... erm... I come from Earth. There. I said it," I wasn't quite glad to get that off my chest. "You can't tell anyone, I'll get made fun of, beat up, tortured, thrown off the hood..." I couldn't stop thinking of horrible things.

"Whoa, Sar! Relax! No one's gonna get thrown off the hood. Calm down, start over. You come from Earth? Really?"

"Yeah... really. I probly coulda still been there, if I hadn't walked that street,"

Doo looked obviously confused.

"What?" He asked.

"I was... well... all I can remember is that I was hit by a car. Then it went black and I woke up here. A car. You said you could get back to Earth?" I asked hopefully.

Doo had a tear in his eye. "A...car?" Doo wiped his eyes, "Yes, I can get back to Earth. You see, I come from there too. I still go back, and I can still be human."

I sighed. "Human... I'll never be human again."

"Maybe if..." Doo looked off, deep in thought. "That's IT! I'll take you back to Earth!"

"Can you... DO... that? Aren't there like... any rules or something?" I asked skeptically.

"Not that I know of. Come on, I'll get ready. You should get ready too. Be prepared, because we have to be there for at least 5 hours before we can go back," Doo explained.

"Don't tell anyone," I said.


"Don't tell anyone I'm... um... pseudo-human, OK? It could get to me..."

"I can keep secrets. Like, I never told anyone that I'm afraid of the dark... oops."

I laughed. "Don't worry. I can keep secrets too."

I jumped up. I was REALLY going to see Earth again! I still couldn't believe it.

"How exactly do you... get us there?" I wondered out loud.


I was confused.

"Don't ask how. You'll see."

This would be good. I just hope I didn't get *too* emotional. I won't say much, but there was a bunch of hoodians who got hugged that day.

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