Close Call
Story by Athena

I leaned against a tree on the Great KlayPlains, relaxing, listening to the FwaSheep off in the distance, and reviewing my day.

My best friend Doodles had left for his own world twenty minutes ago. Klenn was doing another one of his experiments in the Explosive Shack, and Kliff Hanger and his Klub had invited Kjumen along to one of their little adventures.

So I was kinda left all to my lonesome on the Plains. I was contemplating taking a nap when I noticed that the familiar baaaahs of the FwaSheep had disappeared. I suddenly heard footsteps behind me.

"Hello?" I asked, sitting up and turning around. "Who is-"

I instinctively jumped up and froze when I found myself face-to-face (or, more accurately, 'face-to-mouth') with a yellow Weasel.

I tensed, gritting my teeth while staring in fright at the creature. I had never been so close to one in all my Klay Life!

This wasn't the biggest Weasel I had ever seen - ones *twice* this size were constantly harassing the Neverhoodians.

Could this be a *young* weasel?

My friend Gnimen - who studies animals, mice, BUGS, and even *Weasels* - said that (after much examination) he had concluded that even though Weasels were born with a taste for Hoodians, young and inexperienced ones *could* be scared away.................

By this time, both me and the Weasel were locked in each others gaze, each unsure of what to do. I *had* to think of a plan.......

I was too far from the Explosive Shack to run - Weasels ARE faster than you'd expect, and I myself carried no dynamite on me whatsoever....Only a few tools.

Suddenly, the young Weasel reared up and let out a ferocious scream.

By Quater, Gnimen had BETTER be right!! I thought to myself, mentally preparing myself for what I had to do.

I crossed my fingers for good luck, like Doodles had once shown me, and inhaled deeply.

I screamed right back at the Weasel.

The Weasel seemed startled for a moment. In fact, it backed away abit, on its many feet, seeming abit unsure now.

I hunched over and growled at the Weasel, giving it a mean stare and growled, wondering what my friends would think if they saw this......

After a few moments of staring at each other, the Weasel tried to pinch me with one of its clappers. I jumped back and easily dodged the blow.

"Ha! See there? Not so coordinated, are you?" I mocked.

The Weasel screamed as if in reply.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR yourself, you stupid FwaCattle thing, you!!" I shouted back at it, waving my fist.

My whole act was disorienting the poor thing. It seemed confused at the event of its lunch yelling and insulting him, although I guess I would be too, if one day the apples starting biting back.......

Gaining a bit of hesitant courage, the Weasel slowly began to advance on me. *I* started becoming nervous. What would it do next?

Slightly panicked, I opened my chest compartment (again causing the Weasel to freeze) and pulled out the first solid thing that wasn't a KlayPaper (sorry, Doodles, but I don't think even your SCARIEST monster drawing could help me now!).

I pulled out the weighted object I had grabbed and hastily slammed my compartment shut. I glanced at my new defense, still keeping track of the Weasel's actions. I had managed to pull out my biggest and heaviest wrench out from the depths of my compartment - and I could have SWORN that I had lost the thing a few weeks ago. Quater must be with me!!

I held the weapon to the side of me like a Goof-Ball bat, posed and ready to swing. The Young Weasel, after watching me curiously, reached out with its clapper and tried to grab it away from me - something I hadn't expected.

"NO!! MINE!!" I screamed at it, pulling the wrench out of its grasp.

The Weasel kind of barked at me (that's the only word I could use to describe it) and backed off aways. Whew! I thought to myself. Maybe I'm winning!

Then I saw it barreling towards me, full speed. Without thinking, I swung the wrench. I heard the heavy **WHOMP** as it came into contact with the Weasel. The young Weasel 'yipped' and retreated from me, full-speed away.

"YEAH!!" I yelled after it, psyched. "YOU'LL THINK TWICE BEFORE MESSING WITH TRAMEN, EH STUPID WEASEL?!" I hollered triumphantly, jumping up and down, still holding my victory wrench.

"Teach HIM to mess withaHoodian *I'll* tell ya," I mumbled to myself in fun while putting my wrench back away.

I ran all the way back into the Hood hoping to find Hoborg. Sure enough, I found him not in his throne room, but by the Apple Tree, eating and talking with my other brothers.

"Hoborg!!" I began, panting. "Therewasthis - this *weasel* and - - and I -- I" I tried to tell my story between pants.

"Whoaaaaa.....Slow down there, Son." Hoborg said, holding a hand up. "Now, catch your breath, THEN tell us what's goin' on, not the other way around." he told me. I caught my breath as he finished the apple he had been holding. He wiped the juice off on his hands, then asked, "Now what happened?"

"I, I was lying in the KlayPlains, and I noticed the FwaSheep weren't baaahing any more and I looked up and there was this WEASEL there in front of me, so I stood, and I remembered what Gnimen had told me and the Weasel that was before me looked young, so after it screamed at me I *screamed* back - it's not funny!! - and....And then.....And then......."

I finished my story, and I guess alot of them didn't believe me (although if Hoborg didn't, he sure didn't act like it!), especially when I got to the part about whacking the Weasel with my wrench, but it doesn't really matter - *I* know it happened, and THAT'S the important thing!

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