One Victoid's Venture
Story by Clockwork Charlie, D27Mo4Y2o00

It was a rather chilly day in the deep recesses of space, and every being across Quater's known universe celebrated the closing of another bountiful age.

That is, almost every being. Somewhere on a desolate chunk of land floating through the black sky, a tribe of Victoids started their meal, a Wx herd that they had stolen from some Proto-skullmonkeys. The clan sat on the hard klay surface crowded around the carcasses and lashing out at them head-first, squabbling over meaty chunks.

However, one Victoid had gone about in a different manor. He ate only small pieces with crudely fashioned silverware and occasionally sneaking in a bite of a FepShrub, for he hated the idea of eating an animal that was slaughtered in cold blood. His name was Victor, the more civilized Victoid. For a long time he had wanted to leave the tribe and fulfil his dream of studying every living thing in Quater's universe, but he knew the tribe wouldn't allow it. A particularly gnarled old Victoid named Valdin licked his blood stained lips and stood up. When an elder stood up, it usually meant something important.

"My friends! It has come apparent that the food here is little more than digestible!" Some Victoids nodded in agreement, though most continued to gnaw savagely at the left over Wx carcass. "That is why I declare that the tribe go on a Horkrind Vacaant!"

Victor's stomach churned. A Horkrind Vacaant! His mind drifted back to when he was a pup and was with his tribe on a previous Horkrind Vacaant. The Victoids would launch themselves into space and float for weeks until a suitable place is found. Many would starve. Sometimes the tribe would be forced back into their previous territory anyway.

"I have already discussed the matter with my fellow tribe elders and we have decided that we'll all set out tomorrow. For now we will get rested."

So that was that. The Victoids barely had to walk a few steps before their sleeping spots were reached. They huddled together for warmth and begin to wander into a dream world. They would be ready for the Vacaant tomorrow.

But Victor had other ideas. As soon as he was sure the rest were deep in a state of near lifeless sleep, as they would need to conserve as much energy as they could, Victor sneaked out onto the very edge of the chunk. He stared down into the deep dark area below them. Then he dashed about, being careful not to make too much noise, and grabbed what little possessions he had. He strapped on his fanny pack which contained his camera and a few sheets of klay parchment on which he sketched wildlife. Then Victor approached a box which the elders had kept secret. Only once had he seen them open it as a pup, but the image had been burned into his mind. He slowly opened the lid, revealing what he had seen so many years ago. The red contraption. He had heard that it was found hovering over Idznak, abandoned, with a picture of a strange klay being, with a cylindrical head and a short brown stem, displayed in the "find" box. The elders used it too find food when it was scarce, though they claimed the feasts were gifts from Quater to keep the tribe spirited. Victor strapped the contraption on and pressed a button. A helmet tried to fit itself over his strangely shaped head, but it failed due to the fact that it was fashioned for a more humanoid type being with a cylindrical head. This didn't really matter since he was already wearing a flight helmet, his favorite possession he had picked up.

Realizing he had taken enough time as it was, Victor sprinted back to the edge and leaped off without further hesitation. Luckily, the thing still worked, so he soared into space. Victor shivered. It was so very cold in space. Maybe he should take a nap...

At least a few days later, Victor awoke with a hunger in his belly. He munched on a bit of FepShrub as he continued to soar.

All of the sudden, he realized that he was moving at a greater speed. In fact, he was plummeting! The suit was still flapping, but there was no gas to propel it!! He pressed the release button on the suit, for now all it did was weigh him down, making it even less likely for him to have a soft landing. He continued his decent, faster and faster, until he came upon a bright light. He fearfully looked downward into the blinding whiteness, and saw that it was right under him! SMACK! He crashed onto the thing! For a moment he lay there, trying to think. He spread out a claw and caressed the surface, trying to determine what it could be. Hmmm. It was flat, pretty smooth, and had a knob on one side. A door! With no difficulty, Victor turned the knob. The door fell inward, sending him falling downward to where ever the door lead. Within seconds he found out, for he crashed down into a hallway. He rubbed his pain-stricken head. He stuck his head up and examined his surroundings.

This hallway had beautiful architecture, but this beauty was ruined due to the fact that the hallway was littered with doors. Also in the hallway were many scientific observation tools. His curiosity getting the better of him, Victor ambled over to the nearest door and yanked it open. All he could see was a massive blob! It swirled and had what appeared to be a gelatinous texture. He saw that a crown rested on the top of the area. On closer inspection, Victor saw millions of tiny dots, which began to mass in groups. He stuck his head through to get a closer look. The tiny specks had lumped themselves into large mobs, which he could see better. Upon sight of his massive toothy head, most of the specks began flinging green stuff all over him! Victor found this unpleasant, despite the fact that it had a nice flavor. More specks began spiting at him! That was enough! He reared his head backwards and slammed the door shut. Victor wiped off the green goo and pulled out his klay parchment. He'd always wanted to study Quater's beings, so this was his chance. He sketched the anatomy of each speck type. He had seen at least two in the quick period of time he saw them. He wasn't looking back in there, so that's all he would put for now. After Victor thought he had enough detail in the illustrations, he continued down the hallway. He still had no clue where he was, but he was too fascinated to care.

He kneeled down to the ground where another door was. He lifted it up and was overpowered by the odor of hundreds of animals packed together in a tight place. He knew only one creature that has particular smell! It was a gigantic herd of Wx! They were piled on top of each other in a subterranean world, almost reaching the ceiling! He had heard of this Proto-Skullmonkey paradise, it was rumored to be named Outer Junn, existing in the Sump world. He already knew enough about Wx from what he had seen on Guhrli and Wx, the Wx and Proto-Skullmonkey home worlds, so with that, Victor took a quick snap with his camera and closed the door.

Victor could hardly wait to see what was next! He yanked the nearest door open and peered inside. It seemed peaceful enough. There were some rocks and stone formations, but it was basically quiet. He stuck his head through and gazed, when all the sudden an insane Skullmonkey leaped up, near his face, scaring him from the surprise! He had never seen a non Proto-Skullmonkey. The simian fell to the ground, laughing at the way he shocked Victor. This angered Victor. He wasn't going to let some punk monkey get the better of him! He felt a surge of adrenaline pump through his veins. He leaped into the terrain and pounced atop the shocked ape. Victor grinned evilly. With one swift movement, Victor tore the skull right off and tossed it over a rock outcrop. With its last bit of life, the headless monkey leaped over the edge to recover his head, but instead plummeted to his death. This whole event had put Victor into a bad mood. Part of him said "good riddance", but another part said he had been too harsh.

"No use dwelling on the past," Victor assured himself. But he knew deep down he had to control those outbursts of anger. He leaped back through the doorway and back into the hall, slamming the door. But this time he hadn't gone unnoticed. He saw a shadow hovering in his direction!

"Who dares misuse the Omega Rr universe access point of Olhama Bob?" boomed a voice in his head. He could clearly see the being now. Omega Rrs are a rare come by. Omegas are a mutant type of Rrs which appear only once every few generations and have incredible psychic abilities, and can transport people from one place to another, regardless of distance, in a matter of seconds. But he was sure that Arven had outlawed the creating of solid doorways into other worlds with your mind! However, he had no time to ponder this, since Olhama Bob was getting closer. He moved swiftly since he hovered above ground, an ability gained with the advantage of a highly superior mind. Victor dashed for a door and began to open it when the voice boomed in his head, "STOP!" With that, Victor's muscles froze as Olhama Bob mentally bore into his skull. The door he had open lead to the home of the one-of-a-kind Unbelievable Drivey Flyy. It was the newest member of the Drivey family and looked like a tiny klay ball with two bat-like wings and no other features. Upon awakening, it flew out of the door and fluttered about the hallway, distracting Olhama Bob. He lost his concentration and Victor was able to break free. He went into the neighboring door, with the Unbelievable Drivey Flyy right behind him. Olhama Bob just floated there, not attempting to follow. The Victoid and Flyy had just gone head first into the ynt death garden, and they didn't call it that for nothing. Ynts don't usually like visitors, especially an evil looking Victoid.

Victor found himself plummeting once again! He was in a tropical setting, but objects around him were flashing by so quickly that he couldn't get a good view of the place. He reached out towards ledges as he fell, but was unable to reach them. He thought he would fall right off the planet! As Victor flailed his arms uselessly, he felt his claw brush against something! It was the Unbelievable Drivey Flyy. He grabbed on to the winged creature. He clutched it in his hand and, in less than three seconds, It expanded to support his weight! It flew upward and landed him safely on a platform made of growth and plant. Victor took a step, and the now contracted Flyy followed him. Victor smiled. He was glad to have a companion. Tired of flying, Flyy attached itself to Victor's shoulders and took a nap. Victor began to climb a vine to get an overlooking view of the entire area. His claws easily gripped on, and he hoisted himself to a higher level. As he neared the peak of the tree, he gazed far into the distance. He could see that there were trees of massive size spreading in all directions, and huge vegetation existed everywhere else. Hovering in the distance, some insect like creatures approached, but they were too far away to get a good look at them. He hopped down back to the platform, where he was greeted by the spears of angry worker ynts...

The centurion ynts from the distance joined with the workers bellow. Opon sight of the Victoid, the centurion's color changed from blue to a purple warning color. Victoids were renowned for their evil and taste for flesh. The ynts lead him by spear point. Victor protested, but before he could do anything, a centurion forced the blunt end of his spear down on his head. The last thing he saw was a ynt snatching at his fanny pack before he blacked out.

Victor awoke with a major headache. His head wasn't doing so well today... all this bumping... Suddenly, everything came back to him. He was in a Ynt colony, a prisoner.

Seeing that the chained-up Victoid was now awake, a centurion led him by spear point through a mine. Victor watched as ynt workers toiled at the mine, chained at the feet, while scraggily Centurions hovered about whipping them and taunting them with sandwiches. Victor was surprised. Aren't blue ynt workers equals to the centurions? Shouldn't they save this torture for the white ones?

On the other side of the door, Victor found himself in a room of splendor. The massive structure was filled with statues and decorations. In the center of the room, a staircase led up to a large throne. Sitting majestically was a ynt who bore a crown. His eyes were positioned like a centurions, yet its mandibles were longer than any others, stretching down as long as his own face stretched out. He had a normal ynt body, but there were spikes sticking out, and his claws were larger and sharper.

"So, this is our little intruder?" called the ynt to no one in particular. "Guards! Leave us." With those words, the centurions buzzed out.

"Listen, Mr., er, king Ynt, I do not mean you any harm and if I could go I'd really appreciate it."

"Oh, would you?" he replied simply in a sarcastic manner.

"Now if you could at least tell me where I could get-"

"-SILENCE! I AM HELKNA YENTOL, KING OF THE YNTS! YOU SHALL LISTEN AND NOT TALK!" There was a short silence for a while, and when Helkna regained his composure, he began again. "Now, we both know that you're not going to do anything, if you were a savage, I wouldn't have called off my guards. But the appearance of a Victoid, none the less, frightens my people..."

More like your slaves than ‘people,' thought Victor.

" if they see you departing, me simply letting you go, they'll question my ability as a leader, and they'll also fear the return of more Victoids. So I have a proposal. If we fake your death, the whole ordeal is over. They won't worry about you, you won't worry about us. But in order for this to work, you'll have to be forced in the dungeon pit until a proper plan is made."

"I guess that sounds-"

Helkna cut in, "great, then it shall be. GUARDS!" A few centurions hovered in. "Take him to the pit."

Before anymore could be said, the centurions grabbed by the shoulder and dragged him off.

Soon afterwards, Victor found himself lying in the slimy mud at the bottom of the pit. A few pitiful ynts sat nearby, mumbling to themselves with no hope. Very little light found its way down there, due to the grating on the ceiling. One ynt caught his eye, though. His eyes were much like a centurions, everything in normal ynt proportions, but with a few odd features. Instead of mandibles, he had an actual mouth with plenty of teeth. His back was spikier and his claws were larger and more deadly. His pure black eyes blended into the darkness. The ynt spoke up.

"A newbie, eh? The first actual Victoid I've ever seen, though from what I've heard, I thought it would be more... oh, I don't know..."

"...Savage?" Victor said, completing the sentence.

"Yeah., that's it. So who are you? They call me Bainn. Bainn Yntis."

"I'm Victor. Hopefully I won't be here long though. Helkna said I'll be able to go free."

"Helkna Yntol? Ha! That scumbag is a liar and a traitor."

"He didn't seem like a model person, enslaving his own workers. I'll assume he's the reason your down here."

"The Death Garden has been in a poor position ever since Helkna took the throne. My appearance is different from other ynts since I am of royal blood. I am directly related to the founder of the Ynt Death Garden, my grandpapy, Finn Yntis. It all started when the Rrs first left a large portion of ynts stranded on Idznak. No one knew what to do, separated from their leader. Luckily, Finn, who was a nephew of the king, was among them. He took it upon himself to start a new colony. After his death, his son, Glenn Yntis, took the throne. Glenn was my father, you see, so I was to be the rightful heir to the throne. But Helkna Yntol also had his eyes on throne. Helkna had a squad of gooneys supporting him, waiting for my father to become weak, then he would overthrow him. One day, however, an evil being ventured into our world and slaughtered my father. Helkna had no one to oppose him, for his squad had me separated from my followers and warriors. I couldn't fight alone. They imprisoned me and Helkna took the throne."

Victor was surprised that a former king was so willing to open up to a stranger. Maybe Bainn saw something in himself that he didn't.

"Why are you telling me so much?" Victor pondered aloud.

"You probably haven't noticed, but there's something about you, I don't know, a strange glint in your eyes. I believe you may be the one to restore order in the Death Garden."

Victor saw how hopeful Bainn was, but this was still coming heavy on the Victoid. He decided to wait it out, see if Helkna indeed would brake his word. If he did, he'd have to think of something.

That night, Victor had a dream in which he walked before the throne, which was ablaze. Helkna sat there, burning. His perfect black eyes reflected the flames around him. He moved like a demon arising from the underworld. He flew off of his throne, but the fire burned his wings off, sending him plummeting downward. He landed perfectly in front of Victor. Then, the ynt reared its head, opening his mandibles. Before he could harm Victor, though, the ynt died. As his body slumped lifelessly to the ground, his long mandibles melded together. From them arose a serpent-like creature, which swirled out in a blur, coming at him! It reared back opened it's mouth and...

Before the nightmare was finished, Victor broke out of his sleep. He lied there, on the hard ground, as an hour slowly drifted by.

Not much more time had passed when Victor heard scratching at the grating. The grating lifted and two centurions buzzed in. They took Victor, who didn't struggle, by the shoulder and began to pull him upward. Bainn looked up at the Victoid captor and warned him. "Watch out Victor, trust me." A centurion hit him with the blunt end of his spear to silence him.

Victor was placed in the center of a great stadium, where all the ynts sat to watch the Victoid prisoner. Helkna himself watched from a luxurious booth.

Victor yelled up to the self proclaimed king, "Will I be free to go?" He was answered by silence. Next to him was a grate that covered an underground pipe. He could hear hissing as a wispy tongue found its way to the surface.

"What is this? What about the deal?" yelled Victor, not surprised at the outcome.

Helkna raised an eye and smiled. He said quietly, almost to himself, "I lied." Then he turned his attention to the show.

The centurions who had dragged him in removed the grating and started their exit. However, Helkna wasn't about to let them miss the fun. A living mass of gigantic weeds and tentacle-like plants writhed in front of them, blocking their escape. The ynts began slashing at the plants, calmly trying to escape.

Meanwhile, a large gaping mouth began to rise from the pipe line. It was followed by its serpent-like body, slithering towards its victims. Without having enough time to even realize it happened, the first centurion rested deep within the digestive system of the creature.

Helkna projected his voice across the stadium, "My fellow ynts, what you see before you is a creature that scours the pipelines for any unlucky scum, a fitting end for our intruder. So, without further ado, I present to you the pipe cleaner, from the depths of the Skullmonkey Brand Hot Dog factories!"

The other centurion began to panic. It dove down and attempted to crawl under the growth. Many thorns scraped through his exoskeleton, but he ignored the pain and continued to crawl. The ynt thought he was going to reach freedom when he all of the sudden felt a sharp pain. He looked behind him only to see that his lower half was bitten off at the torso.

Victor's heart thumped in his chest. His muscles tensed. Waves of fear radiated off of him. It was this fear that awoke the Unbelievable Drivey Flyy, who had been in a deep sleep all this time. Victor had completely forgotten about the little guy, wrapped in a bundle in his fur, he never even noticed him. Flyy expanded quickly, and Victor gripped on to the edge of its outstretched wings. The pipe cleaner sprung forward in an attempt to complete its meal, but Flyy had lifted them out of rang in the last second. Victor swiped off a trickle of sweat on his forehead. They reached the ceiling, where others, including many former guards, had attempted to escape. There was now a large hole, made by escape attempts, so Victor quickly put all his effort into making it large enough to fit through. Victor clawed through vegetation and thorns, with the pipe cleaner slithering behind them. It was too close now, they had to make due with its current size. Victor and Flyy began forcing their way through painful thorny growths, ignoring their agony. Before the pipe cleaner could get any closer, Victor leapt into the air, where Flyy continued doing what an Unbelievable Drivey Flyy does best.

The pipe cleaner continued to snap for a while at the escaping meal, but it eventually gave up, knowing that it could not pursue a being that could defy gravity.

Flyy took Victor back to the spot he had arrived at. He hovered there, only an arms distance from the solid mental doorway that an Omega Rr had created so many years ago. Victor outstretched an arm towards the knob, when a thought popped in his mind. He remembered the ynts being whipped and the hopeful look on Bainn's face. If he left, he would be taking the cowards way out, leaving others to suffer.

Although he had kept it hidden and denied it up until this point, Victor knew he still had a savage Victoid's instinct in him. No Victoid could be completely civil. And when he wanted to, it could be set loose to run amok.

Victor forced Flyy back around, to the stadium. When he reached it, he didn't allow Flyy to follow, not wanting it to risk its life for him.

Helkna sat on his throne, his claw supporting his chin. He had decided not to send a horde out after the escapee. He may have lost his main source for entertainment, but watching those centurions attempt to lure the pipe cleaner back into its lair had raised a smile. He simply sat, bored, on his throne, when something appeared in the corner of his eyes. Helkna couldn't hold back a chuckle.

"Helkna!" yelled the voice. By now the stadium had gone silent.

Helkna looked down to the Victoid, who appeared to have a reddish glint in his eyes. "And I thought he'd be smart enough never to return. I suppose he's come for the death we didn't give him the first time around," Helkna said to a centurion near him.

"I've come to give the throne to its rightful owner, and make sure you end up dead," said Victor, almost as if he had heard the king's conversation.

"Oh, really?" said the king calmly, for he saw that the pipe cleaner had reemerged from the shadows and began to creep behind the Victoid. As the creature came closer, Victor could feel it breathing down his neck. Its tongue slithered out of its mouth as a warning to the snapping jaws. Before anything else could happen, Victor slashed his claw backwards and gripped onto its tongue. With lighting speed, Victor thrust his arm forward. The pipe cleaner lay on the ground, except it was completely inside-out. All that was left was a bundle of nerves and organs, gasping for breath. It was like an El Barfo, except it didn't know how to reverse it and become outside-in again.

Helkna stood up, crushing his scepter in his claws. "KILL HIM!" he yelled at his horde of centurions. A group of six armed guards flew down at the pipe cleaner slayer. The berserk Victoid leaped on them, and in a fury of tooth and claw, he slew four of them. Three of them had been completely split in two! The remaining centurions backed away, not wanting to be the next victim. Helkna glared at the ynt centurions in the booth with him.

"What's the matter fools?" he growled furiously. "Why aren't you down there overpowering that beast?" The centurions shifted their feet and slowly backed away. Helkna became impatient. He lashed outward and gripped an unlucky ynt by the head. In one swift movement, he tore its head clean off.

"DO YOU WANT TO END UP LIKE HIM!?! DO YA?" he yelled out, full of rage. The centurions panicked and scattered. "Hand picked, the best solders, I'm sure. If you have something to deal with, you have to deal with it yourself!" With that, Helkna dove downward, his wings beating rapidly. He sped towards Victor like a train. Victor was busy catching his breath and was unable to avoid the king ynt, so instead of allowing himself to be mowed over, reached his arms out and gripped on to the ynt. Helkna flew as fast as a bullet with Victor latched onto him, but he was being weighed down. He decided to force the Victoid off of him. He continued to speed around his arena, but this time, he didn't turn when he reached the wall. Helkna flew upwards against the wall with Victor scrapping against weeds and thorns. Victor yelped out as excruciating pain surged through his body. The thorns ripped a huge gash down his back and had left him with one ear. Victor tried to control the pain as he was dragged along, unable to fight back. But as his pain swelled, so did his anger. The tables were about to turn. An unstoppable rage escaped Victor. He seized Helkna tightly and thrust him behind himself, pushing him against the wall. They continued to rocket upwards near the ceiling, but Victor used the ynt as a shield as they rammed through. The two of them shot into the open sky. Helkna gripped the weeds for his life. The ynt was not about to give up, though. He found the strength to force the raging Victoid over the edge. Luckily, the loyal Unbelievable Drivey Flyy had been waiting for him and caught him. The discouraged Helkna made one last leap at his adversary. With the assistance of Drivey Flyy, he reared backwards, so Helkna rammed right into his feet. Unable to find hold of anything, Helkna slipped off and plummeted down, not knowing that his wings had been ripped off in the thorny battle...

Helkna managed to let out an angered squeak as he saw the thorn that he had impaled himself on sticking out of his chest. He writhed for a moment until he fell completely silent in death.

With the workers free from their burden and the centurion horde thrown into the prison pit, Bainn took his place as leader. There was peace inside the death garden that day, as order was restored. Although King Bainn suggested he stay at the death garden, Victor parted after the great feast held in his honor. With his retrieved fanny pack and his friend Drivey Flyy, Victor traveled across the planet, studying the creatures that inhabited it. When the time would come, he knew how to reach the Omega hall again, but he would worry about avoiding Olhama Bob when the time came around. For now he would focus on documenting Idznak wildlife.

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