Our new Homes
Story by Clockwork Charlie

It had been a while since Tinoo and I had moved into the Hood. I had instantly taken a liking to the Chip Butty room and made it my home. Tinoo had made his home in the statue room. Nobody had told him that the ladder button wasn't working, though. He pressed the button in the ladder statue guy. It started to rumble. Tinoo looked up.

"What?!! Oh, no." The ladder had only come halfway down.

"Noo!!! And I'm supposed to meet Clockwork to go eat lunch."

Thinking about lunch made his stomach rumble.

"Ah, is anybody down there?" Luckily, Shmobo was up there. He was a fresh hoodian who was just made the other day. He was a brown, slit-eyed, stemless, hat-wearer who Tinoo had already became friends with.

"Is that you, my friend?" Shmobo called out.

Tinoo called back and explained what was going on.

"That's quite a Gerkin you're in. I better get someone."

Shmobo came back with a group of his friends including Curlicue, the Hoop-head with a hoop that looked like a cinnamon roll. Non of them could do anything, though. All of the sudden another being joined them.

"Hi!, Willie! Can you help us? Just for a sec?"

"Um, okey. Me was listening to favorite song on radio and me hear friends down here."

They told him about Tinoo being stuck in the statue room.

"Oh! That be an easy do one. Just climb on Arven statue to jump up and grab ladder."

Tinoo climbed up Arven and jumped. Unfortunately, he slipped. He was still able to grab hold of the ladder, but he accidently knocked off Arven's head too.

"Ah, sorry Arven. Please forgive me!" Tinoo looked at the head. It was glaring at him. It looked angry.

"Ahhhh!!! Arven's sending his wrath opon me!" With that, Tinoo ran up the ladder and into the transporter, sending himself to the Whales' Mouth. The funny thing was, the Arven statue always has that angry look on its face.

It had been a while since Tinoo said he would come. I started to get very hungry looking at the giant Chip Butty I was in. Without taking a second thought, I grabbed a chunk of the building. Oh, how good it tasted!

Just then, I heard the Gourd door open. Tinoo! I stood in front of the chunk I ripped out. "BirdBoy! What the hey took you so long! I'm starving!"

"Don't call me BirdBoy, Clock brain! I had a little incident in the Statue room, but most of it's okay now."

Then, all of the sudden, my headlight eye flashed and we heard a mechanical 'Click!' Out of a slit in my backpack, a thin sheet of klay shot out. It started to develop into a picture of Tinoo.

Tinoo looked at it and said, "Well, wadda ya know. You have a built-in camera that takes pictures of what you see."

Tinoo and I looked at each other and grinned. Then, we both said together, "lets see what else my (Tinoo said 'your' instead of 'my') computer brain can do!"

Before I did anything, computer typing appeared in the corner of my eye. 'Deploy Retrieval Claw'

I knew what was going to happen. A large claw attached to a wire shot out of my backpack and grabbed Tinoo. Tinoo yelped as the claw started pulling him in. The claw went back into my backpack with Tinoo still in it.

"Well, I guess that means I have to learn how to gain control over my mechanical parts. I'm hungry. How about we go down to the mulberry bush for a snack?"

From inside my backpack I heard a muffled, "Alright."

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