The Origin of Clockwork Charlie
Story by Clockwork Charlie

Once there was an evil klay being. No one knows where he came from or what he is doing here. Some say he was a creation of Klogg. Others say a foolish hoodian made an attempt at creating a being. Either way, he was plain evil (did I say that already?). He looked like Klogg but with the eyes of Klaymen, and a partial hoop.

Anyway, Hoborg eventually became aware that this little bugger was lurking around the HoOd. (No one knows his name, so he shall be referred to as 'MadKlay'.)

After being caught by Hoborg, MadKlay was banished to that little chunk of land where the pin used to be. Hoborg de-activated the transporter, so MadKlay had no chance of escaping.

Over the passing weeks, MadKlay learned how to re-activate the transporter for short periods of time. He would go to the Hall of Records when no one was around. Of course, more had been written since Klogg's leaving of the HoOd. He read the story of how Klogg betrayed Hoborg and took over the NeverhoOd. He liked the sound of that Klogg fellow, and decided to follow in his footsteps.

"If I'm going to take over the NeverhoOd, I'll need a giant Beast of destruction to enforce my rule!"

He read more of the Hall of Records and learned about the Clockwork Beast (done done DONE!!!).

"Ah! A beast suitable for my needs. Too bad it is floating out in space somewhere. No biggy. I'll just re-create it. If Hoborg can re-create a giant robot, I can surly re-create a giant beast."

MadKlay went on a search to find the best klay remaining in the NeverhoOd. When at last he had the Klay, he planned out his creation, the new Clockwork Beast. The life seed began to tremble. Then it shook.

"AhahahaHa!!!!! I will conquer the NeverhoOd with you by my side!"

But then he saw me. The beast. A perfect replica. Only I wasn't a beast. I was only the size of a klay being.

"You're not the destructive beast I envisioned!!! How will I conquer the NeverhoOd with you in my way?!!!"

Now at this time I had very little intelligence in that outdated computer brain of mine, so I went into BERSERKER mode. I started off with a scream so horrible, it blew MadKlay off his feet. "RRRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!"

I chased him around that little island until MadKlay's instincts kicked in. MadKlay stopped dead in his tracks, so I took a lunge for him. But alas, I didn't see the transporter behind him (even if I did, my computer brain probably wouldn't register). MadKlay ducked, leaving me cramped into the transporter. MadKlay took the opportunity to send me where he pleased, since he had recently re-activated the transporter.

The next thing I knew, I had been warped to a strange building shaped like a giant trashcan. It was a new building that Hoborg created to store junk and trash. For now I was trapped, but this building would prove to be an important part to my life.

Examining the junk, I found plenty of fascinating objects. An old hammer with a huge crack in it, a used Klay arm, rotten potatees, and much more stuff. Than I noticed it. The chemistry set. Most man-sized beasts have two basic thoughts, destroy opponents and USE THAT CHEMISTRY SET!!!

I shredded the packaging with my claws to expose the glorious test tubes inside. I carefully mixed the liquids until it looked all brown and gooey. It smelt better than anything I could ever imagine (then again, I had a small brain, so I couldn't imagine very much). I could feel the drool running down my, er, beak-thingy. I poured the liquid goo into mouth. Suddenly my stomach began to churn. My whole body began to disagree with me. The liquid began to force itself back out. I couldn't hold it any longer! SPEW!

Moments later, I found the liquid in a brown splat on the ground.

Suddenly, and very unexpectedly, the brown liquid formed into a solid mush. Even more unexpected, the mush began to vibrate and take another form. It grew a beak, then arms, legs, and clothing. The chemistry set had creating a Klay bird-being!

Surprised at the appearance of this new being, my BERSERKER mode kicked in again. A horrible whirlwind of a scream came out of my mouth. The Klay bird-being was startled and fell to the ground. There, it noticed an old, worn out mallet. The Klay bird picked it up and swung. It smashed down onto my head, knocking me out instantly.

While I was knocked out, the Klay bird-being pried my head open to inspect my computer brain.

"Here's the problem! An out-dated computer system!"

Using all of the resources available, the Klay bird guy updated my brain.

"Wha? What happened?"

Suddenly new thoughts went through my mind. Things around me came together and made sense. BERSERKER mode was no longer needed. The world seemed like a very different place now.

The Klay bird guy began to speak. "I just formed out of a blob, met a beast, and rebuilt a brain and you're asking me what's going on!"

"You make a good point. I bet we can find out if we can get out of this trashcan. By the way, do you have a name?"

"I call myself Tinoo. Who are you?"

"According to my creator, I'm called the 'Clockwork Beast.'"

"You don't look like much of a beast to me. From now on you will be called Clockwork Charlie."

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