Story by DoodLeS

Willie's house... my room... my bed, including me.

I laid on my back, snoring quietly and enjoying the silence and comfyness. Then, still asleep, I carefully (in order not to damage the sheet with my backspikes - again...) turned to face the wall. It was STILL comfy. I sighed happily. Then...

"Mooooooornin' Doooooo!" Willie's voice rang to my ear, and I could hear him climbing through the entrance and stepping next to my bed. How can someone be so awake and good-mooded that early in the morning...

Without turning around I mumbled: "Mornin' Wil. Is it lunchtime yet?"

"Yeeeeup", he answered matter-of-factly.

I turned and beamed at him, sitting up.

Willie beamed back. "Tramen want you to know he waiting at Mulberry Tree. Want snack?"

He held a bug in front of my eyes, about fist- (or bite-)sized and still wiggling. I squinted unsurely at it. I normally stomped everything into my mouth that didn't have a "no eat" remark, but I never had tried a bug before. I carefully took the insect, staring curiously-thoughtful. Willie took out another bug and shoved it wholly into his mouth.

"You try!" he said chewingly, "They yummy!"

I looked at him, then at the bug again, and took a careful bite. You wouldn't believe how much guts a bug can contain...

"Thanks." I took another bite. "Where did you find them?"

"They water beetles. Live at squishy-squashy lakeground. They good, and easy to catch! You like?"

I threw the rest of the bug into my mouth, swallowed, and licked my lips. "Yeah! Hadn't thought they'd be so delicious!" I grinned. "Yum!"

"Want some Weasel, too?" Wil started to roam in his beltpocket.

I hesitated. "Uh... is... the claw still attached?"

Willie shook his head wildly and smiled. "Nope."

I brightened up. "Oh, good. Then I'll take two, please!" I held up three fingers.

Wil pulled four pieces of Weasel Nugget out and gave them to me.

After finishing our lunch we got into the Lakewall Car and drove to the ground. Reaching it I asked: "You come with me? I think Tra and Gni wanted to play goofball today, and it's double fun with four players!"

"Willie go to Klaymen. Klaymen wait at Palace on Willie. We'll take new ride with Bil!" he clapped his hands in anticipation.

"Oh. Otay." I smiled. "Then, see ya!" I headed for the stairs leading up.

"Buh-eyyyyeee!" Willie waved at me and headed for the Radar.

I met Tra and Gni at the Mulberry Tree (Surprise, eh?). By the way, *I* still think it's an apple tree, but Gnimen gets mad everytime I call the little green berries "apples", so...

Oh well, back to the story.

"Kaydiju, Doo!" Tramen waved when he saw me approaching from the Explosives Shack. Gnimen, who stood next to Toast, holding the goofball bats, waved too.

"Kaydijutoo!" I greeted back, smiling. Gni gave me one of the bats.

I looked at it and grinned. "You sure you wanna risk another game with me? Even AFTER that incident last time?"

Then I held the bat up and poked a bit in the treetop of the Mulberry Bush, causing some berries to fall to the ground. I picked them up and ate them.

"Did you and Willie have lunch yet?" Tramen asked, watching me chewing. I nodded.

"What was on the menu?" Gnimen threw in.

Swallowing the last berry I replied: "Oh... this and that..."

"Well, then we're all well-fed to start the game, yes?" Toast took his bat and put it over his shoulder. Gni and I nodded.

Suddenly Tra's bat fell to the ground again, and he stared down at something behind Gnimen and me. Then he exclaimed a hoarse "Aaaaaaah....!", pointed at the unknown subject, backed to the tree and started to shiver, holding his other hand protectively in front of his chest. Both Gni and me turned questioningly around. We saw...

"Oh, a Hydrophilus piceus!" Gnimen identified the six-legged blighter that crawled by.

I looked at him. "A what?"

"A water beetle." Gni explained. "How did THIS fellow come up here? They only live on the..."

"The lakeground?" I interrupted.

Gni looked at me. "Yeah! Hey, I didn't know you have such a zoological knowledge!"

I blinked. "Um... yeah... kinda..." I stared back at the beetle, slowly running my tongue over my lips.

Gnimen looked back at Tramen. "Really, Toast - you don't have to be afraid of a little..."

Tra shortly winced as a squishy noise could be heard, then relaxed and stared. Gnimen turned around to me. "Doo!! What have you DONE?!"

I blinked at my friends, then looked at the empty ground in front of me, then back at my friends. "Um..."

Gnimen stared. "Don't tell me you ATE it!!"

I still stood there, slighly confused and holding my hands over my stomach. "Er..."

"DOO!!" Gni tapped his foot. "Since when do you eat BUGS?? What did they ever do to you??"

I backed a bit from Gni. "I... uh... er... well... I didn't... it wasn't intended that... I just..." I stopped, blinked, and started again. "Well, Willie gave me one of those, and he said they'd taste really good, and he was right, and when I saw this one I just couldn't help..."

I stopped again and sat down. "Wow... I started to eat bugs... cool..."

Gnimen's jaw dropped. "'COOL'??!" He started to walk up and down aghastly. "Really, I understand that you eat Weasel, but BUGS?? That's.... that's....! Poor little fella! That's as if you'd eat KlayBirds, ororor FwaSheep, ororor..." He looked at his pet mouse Okluss, who was sitting near the tree, chewing on a fallen mulberry, "... or MICE!!!"

I had shrunk a bit with every word Gni exclaimed. "S-sorry... I... I really... really couldn't help..."

Gnimen turned abruptly around to me, causing me to wince and be quiet. Then he blinked and calmed down. "Uh... sorry... I didn't want to be nasty... I just can't believe that YOU..."

Tramen came between Gnimen and me, smiling (tho a bit... halfhearted). "*I* thought it was great!" He grinned reasuringly and patted me on the head. I smiled pleased. "You could do that more often, Doo."

Gnimen shook his head. "*Poor* fella..."

I stood up again and went over to him. "I'm... really sorry... I really couldn't help it! They taste pretty good and... uh... I know how you like animals..."

Gni looked at me. "Nono, it's okay. I mean, they're BUGS. I just was surprised - I wouldn't have imagined YOU... *Willie* yes, but YOU?"

I shrugged helplessly.

Gnimen shook his head and grabbed his goofball bat again. "Oh well, let's forget about it and start our game, okay?"

Toast and I followed Gni's example and took our bats.

Gni picked up the goofball lying next to him, looked controllingly at me again and just shook his head.

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