The Discovery of the Swords and Staff
Story by Billy Klay Bang, D23Mo8Y1999

One Neverhood morning (which started out like a normal Neverhood morning) I did my daily routine, and then I thought of something. I had never actually found out what all the things in my chest compartments are. So, in curiosity of what was in my chest compartments, I walked over to the the drained lake. I floated across the pit till I got to the center. After making sure that no one was coming, I flew a bit higher and turned my chest towards the ground. I then opened my two chest compartments and started to shake so that whatever was in my chest compartments would fall out. I had a ton of stuff in there, no, twenty tons of stuff in there. The objects ranged from yo-yos, to buckets, to paper, rocks, and even a computer! There was a bunch more stuff too, but at the top of the pile of junk, I saw two swords, and one weird double-bladed staff (since these were at the top of the pile, they were probably in the very back of my chest compartments).

I floated down to the objects, and examined them. All three had little tags on them, saying what they were. The first sword's tag said: "powerbeam sword". The other sword: "universe enema sword". Then, I looked at the staff's: "double-bladed powerbeam staff". I put these to the side, and put the rest of the stuff back in my chest compartments (exept for the computer, I teleported that to my house). Then, I put the three objects into my chest compartments. I decided to get in the green car and go up to Willie's, but before I even made a step towards the car, I heard three loud thuds. I turned around, in the distance, were three weasels heading straight towards me. Right then, I got another idea. I thought, why blow em' up when this is the perfect time to try out one of the swords or the staff. I pulled out my universe enima sword, and charged straight at the weasels. Each single slash blew up a weasel.

After this short little fight, I took out my powerbeam sword. I then noticed, that the powerbeam sword was lighter, and that I could swing it quicker. I put the two swords back in my chest compartments and headed up to Willie's. I told him what had happened and showed him the swords and staff. He was amazed. From that day on, I used my swords and staff in any battles.

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