How I wound up on Planet Idznak
Story by Billy Klay Bang, D29Mo7Y1999

Hi, my name is Billy Klay Bang. I live on Planet Idznak. I didn't always, though.

I was created in the Neverhood. I lived there till my test flight of my rocketship. When I crashed here on Planet Idznak.

It all started about a month after I was created. Right around then I had developed an interest in inventing things.

Anyhoo, one day I made a rocketship. I decided to test drive it after it was all finished. So, after tellin' all o' my friends, I hopped in, put my helmet on and started gettin' the rocketship ready for lift off. After it was ready, I called all o' my friends to come and see me take off. I even got my friend Klaymen to do the countdown. I started setting the engines for lift off. Klaymen started the countdown.

"10", I started the first engine.

At 8 I started the next.

At 6 I started the third and last engine.

"5, 4, 3, 2" I started Ignition.

"1, lift off!", and I had lifted of.

I looked down and saw all of my friends wavin'. The rocketship was working. Well, I then decided to have a distant look at Planet Idznak. BIG mistake. I throttled forward, but with too much power! I tried to turn around, but it was too late. I was already in the orbit of Planet Idznak.

Within the next 30 seconds, the following happened. The Engines were over-heated, I was in for a crash landing. I tried to eject, but the ejection system wasn't working! I next tried to open the door. I pried it open just enough to get through. I started to jump, but right at that moment I crashed. I was flung from my ship, and I hit my head hard on a rock. Probably about an hour later I regained consienceness.

I walked over to my ship. It had major damages. It would be a long time till I could repair it. Well, that's how I wound up here on Planet Idznak. I hope to get back to the Neverhood soon.

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