The Time of Hardships
Story by Billy Klay Bang, Do8Mo8Y1999

Klaymen, now home from Planet Idznak, laid down and slept. During his sleep, a being created by Klogg carried Klaymen to a hidden prison. There, the being threw Klaymen into a cell.

The next morning, Hoborg discovered Klaymen's disappearance. Hoborg also discovered a letter outside his castle, it was addressed to him. It was from......... KLOGG! The letter said:

Dear Dad,

I bet you've discovered the disappearance
of Klaymen. I have him, HaHaHa!!!!!
I will give you Klaymen only if you give me
your crown and ownership of the
Neverhood. I want to rule all of the
neverhoodians including you!


Hoborg was in horror when he read this. He knew he couldn't give up his crown and rulership, especially not to Klogg.

Then he got an idea, he thought, "Why don't I create another son. One with powers and abilities that could save Klaymen superior to all of my beings."

Hoborg then created a third son, Billy Klay Bang. Hoborg showed is son a picture of Klaymen. He told his son to find and bring back Klaymen. He also told his son that Klaymen was good. Hoborg then showed Billy a picture of Klogg in his present form. He told his son that Klogg was evil in all ways. He told his son never to be like Klogg, and to use his powers to banish him. Next, Hoborg gave Billy Klay Bang an introduction on how to use his powers and abilities. He told Billy that he would learn to use his other powers and abilities on his own.

The next morning, Billy Klay Bang set off on his journey, explored for days, but he had no luck at finding Klaymen.

One day though when he was about to give up, he noticed a crack in the wall near the hole made by a weasel. He peered into the crack. He saw a long hallway ending with a door. Billy stood away from the door and used a power beam which he had learned to control to blow it away.

He then walked down the hallway and opened the door. He had entered a prison! As he walked past the cells, He saw that one of them contained a Neverhoodian. The Neverhoodian looked very familiar.

Billy Klay Bang asked the Neverhoodian who he was. The Neverhoodian replied, "I am Klaymen, the second son of Hoborg."

Billy was astonished, he said, "Klaymen?! Why, your the one that my father Hoborg told me to find and bring back."

Billy instructed Klaymen to step to the side while he blasted away the bars. However, the sound of the blast was so loud that it awoke Klogg and all of his minions. Billy Klay Bang and Klaymen where instantly surrounded by Klogg and his minions. Billy Klay Bang covered his eyes in fright, he had never been so scared in his life.

However, he was so scared that he awoke a new power within him. A super powerful full power better than the original universe enema!!!!!!!! It destroyed Klogg and all of his minions, it didn't just knock out Klogg, it totally destroyed him! He was blasted so bad that all that was left of him was sent flying millions of miles out into space into a black hole (which is a lot like going down the drain at the bottom of the lake in the Neverhood).

Billy Klay Bang and Klaymen then went back to the throne room of the palace where Hoborg waited.

Hoborg said, "You have saved your brother Klaymen, and you have completely destroyed Klogg. Klogg may have been my son, but he had tried to destroy us all! For accomplishing this task, Billy Klay Bang, I give you the power to create."

Months went by, Billy hadn't created anything yet, and Hoborg created more beings. Until one day, when Hoborg ran out of klay. Hoborg, unable to leave his world considering the fact that he had to keep order, sent Billy Klay Bang.

Billy had nearly mastered all of his powers and abilities, he only had to learn how to create properly. Hoborg told Billy, "My son, I ask you to go on a long journey to get klay, the material that I use to create beings. Will you except this task?"

Billy said yes, so Hoborg told Billy Klay Bang how to get to the great mountain of klay. The next day, before leaving, Billy decided to make a space cruiser, but to make the process in making one quicker, he decided to test out his ability to create.

Within seconds, he had made a fully operational space cruiser. This space cruiser had the ability to go so fast that it could go to and come back from the space cruise in a day. The space cruiser also had so much storage room, that it could carry back one hundred times the amount of klay that Hoborg had originally brought back.

Within that day, Billy Klay Bang had brought back klay. Hoborg said to Billy, "Billy Klay Bang, you where able to bring back much more klay than what was needed. I'm proud of you, and for doing such a task, you can have half of all the klay that you brought back, to do with as you please, as long as it's not used in evil ways."

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