Bear Love
Story by DoodLeS

Dylen, who waved his tail wildly back and forth out of exitement, and Klato, hoop-headed son of Onto, looked down - the chain that was still attached to the Palace's ground, hanging over the rim of the Neverhood, reached far, really far into nothing.

"You alright?" shouted Dylen with his croaky bird-like voice at someone holding tight to the chain, about 50 yards away.

"Brave guy", said Klato, shaking his head while looking at the now slowly climbing up guy.

"Yes, I'm 'right - isn't it good? I didn't fall down from the 'Hood!" the other hoop-head, named Typo, shouted back, grabbing the next chain link and pulling himself up.

"We better no play so near the rim again!" Dylen awked.

"Yeah." answered Typo. He looked back down, into endless darkness. He stopped climbing up and took a closer look.

"What's up?" Klato asked, seeing that his brother seemed to have found something.

"I... I'm not sure, but I could swear there's hanging someone else down there!" replied Typo. Then he started climbing down again.

"Bro, be careful", Klato called after him, "better come up and take my sword first! Who knows what creatures live down there!"

Not that Klato had EVER seen any vile creatures (except for Weasels and once a crazed KlayBird), but he still had the hope that he someday would MEET one and could proof that he's a real hero by defeating it.

Meanwhile Typo had reached the lower end of the chain, where two strange beings where sitting on the last two links.

"Um, hello there, my two beaked friends - don't worry, I don't start offence. What are you doing down here, say? You hang around here every day?"

The two beings, a bit shorter than Typo and looking like a mixture between birds, Hoodians and Skullmonkeys (they had beaks, no eyes and three fingers, wore funny caps and were over all a bit scary) looked up at the newcomer.

"Guaaag-ua! Tmewne!" said one of them, who looked skinny and had a high-pitched, crowy voice - a bit like Dylen.

"Er - what?" Typo cocked his head.

The other bird-being, a really round and fat one added in a deep and soft voice: "Uwwuwe!"

"Huh?" Typo looked at the funny guys below him. "Em... I didn't understand a word... come up with me - just grab my shirt!"

The both seemingly peaceful beings carefully stood up from their seats in the chain links and held on to Typo's back. Luckily Typo was quite a strong guy. When he reached the 'Hood again, he first let the two other fellows climb up, then followed, getting a helping hand by his brother Klato.

"Who are THOSE guys?" Klato asked, pulling out his sword from his belt pocket and holding it clumsily in front of him as a protection.

Typo shrugged.

"Nice looking guys", commented Dylen, stepping in front of them, rolling his tail interestedly.

"Rewuwne!" said the skinny one.

"They seem to speak like this all time - I cannot understand their words... I cannot even find a rhyme..." stated Typo. He had never seen or heard of such strange creatures before.

"Rakawiwne! Cowowa!" continued the same being, stretching out his hand to Klato.

"Stay away, I warn ya!" Klato waved with his weapon in a quite uncontrolled way, "I don't know what'ya sayin', but you should know that I'm good at fighting with the sword!"

The bird took its hand back again.

"I know what it said! Speaking bird language. Said 'Hello and thanks'." Dylen threw in.

Klato looked at his friend. "You understand those fellows? Are you some kinda Doc Doolittle or what?"

"Speak bird language. I know bird language", stated Dylen, who was half a bird himself.

"Then tell me who they are." Klato hesitatingly took his sword back into his pocket.

The skinny being first pointed to itself, then to the other one, and after that it started waving wildly with both arms while saying: "Kawawa! Kroo! KROO! Owawa. Komookawa-whoo! Wahwah!..."

Dylen tried to translate in realtime: "He saying that his name being 'Unit A'. His brother's name there is 'Unit B'. They once worked for Master Clockwork, long time ago, but they lose their car."

"'Master Clockwork'?" Klato repeated. He could slighly remember of something his grandfather had told him, and he was sure he read it somewhere in the Hall of Records once... His grandpa and absolute hero, Klaymen, had that big fight with the evil Klogg, a long time ago. He had told him (well, actually he had given him his diary so he could read it) that Big Robot Bil had helped him to get into the Palace, where Klogg lived at that time. And Bil had to fight against a dangerous creature... wasn't it called 'Clockwork Beast'?

"You mean, you're creatures of Klogg?" he asked the two bird-beings, taking his sword into his hand again.

"What??" Dylen and Typo said synchronized. Of course they had heard the legend of Klogg, too.

While Unit B just backed a bit, Unit A lifted his hands protectively and started argueing: "Tewewewe! Kowakoeew! Awa! KROO!"

Dylen blinked. "They say: No hurt, please! No want evil. Just want car back and make their jobs."

"And what ARE their jobs?" Klato asked suspiciously, not letting the crow-beings out of his sight.

"KRWAWAH!" U. A answered.

"They being Bear Retrieval Units." translated Dylen.

Both Units nodded wildly.

"What bears? There are no bears in the 'Hood." Klato stated.

Typo, who found the two creatures a bit scary and had decided to stay in the background, just nodded agreeingly.

This seemed to shock the two birds. "Uuuuh?? Hoowekoo? Aka!"

Klato and Typo looked questioningly at Dylen. He explained: "They say there was big blue bear when they were here in their jobs. Big blue bear belonging to big broken robot."

"Blue bear?" Klato thought for a moment. "Bil has such a bear... he always lets it lie around and only five very strong Hoodians can put it back into Bil's room... - are you the ones who stole it from him in that legend?"

He pointed his sword to the beak of the skinny Unit A.

"Krawa! Krawa!! Wenellwa." A shouted out, reinforced by B with loud 'Uwwuwewoo' sounds and wild nods.

"They say: Not stole! Just doing job."

"Yeahyeah..." Klato mumbled, "... I wonder what grandpa and Hoborg would say about that..."

So they all went to Hoborg, the two Units following the three Hoodians with unsure steps. Standing in front of the throne, where Hoborg sat on, having a nap, they pushed the strange creatures in front of them.

"Hoborg?" Klato asked carefully.

"Huh??" Horborg quickly sat straight and coughed slighly embarrassed. "Um... yes, what is it?"

Then he saw the two Units. "Hey, who are YOU, my friends?" he asked, seemingly having never seen them before.

Both took their funny caps into their hands and played nervously around with them, but didn't say a word.

"They're the Bear Retrieval Unit! My grandpa told me that they were minions of Klogg!"

Hoborg had another look at them.

"But they say they no want bad. They just want jobs and car back", added Dylen.

At that moment, Klaymen stepped in. Someone had told him about the strange creatures and sent him to the Palace.

"Hi, grandpa." Klato and Typo said as a choir. Klaymen waved back, smiling.

"Do you KNOW these two guys, Klaymen?" Hoborg asked.

Klay stepped in front of the beings and looked up and down on both. Then he turned back to Hoborg and said: "Yes. I can remember them."

The Unit-brothers backed a bit, until they bumped into the Neverhoodians behind them.

"They say they didn't want anything bad - do you believe them?" Hoborg asked his son.

Klaymen looked another time at them. Then he just shrugged.

Unit A raised a finger. "Hawakua-wah. Hull-ee. Huh." he stated.

All stared at Dylen as he told them: "They say: They make offer. Want work for Bil. Helping him always find and bring back his bear. Just need car."

Everyone looked at the birds - they seemed to be nervous or even frightened, stood close to each other and focused Hoborg, waiting for his answer. No sign that they might play tricks on them.

Hoborg and Klaymen looked at each other.

"Give them a chance!" Typo shouted out cheeringly, raising his arm, hand formed to a fist. Everyone turned his head to him. Slowly taking his arm down again he added calmly: "Er... they could advance...?"

"You think they'll not harm anyone again?" Hoborg asked him.

Typo shrugged, grinning sheepishly.

"What do YOU think, Klaymen? You know them best of us - might they do a good job?" The king turned to his son again.

After a silent moment looking at them and thinking Klay nodded carefully. Why not? They looked trustworthy.

"Well then", Hoborg announced, standing up from his throne, "we'll give them a new car and bring them to Bil. We'll have an eye on you both for a while, but if you do a good job..." he trailed off. The Units nodded happily, setting their caps back on...

And so it happened - they got a new Retrieval Car and were brought to Bil. He remembered them, too, but he didn't get mad after them when he found out that they wanted to HELP him now NOT to lose his beloved Teddy bear any more...

And, believe it or not, they really DID a good job - strange turn of fate, huh?

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