Arsenic's Origin
Story by Arsenic


I had always wondered about my creation. Even hence from the moment life was put into me. So I bring you, the story of my creation.

It was another beautiful day in the Neverhood; Hoborg was well into his buisiness of creating.

Later in the day, Keeno approached Hoborg and questioned him, "My dear Hoborg , I was wondering if you would grant me the permission to perform an expirament on a life seed."

Hoborg thought for the moment questioning this to himself, until he said, scratching his chin, "Why certainly, Keeno."

Keeno smiled, a bit, showing some expression. Hoborg reached into his crown and pulled out a single life seed, and handed it to the chemist. Keeno walked off, whistling, towards the bobby room. He walked down the stairs and punched in the BOBBY code, and then pushed the button. Just as expected, he shrinked, along with the life seed, in a flash of light.

Keeno walked into the tiny lab and set the life seed onto the counter. He poured a little of the solution from the green tap and sprayed in onto the seed. The seed glowed brightly in a brilliant green coloured hue, and then faded to normal.

Keeno grabbed the seed and then drank another solution, which made him grow to his regular proportions.

He looked back to the seed, and grinned, then walked back to the castle. Keeno arrived, promptly; a smile still on his face.

He handed the seed, which had now stopped glowing, to Hoborg.

Hoborg took the seed in his left hand holding it up, as he wiggled his gloved fingers. The seed wriggled, then hopped out of his grip. It then started sprouting up and then in an unusual and brilliant flash of light, the seed was transformed into birth of a hoodian.


My mind was blank.

I was in a dark room, or..?

I opened my eyes.

I was in a room.

A hall, of some sort.

Still lying on the floor, I turned my neck and looked up to words scraweled on the wall which read, "The Neverhood Chronicles."

Where am I? I thought. WHO am I?

I stood up, and brushed myself off. Thatís when I noticed my hands! They were sort of clumsy looking, brown gloves on my right hand, and grey on my left. I tried to look at the rest of myself. Brown shorts, red, brown, lavender shirt, with a little white round, "button" on my chest.

Feeling curious, I pressed the button, and heard a soft screeching noise and a little door popped open.

"Egad!" I cried aloud. My voice echoed in the room.

This truly WAS amazing to me, a storage compartment within my own body! I carefully shoved my hand into the compartment and felt the inside. I grapsed my hand around something cold. I quickly pulled it out. It looked like a shiny transparent containment unit with a skinny "neck" of some sort. I tapped it gently with my finger and it made a light "tink-tink" noise. Then, as the tinking noise erupted, so did a terrible pain in my head!

I put it back into my compartment and shut the door.

The pain in my head seemed to grow worse and more excrutiating by the second!

I grasped my hands to my acheing head and slowly walked out of the room. I then heard a voice, somehwat similar to mine, oddly, in pronunciation, but at a slightly higher pitch.

"Oh," the voice said plainly. "Youíre awake."

I poked my head into the room, and then stepped inside.

"My head..." I mumbled as I glanced slightly towards him. He was a little taller then me; his lips were formed in an expressionless manner; his eyes posed in a serious half-closed position. It wasnít until about a minute when he asked me, "Díyou have a headache?"

I looked at him, shrugged, and nodded.

"In that case", he said whipping out a small bottle, and taking out a small red pill, "Eat this."

I took the pill in my hand, and then brought it to my mouth and swallowed it.

My stomach seemed to "tickle" a little, as the pill dissolved in a fury of bubbles.

Suddenly, the pain in my head began to ease off.

"Errr... thanks, mate..." I said, unsure of his title.

He smiled at me, very slightly, to which then he said, "you may call me Marlos."

"Marlos," I thought.

"Pleased to meet your aquaintance," I said.

"My name is, ermm..." I stopped short. I then realized that I didnít HAVE a name!

"Beg pardon?" he said. "What did you say your name was?"

I shrugged. "I donít... HAVE a name yet..." I could just FEEL myself turning red.

"Hmm...well then," Marlos said, "We will have to find you one then, follow me, if you like, brother."

"Brother?" I thought. "Was he related to me?"

We walked out of what I later found to be called, "the hall of records", and into the square of the Neverhood.

Some other hoodians waved at me, smileing in their casually friendly ways.

I followed Marlos across the bridge and down into what looked like a "drained" lake.

We then entred a yellowish room with a satelite dish on top.

"Halloa Tramen," Marlos said as he passed through into the next room.

"Oh! Hi Marlos!" Tramen replied.

Marlos led me into a dimly lighted room and stepped into somes sort of machine. I followed him, a little unsure of what was going to happen until, BZAP!

A quick sensation of electricity surged through me! I could then feel my self shrinking; getting closer and closer to the ground. I looked over to Marlos, who had also shrunk, beside me.

"Follow me," he said, walking up an even smaller set of stairs. I followed him, into an upstairs room, with many large busts on the purple walls. He walked into a lab then, just our size and called to another hoodian, who I later found out, to be my "co-creator."

"Keeno!" Marlos called to him.

"Oh!" Keeno said, looking up briefly from the coloured tubes he was holding. "Hello!"

"Iíve brought,... him," Marlos said.

"Excellent," Keeno replied as he took off his protective visor from his head.

Keeno stepped forward and shook my hand. "Iím Keeno," he said to me. "And what do they call you?"

I bit my tongue with embarrasement and looked around the lab, towards the labled jars of various substances.

"Err... Arsenic," I said rather too quickly.

"Arsenic?" Keeno said looking at me, in the eye. "You know what that is, donítí you?"

I shrugged, then nodded a bit, remembering the periodic tables and my wonder and curiousity of mixing different chemicals together to create other new substances.

"Ah goo," Keeno said, looking quite a bit relived. "Very well then, Arsenic," He paused. "You are aware that I am your "co-creator," are you not?"

I blinked. "I thought Hoborg alone created all hoodians, with the exception of mixes?"

Keeno chuckled to himself, nodded and then said, "yes, well, usually, but I helped him create you."

I considered this, for a bit and then said, "Then thatíd make you my... uncle?"

Keeno smiled a bit, and nodded, rubbing the splotches off of the clear plastic visor.

"Let us be, Marlos," Keeno said handing him a beaker.

"Certainly," Marlos said, as he drank the substance from the beaker. He then stepped out of the lab and began growing, until he had reached his normal size and proportion.

"Amazing! Brilliant!" I said, astounded.

"Isnít it," Keeno said, then putting his visor back on.

I looked over his shoulder at the chemicals he was preparing to mix, and then said, "erm... you know, if you mix the green one with the yellow one, instead of the purple one with the blue one and the red one, itíd make that same substance, blorb, only a few steps shorter."

He looked back at me in dismay, for a moment, and then said, "How díyou know?"

I inhaled. "Well, you see, Iíve been watching you, reading your notes, and if Iím right, then youíd mix that one which Iím guessing by its behaviours, to be zorcite, and the other to be malacite, and if you simply mix only those two together, you should get blorb."

Keeno stared at me, for the moment, trying to quickly configure this, until he said, "you're right, youíre absolutetly right!"

He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me. "Brilliant! I canít believe it!"

"Believe what?" I said, a little puzzled.

"Well," Keeno began. "You see, most hoodians are born with no abilities, but you, you seem to have been born knowing things; and with a knowledge of science and chemistry at that!"

He gave me a big grin, which some how seemed unusual for him.

He then reached under the counter and pulled out a small klay tablet, a klay scriber, a spy-glass, pen light, glass container, tweezers, and a magnifier.

"Take these," he said shoving them into my compartment. "Always remember to write everything down."

"Oh yes," he said pulling out one more thing.

It glinted in the light and I noticed one sharp edge on it. It was a scaple.

"Be VERY careful with this," he said. "Itís quite sharp, but if you should cut yourself, you SHOULD regenerate."

I blinked at this, then shoved it into my compartment and closed the door.

"I will," I said.

"Goodbye, Arsenic," he said as he handed me a beaker.

I waved and then brought the beaker to my lips and swallowed.

A strange feeling came over me, from within my stomach. It seemed to be, expanding! And at an alarming rate! Why, it, it, felt as if my stomach were to burst! And then there was a "popping" noise and then a flash of light.

I looked at my hands. I was back to my normal size.


It had been nearly a week since I had been living in the Neverhood. I had discovered life to be full of fun; from those lazy afternoons of sitting under the mulberry bush for a snack with DoodLeS; to the somewhat serious and intellectual chats with Dramy, and then there were those hours of expiraments with my both uncle and comrade, Keeno.

It was only today that I had happened to be in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time, or perhaps it was the WRONG place at the WRONG time.

I had packed away all my things in my chestcompartment for my work on the end of the hood. I took the teleporter from the upstairs of the Bobby room to the whales mouth, and had just been walking casually along when, I saw it!

I squinted in the distance to see, a WEASEL! I look of horror spread across my face and I started to back away, when, I realized, it was... dead.

I approached it, cautiously, carefully, really hoping it WAS dead, and not simply PLAYING dead in hope of a meal.

"How curious!" I thought, looking at the weasel, slowly taking out my scaple and glass container. I decided to take a sample now, in case it wouldnít be there tomorrow.

The scaple given to me by Keeno glinted in the light as I looked at it. I gently ran my index finger along the edge, and my finger tingled a bit. It was VERY sharp.

Carefully, I lifted up the weaselís claw and stuck in the scaple, cutting into the flesh. It was a lot tougher then I had guessed I suppose. Still cutting, I laid my left hand onto the ground beneath it. I kept cutting; it seemed to take for ever until- GAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shot up and looked at my left hand- the scaple was sticking out of it!!!!!

I whined to myself, then muttered. "Okay, Arsenic, itís OKAY, youíre not a lefty anyway, and Keeno said it should regenerate back together anyway."

The pain was just plain AWFUL. It stung so bad, I thought about just CUTTING off the rest of my hand from my wrist! I looked over it at, nervously, and then back to my hourglass. It had been nearly half an hour since I had cut myself.

I hint of worry grew within me. How long WOULD it take to regenerate? I thought for a moment and then answered my own question. "Keeno said only a few seconds!"

I looked back at my hand, and grew quite pale. My left hand was drying out!!! Worry churned within my stomach as I bit down on my bottom lip. I suddenly felt quite dizzy, perhaps it was the pain from my hand? I wasnít sure, but I HAD to get back to the main part of the Ďhood, and FAST!

I grabbed my things, shoved them into my chestcompartment, and sped off to the whalesí mouth porter. I jumped in, my hand still stinging, and slammed my hand down on the button.

I appeared at the bobby porter, in no longer then a split-second. Still grasping my hand, I ran down towards the bobby machine and slapped the button.

I shrank, quickly and ran up the stairs to the other lab. I ran into the lab, and saw Keeno, holding some coloured tubes. I felt exausted, and began feeling a bit dizzy again.

"Keeno!" I panted.

Keeno looked up for a moment and squinted. He then looked to my hand, which was still attached, half way.

"Arsenic!" He cried. "What happened!?"

I looked at him sheepishly, and could feel the tears of embarrassment, confusion and pain flood from my eyes.

"I-I was on the other side of the Neverhood and I f-found a dead weasel; I wanted a sample of skin, so I used the scaple but I stupidly cut my own hand and itís not regenerating and itís drying out!!!" I stammered.

Keenoís eyes widened, and a look of worry appeared on his face. He examined my wrist and hand and stared for a moment.

"Arsenic," he began. "Perhaps, well, you see, I did some expiramenting on your life seed, and perhaps..." the chemist hesitated.

"P-perhaps???" I cried, anxiety filling me.

"Perhaps..." he sighed, and a look of guilt spread across his face. "It affected your ability to regenerate..."

"W-what!?" I cried. "Y-you mean m-my wrist, itíll STAY like this???"

Fear had set in upon me. My head drooped.

Keeno nodded slightly, then sighed.

"You will have to be very careful from now on, Arsenic," he said. "I donít know if itís just a PART of you that canít regenerate, or if itís your whole BODY."

I shivered at the thought. A far away thought clouded my mind, and the dizzy spells set in again. I rubbed my eyes, then looked at my hand.

Keeno took out a bit of bandages, and wrapped them tightly around my wrist; which was now from there down, completely dry.

I looked at it, sadly, and touched it with my right fingertips. It tingled, awfully, and stung, just to the slight touch.

I then looked at Keeno, with a stiff lip and said, "Keeno, didnít you say there were other hoodians with this problem?"

He nodded at me slightly.

"Well, then," I stood up. "I will promise to find an able cure to this."

Keeno looked up at me, and for the moment, seemed to regard me highly, and I nodded back at him.

I had made my decision.

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