The First Ride
Story by DoodLeS

I carefully looked out of the window, down at the ground. I grabbed the curtain hard.

"Are y-you sure it's save, W-Willie?" I turned around, still clawed into the curtain. Both Willie and Klaymen nodded, having a smile on their face.

I looked down again and gulped. "O-okay..." THIS was REALLY a big height....

Then Big Robot Bil slowly sat up - the ground under my feet moved dangerously. I closed my eyes and buried me shiveringly in the curtains, concentrating on that weird feeling in my stomach. All the levers in the tiny room began to move now, until Bil stood upright and stopped.

I just started to relax a bit again, when Willie shouted out: "Hooooooold tight!", just before the whole room started to shake from one side to the other again as the giantic robot walked into the direction of the Palace. I quickly sat down and wrapped my arms around my knees, staring frightened at the ground in front of me.


I didn't dare to move - I couldn't stand heights, especially not if the room I was in was that small, loud and wobbly. I closed my eyes again and gritted my teeth as Bil climbed over some obstacle. "P-please! I'm too y-young to die! I'm actually only a few D-DAYS old! Can I g-get down again, y-yes?"

Willie and Klaymen looked at each other. Then Willie looked at me again, smiling. "You scared being."

When the ride was a bit more smooth again, I got on my hands and knees and crouched carefully to my both new brothers. "I k-know..."

There was another shake, and out of reflex and fright I wrapped around Klaymen's legs - he lost balance and sat down unintendedly.

"Oh... sorry..." I let off him again and put my hands to the ground instead. Klay blinked, then smiled at me, shrugging.

Willie walked over to the window and leaned out, looking at the Palace. Then he waved at someone, shouting out: "Hiiiii!"

From the outside I could hear another voice answering. "Hi, Wil! Is the being okay?" I think it was Klenn's voice.

Willie turned around and looked at me - I had backed to one of the big pipelines installed in Bil's chest-room, one that was as far away from the window as possible, and had wrapped both arms around it, shivering panicky. I didn't think the ride was too much fun...

Willie smiled and turned to the window again. "Yeeeeeeup."

"Okay, set him down right here on the balcony, will you?" Manies' voice was much closer now. Bil must have reached the outside of the Palace. I was partly relieved. Then my eyes grew wide and my stomach turned around 180 degree by the feeling as the whole room sagged down in quite a fast speed, before it was stable again, yet a bit tilted. I nervously looked into the direction of the window.

Klenn's head emerged from it - Bil's chest was now right in front of one of the Palaces' balconies, and seemingly Manies had waited for me there.

I winced when I felt something on my shoulder - then I found out that it was just Klaymen's hand. He reassuringly patted me on the back and pointed at the window. Unsurely I let off the pipeline I had held to and dared to move a few steps into Klenn's and Willie's direction. Everyone watched me fascinatedly as I walked to the exit. I stared at Manies, then peeked down - though Bil had bowed down as good as he could, between the balcony and the window was still a small gap where I could see right down to the ground. I backed again - and bumped into Willie.

He didn't even seem to notice it - he still just smiled at me and waited, like Bil, Klenn and Klaymen, that I would hop out.

"Come on, being! It's not that hard, really. Just a little jump and you're in security." Manies held out his arms through Bil's window into my direction. I gulped again, then grabbed them both unsurely. I climbed over the controls, taking care that I didn't accidently press some of Bil's buttons. When I stood on the rim of the window and could see HOW far it went down, I started to shiver even more and kept my eyes closed, frozen in place.

After a while, Klenn just strenghtened his grip wordlessly and pulled me with him on the balcony. He fell backwards as he tried to catch me, but at least I was down on REAL ground again. Still sitting on him I breathed out relieved.

"Well now, want me to show you some more stuff now?" he asked me, not moving.

I took another deep breath. "Yeah, k! But... something that is REEEEEAAAAAL close to the ground, yes?"

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