NeverhoOd FanFiction

NeverhoOd FanFiction

Rah, a library FULL of stories different to those in the Hall of Records! Beware the extreme, random weirdness. o8-} And I'm too lazy to correct my horrid English grammar from back then. And nowadays I like to pretend that Doo is a regular Hoodian without five or so personalities, s'much funner. o8-p

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It all start... with Hoborg (Doo)
Ever wondered what happened between the end of Hoborg's part of the Wall of Records and the start of the game? Here's my version!

about a crown (ryan)
This is the Bad Ending of The Neverhood. But what happens afterwards?

KleeMoN (unfinished) (Doo)
Kleemon is some adventurous guy - he even jumped off the 'Hood for fun!

Prisoner Klenn (Doo)
Klenn is a truly nice guy, but his hobby is somewhat questionable...

Not Everybody's Hero (Doo)
Might be interesting to know a bit more about that bad-egg Maloon.

Driver's License (Doo)
Klenn tries to teach Kjumen how to drive the Lakewall Car.

How much worse could it be? (Doo)
You think Rem's jokes are unbearable? Thull is just too depressing? You know, if it was the other way around - THAT would be bad!

Changed (Doo)
Doo's weirdo (and sorta long) story of origin!

The Creation of the Tall Guy (Athena)
Tramen's creation and profession!

Tra meets Doodles! (Athena)
The happy day Tramen and Doo met.

The first ride (Doo)
Doo's first ride in a big robot - scaaaary.

Noremen's Arrival (Doo)
Who's Noremen and how did he come to the Neverhood?

Close Call (Athena)
Tramen is all alone today. Well, not ALL alone...

Feel Good Day (Athena)
Introducing a very special day to the Neverhood.

ED (Doo)
Bah, scary story-telling time.

ED's Taming (Doo)
A few months after "ED".

In the Lab (Doo)
That double identity (sorta) HAD to get Doo into trouble someday.

Physical Defect (Doo)
Chest-compartments are weird things. Glad I have my pal Tramen!

Stuck (Doo)
My portal can really get me into silly situations, sometimes.

Gnimen (Doo)
The day Gnimen gets added to the Tramen-DoodLeS-duo.

One Normal Day (Doo)
A day where absolutely nothing interesting happens. Joy.

Bear Love (Doo)
Klato, Dylen and Typo find two strange beings, hanging at the great chain that once parted the Neverhood. Who might they be?

The Weasel's Plant (Doo)
Doo learns: NEVER drink off the juice from the Weasel's Plant.

Being a Weasel (Doo)
Weeks after 'The Weasel's Plant', Keeno has improved that evil juice.

Bugged (Doo)
Bugs are crunchy.. bugs are crunchy.. bugs are crunchy..

Doo's Spiking (Doo)
One day Doo didn't feel too well.. until Willie told him what was wrong.

The Origin of Sarlakk (Sarlakk)
Sarlakk's mysterious origin.

The Origin of Dramy (Dramy)
Dramy's origin and way into 'Hoodianness.

Pinch and Too (Sarlakk)
A little story about two small Weasels.

A discovery (Sarlakk)
Well, read to find out what sort of discovery.

Hooped up! (Doo)
It's honestly NOT funny to hoop up a hoop-head.

Doo want dadday! (Doo)
Didn't you think something was missing after Doo's origin? No..??

Encounter (Sarlakk)
Just some klayen pals hanging out.. until someone interrupts the peace.

Aftereffects (unfinished) (Doo)
Shortly after what happened in SkullMonkeys this happens in the 'Hood.

Arsenic's Origin (Arsenic)
Arsenic's creation and aim in life.

Kling's adventure #1 (Alex)
Kling's creation and first adventure.

Srom's Origin (srOm)
Where srOm comes frOm.

Twas Different (srOm)
srOm finds out about a weird planet called Earth.

The Birth of Quee Quag (Quee)
Well, Quee Quag's origin!

Klogg's Return (Zepp)
Klogg returns - and again the Neverhood is in trouble!

Weasel Fever (Zepp)
Sick Weasels aren't edible...

Why Hammerboy? (Doo)
Serco and Flun like to ponder about things while enjoying their time.

Kuinevi's Arrival at the Neverhood (Kuinevi)
How Kuinevi the Byns came to the Neverhood.

LOST IT (Kuinevi)
After a hit on the head Kuinevi acts sort of straaaaange...

The origin of Clockwork Charlie (Charlie)
How did Clockwork Charlie come to life?

The Escape (Charlie)
The story of Clockwork Charlie continues!

Niikuev (Kuinevi)
An evil Kuinevi? Or who is this Niikuev??

Anime Away! (Kuinevi)
Kuinevi finds out about Anime and other Earth-habits.

A Byns Love Story (Kuinevi)
The sad story about Kuinevi's first love.

Our new Homes (Charlie)
Charlie and his pal Tinoo start to make themselves comfy in the 'Hood.

Button, Button. Who's got the Button? (Charlie)
Everyone has a first encounter with a Weasel someday.. so has Charlie.

Prodd, the Happy Hairball (Kuinevi)
Anyone here know what a baathakk is?

The Weasling (Stripe)
Stripe needs to find cure from his unhappiness.

One FwaSheep too many! (Kuinevi)
Kuinevi, Sarlakk and a little sheep-problem.

Kelly (Kelly)
Introducing Kelly and how she came to the Neverhood.

The Time of Hardships (Billy Klay Bang)
Billy Klay Bang's origin and task.

How I wound up on Planet Idznak (Billy Klay Bang)
Title says it all. By now he's back on the Neverhood, though!

The Discovery of the Swords and Staff (Billy Klay Bang)
Billy Klay Bang finds out more about himself.

Scout's Origin (Scout)
The origin of Scout, daughter of Willie Trombone.

A Visitor (Scout)
What's up at Tromboney today?

Relocation (Stripe)
What if all the notes Stripe collected grow over his head?

A Young Race Car Driver (Ani)
Little Ani's origin.

My Dream Come True (Ani)
Short story about Ani's favorite hobby.

The Ultimate Hoodian (Klaysan)
Why Klaysan was created.

A Brother for Willie (Klaydoe)
Klaydoe's origin.

Happy Birthday! (Spenceklay)
SpenceKlay's origin and snippets of his life.

The Ultimate War Machine (Nick)
Nick's creation, a story from the Underhood.

vinyl (ryan)
A story about a Neverhoodian named Vinyl.

Reincarnation - Part1 (Mysha)
Part 1 of Mysha's origin and ongoing story.

One Victoid's Venture (Charlie)
Victor the Victoid sets out to explore and lands on planet Idznak.

The Ma Bird Phenomenon (Charlie)
Victor's journey continues, and it leads him to nothing good..

the ladder (srOm)
srOm and his weird little inventions, heh.

Box (Thawly)
Thawly's origin aaannnnd stuff.

Kleebo's Story (Kleebo)
Kleebo's origin!

A Chip Off The Lifeseed (Loophead)
Loophead's origin!

Quater's Mysterious Ways (Stripe)
Hoborg is sent to a foreign chunk of land by Quater - but why?

Learning (Doo)
More thoughts than story, stuff going on in Doo's head.

The Caveplant of Universe (unfinished) (Doo)
This was supposed to be Doo's BIG FanFic, started Dec'96, when no-one had ever heard of 'SkullMonkeys' yet. Never finished it, though, eh.

Special Halloween story: A better ED! (Doo)
A story made for Halloween '97... Scary and not-at-all-true.

A *FightLog* (Sarlakk/Doo)
Actually, this is just a fun thing Sarlakk and I started in our mails. We both thought it was too nice to keep it away from you.

the kingdom (srOm)
srOm is sharing thoughts in his one.

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