SkullMonkeys: Screenshots

Due to a technical something hard to explain in one sentence I can only make screenshots of the German version of the game.

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Fun little GIFs from the Screenshots

Yummy sammich! Loudmouth Ma-Bird Ma! Klaymen! Drivy Finn from above Drivy Finn!
Jolly dancing Victoid (animated)

Level Intro Pictures

The Neverhood Logo Ten Hats SkullMonkey Gate Science Center Monkey Shrines The Incredible Drivy Finn Shriney Guard Hard Boiler Sno Skullmonkey Brand Hot Dogs Joe-Head-Joe Elevated Structure of Terror Ynt Death Garden Ynt Weeds Ynt Mines Ynt Eggs Glenn Yntis Monk Rushmore 1970's Soar Head Shards Castle de Los Muertos Monkey Mage The Incredible Drivy Runn Worm Graveyard Klogg Evil Engine No. 9

The Movies

Klogg's not dead yet. Planet Idznak Monkeys at work (gasp!) Ruthless Klogg... Klogg...monkey..! I am.. KloggMonkey! All hail Klogg! We'll make an Evil Engine. We'll make.. an Evil.. Engine... Skullmonkey Retrival Unit Go, fetch the long-headed klaybeing..! Jerry sending out the red flying thingy. The Neverhood! Peanutty Butter and Jam! Sammich! c8D *Chompchomp* Sammich! -=D Huh..? What the..? It starts. Leaving the Neverhood Eat cheeeese! On to Idznak, as soon as this suit lets off. Lots of beakers in the Science Center. Klaymen sneaks through a scary room of science. DarkMonkey behind! Wait.. look! Beans! If he shoves in MORE beans his head will be human-shaped! Aim - shove - missed! Phaaart. Smell that smell.. Jerry-O checks Klaymen through his scope. Worm in the eye. It's.. the Sacret Root! Do NOT eat of the Sacret Root.. Painful, ichy sores. Wheeee. Huntercar ahead! Those are deadly curves, Klaymen. Hunter hunting. Appropinquat... Ready for dinner. Oh dear. He's getting mad at his mobile dinner. Victoid in the daylight. Ouch.. unpleasant. That guy IS trigger-happy... Duck or get shot! Caught by his own trap. Ouch. Lonely sammich..? Don't trust a Blue Ynt's sammich. That's gotta hurt... He's got a hamster in his head! Er... BIG enemy. The eye! The eye! That dreadful eye... BIG big enemy. It's the Evil Engine! Light Effect! Uh.. uh oh, Evil Engine almost reached its aim! The 'Hoodians notice SOMEthing approaching by now. Lots of Hoodians. And he does it again. o8-) o/' Klogg is dead... o/' ... no longer operatin'. Let's sing! Six in a row!

And Other Stuff

Can YOU imagine a neater menu?? o(-)

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