SkullMonkeys: Cheats

A-many are the cheats in SkullMonkeys! Some of those here were from Sarria's page (long gone now), some I got from mags or other websites.

Right-Click and Save this for downloading the plain TXT-version.

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Press START while playing, then enter the code of your choice:

Game Cheats:

Maximum (99) Lives:
L1 Triangle Down Left Circle Select Square Right

Halo (Shield):
R2 Circle Circle Down Left Circle Right Down

Maximum (20) Clay Bullets:
Down Circle Up R2 Left Triangle Select Select

All (3) Swirly Q's on a world:
R1 Right Circle R2 R2 Square Right Select

Maximum (7) Phart Heads:
R1 Left Up L1 L1 Square Right Select

Maximum (7) Phoenix Hands:
Square Triangle R2 Left Select Circle Triangle Right

Maximum (3) Universe Enemas:
Left Triangle Right Down Triangle Select Select Select

Maximum (7) Super Willies:
R1 Left Square Triangle L1 Triangle R2 Select

All (3) 1970's Symbols:
Select Circle Up Left Down Up Down Square

Maximum All Items (except Swirly Q's and 1970's):
L1 Triangle Down R1 Circle Right Up Select

Finish Sublevel (jump to the end of the current sublevel):
Triangle L1 L1 Square Right Circle Triangle Down

Fun Cheats:

Pause Klaymen (When you pause the game now it will still play the music and show the screen undarkened and without icons - very useful if you want to just enjoy the music, or want to look at the screen for drawing reference, or if you want to do a certain screenshot):
L2 Left Circle R2 Down Square Triangle Down

Color Klaymen (Klaymen changes color everytime you activate this Cheat):
L2 Circle Circle Left Select L2 Up Down

Psycho Klaymen (Klay leaves a short trail of himself - Cool for seeing his animation frames):
Down Right Triangle L2 Up Left Triangle Select

SloMo (Game runs in slow motion - also VERY nice for seeing the animation frames):
L1 Triangle Left Down R2 Triangle Left Select

Super Fast Klaymen (Wow, why the hurry, Klaymen?! Gooood challenge):
Left Square R2 Circle R1 Down Circle R2

Flea Klaymen (Klay becomes TINY, but still moves like always):
R1 Left Square Triangle R1 Left Square Triangle

Shoot, my head! (Klaymen shoots his head instead of Clay Bullets):
Down Square Triangle Down Down Square Square Right

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